Have you been the target of discrimination in Germany within the last 24 months? What kind of discrimination was it?

Because of racist attitudes of the other, my belonging to a specific ethnic group or background from a foreign country?

Because of my sex?

Because of my gender identity, e.g. transsexual or intersexual?

Because of religion, ideology or philosophy of life?

Because of a disability or a chronic disease?

Because of a higher age?

Because of young age?

Because of my sexual orientation, e.g. gay, lesbian, bisexual?

Because of a low education level?

Because of a low income?

Because of another reason?


Sind Sie persönlich in den letzten 24 Monaten in Deutschland aus den folgenden Gründen diskriminiert worden?

Aus rassistischen Gründen, wegen der Zugehörigkeit zu einer ethnischen Gruppe oder der Herkunft aus einem anderen Land

Aufgrund des Geschlechts

Aufgrund der Geschlechtsidentität (z.B. transsexuell oder intergeschlechtlich)

Aufgrund der Religion oder Weltanschauung

Aufgrund einer Behinderung oder chronischen Krankheit

Aufgrund zu hohen Alters

Aufgrund zu niedrigen Alters

Aufgrund der sexuellen Orientierung (z.B. schwul, lesbisch, bisexuell)

Aufgrund eines niedrigen Bildungsstandes

Aufgrund eines geringen Einkommens

Aus einem anderen Grund

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Name: Q122

Instrument: This question is at position 136 in instrument Questionnaire 2016


inno/iwd0106: Discriminated against because of being too old

inno/iwd0103: Discriminated against because of my gender identity

inno/iwd0104: Discriminated against because of my religion

inno/iwd0111: Discriminated against because of another reason

inno/iwd0105: Discriminated against because of a disability or chronic disease

inno/iwd0107: Discriminated against because of being too young

inno/iwd0110: Discriminated against because of a low income

inno/iwd0109: Discriminated against because of a low educational level

inno/iwd0101: Discriminated against for racist reasons

inno/iwd0102: Discriminated against because of my sex

inno/iwd0108: Discriminated against because of my sexual orientation


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