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From SOEP-Long (v33) to SOEP in “long” format on the top level of SOEP-Core (v34)

The new wave of the SOEP-Core study incorporates our “wide” and “long” data formats, which used to be provided to users separately. Our aim is to eliminate any confusion about what is available in which format and to make data use easier overall. After several years of testing SOEP-Long as an additional and separated service, we now provide all datasets in the “long” format (former SOEP-Long) as a standard part of our SOEP data release.

In the top-level (or root) directory of our data release, you will find all of the datasets provided up to now with SOEP-Long (pl, ppathl [ppfadl], etc.) as well as all of the additional datasets formerly provided only as part of our classic “wide” format (biographical or spell data such as bioparen, artkalen, etc.). All of the available information in the main SOEP-Core study are therefore contained in the datasets in the top-level directory (in long format).

Feedback from experienced and beginning users over the past several years shows that the “long” data offer significant advantages in ease of use, particularly for beginners. We have therefore decided to use this as our primary data format in future data releases.

A more detailed description of the format of our SOEP-Core data release can be found in our new SOEPcompanion.

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