Gross Household Data

Household level data of gross sample. It is keyed on HID (Household ID) and SYEAR (Survey Year). It contains mostly information from the field process.


Sort Variable Name
1 Case-ID, Original Household Number cid
1 Current Wave HH Number hid
1 Survey Year syear
1 Sample sample1
1 Current Sample Region sampreg
1 HH Type htyp
1 Special Case hand
1 Highest Person Number In Household hpmax
1 Day Household Last Contacted datumtg
1 Month Household Last Contacted datummo
1 Federal Land bula
1 Household Address Check hader
1 Person Supplying Address Information hadq
1 Number Of Interviewers intza
1 Interviewer Contacts intk
1 Survey Telephone Contact telk1
1 Re-Survey Telephone Contact telk2
1 Contact By Mail schk
1 Survey Type Main Survey hform1
1 Survey Result Main Survey herg1
1 Result Of Survey hforms
1 Household Survey Result, One Digit hergs
1 Household Steps Of Survey hstu
1 Starting Work Form split
1 Number Of Persons In HH hhgr
1 Residential Area 1: Type Of House wum1
1 Residential Area 2: Private,Institution wum2
1 Residential Area 3: Rental Housing wum3
1 Wave When Moved To This Address wein
1 Household Has Telephone htel
1 HH With Email email
1 HH In Brutto For Experiment spielhh
1 Data Report hdatrep
1 Sample Membership hd
1 Group Member hgruppe
1 Household Survey Result, Two Digits hergsz
1 Wave When Moved Away waus
1 Living wohn
1 Survey Year welle
1 Lists In Current Year listl
1 Address Check Two-Digit haderq
1 Federal Lands bulaold
1 First Re-Survey, Type Of Survey hform2
1 Survey Result First Re-Survey herg2
1 Missing In Previous Year luecke
1 Type Of Survey Previous Year hformv
1 Interview Work Result, 1 Digit hergv
1 Person Number Providing Info Prev Yr auskv
1 Residential Area 4 - Type Of Estate wum4
1 Person Number Providing Info ausk
1 Result Of Assets Interview vmb
1 Specifics Of Preliminary Version sonder
1 Completeness Of Preliminary Version vorab
1 Calendar Year Of Interview datumy
1 Spatial category by BBSR regtyp
1 Interviewer Number intid
1 Incentivized Households inckontr
1 Choice of Incentive vodere
1 ID First Interviewer intid1
1 Migrants Indentifier 1 (FiD) mkz1
1 Migrants Indentifier 2 (FiD) mkz2
1 CATI-result catierg
1 CAWI-Result cawierg
1 CAPI-Result capierg


Study: soep-long


Dataset: hbrutto

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