Individual Tracking File

Multi-wave core information and respondent status for each year, see also PPFADL


Sort Variable Name
1 Case-ID, Original Household Number cid
1 Never Changing Person ID pid
1 Sex sex
1 Year Of Birth gebjahr
1 Year First Surveyed, Netto=10-99 erstbefr
1 Year Of Last Survey, Netto=10-99 letztbef
1 Year First Contacted, Netto=10-99 eintritt
1 Year Of Last Contact, Netto=10-99 austritt
1 Year Died, 4 Digits todjahr
1 Year Died, Information Source todinfo
1 Year Of Immigration To Germany immiyear
1 Born In Germany germborn
1 Where did you live in 1989? loc1989
1 Country Of Origin corigin
1 Migration background migback
1 Information source of MIGBACK miginfo
1 Sample Member psample
1 Month of Birth gebmonat
1 Month Of Birth, Data Source gebmoval


Study: soep-long


Dataset: ppfad

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