• Title: SOEP-Pretest
  • Authors:J├╝rgen Schupp, David Richter


Each year from 2001 to 2011, the SOEP questionnaire for the following wave was pretested in the summer of the preceding year. The objective of these pretests was to test new modules and modifications of questions. The SOEP-Pretest went far beyond the standard format of a pretest: the sample size was around 1,000 respondents per year and can be considered representative for the German resident population of 16 years and older (Siegel et al. 2009). Within the SOEP there are two main differences between the pretests and the main survey. First, all interviews in the SOEP-Pretests are programmed as CAPI versions (in contrast, in the main survey some of the interviews are based on paper-and-pencil questionnaires). Consequently, the SOEP-Pretests were particularly useful to test experimental designs. Second, whereas in the main survey all members of a household from the age 16 on are interviewed, the SOEP-Pretests were arranged in a much simpler fashion: there was one questionnaire to be filled out by one member of a household. The pretest sample is not related to the main survey, meaning that these respondents are not part of the panel study. The interviews of the SOEP-Pretests were usually conducted in the period from August 1st to 31st. Normally, the duration of a single interview was about 45 minutes.

Information about the thematic priority of each pretest will follow.

Study info

Name: soep-pretest

Label: SOEP Pretests

Datasets: 14

Variables: 7283

Instruments: 0

Questions: 0


Name Label Conceptual Period Analysis unit
pre_2007_1 Personality and health. Pretest January, February, March none 2007 none
pre_2009 Consumer Spending and Budgeting none 2009 none
pre_2004_online Pilot study 2004, Pretest online none 2004 none
pre_2007_2 Private life and community. Pretest online survey none 2007 none
pre_2010 Social Networks, Economic Job Search Theory none 2010 none
pre_2005_1 Personality and daily routine. Behavioral experiments. Pretest June, Random none 2005 none
pre_2007_muki_a Pretest Mother and Child IIIa. Your preschool-aged child none 2007 none
pre_2011 Gender, personality and social inequality none 2011 none
pre_2005_2 Retest July. Personality and daily routine. none 2005 none
pre_2008 CAPI - Pretest - Summer 2008 none 2008 none
pre_2005_youth "Youth" Questionnaire and cognitive test. Pretest for SOEP 2006. none 2005 none
pre_2008_muki_b Pretest Mother and Child IIIb. Your child aged 5 or 6. Competence and behavior test with pre-school aged children and survey terms none 2008 none
pre_2006 Personality and community. Pretest June, Random. none 2006 none
pre_2008_muki_c Pretest Mother and Child IIIc. Your child aged 5 or 6. none 2008 none


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