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Name: soep-pretest


Datasets: 14

Variables: 7193

Instruments: 0

Questions: 0


Name Label Conceptual Period Analysis unit
pre_2008_muki_c Pretest Mother and Child IIIc. Your child aged 5 or 6. none 2008 none
pre_2006 Personality and community. Pretest June, Random. none 2006 none
pre_2008_muki_b Pretest Mother and Child IIIb. Your child aged 5 or 6. Competence and behavior test with pre-school aged children and survey terms none 2008 none
pre_2005_youth "Youth" Questionnaire and cognitive test. Pretest for SOEP 2006. none 2005 none
pre_2008 CAPI - Pretest - Summer 2008 none 2008 none
pre_2005_2 Retest July. Personality and daily routine. none 2005 none
pre_2011 Gender, personality and social inequality none 2011 none
pre_2007_muki_a Pretest Mother and Child IIIa. Your preschool-aged child none 2007 none
pre_2005_1 Personality and daily routine. Behavioral experiments. Pretest June, Random none 2005 none
pre_2010 Social Networks, Economic Job Search Theory none 2010 none
pre_2007_2 Private life and community. Pretest online survey none 2007 none
pre_2004_online Pilot study 2004, Pretest online none 2004 none
pre_2009 Consumer Spending and Budgeting none 2009 none
pre_2007_1 Personality and health. Pretest January, February, March none 2007 none


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