individual-level data for COVID-19 Supplementary Questionnaire

The data set contains survey data the COVID-19 Supplementary Questionnaire (CoV 1) at the individual level.


Sort Variable Name
9 age in months on the date of the family questionnaire (gen) age0101
118 coping strategies: doing new things (<=15 yr) cor1611
8 age in years on the date of the family questionnaire (gen) age0100
10 age in years on 01 January of survey year of subsample (gen) age0200
11 age in months on 01 January of survey year of subsample (gen) age0201
12 age in years prior to start of survey CoV1 (gen) age0400
5 twin birth cohort cgr
32 COVID-19 supplementary survey: interview completed cor0001
33 corona disease in the household cor0101
34 corona quarantine in the household cor0102
35 health: general health has worsened cor0200
36 health: diseases have worsened cor0201
37 health: avoided regular preventive medical checkups cor0202
38 health: avoided doctor visits for acute illnesses cor0203
39 health: surgery postponed cor0204
40 changes in employment status: training/study period extended (>=15 yr) cor0300
41 changes in employment status: lost training position (>=15 yr) cor0301
42 changes in employment status: job lost (>=16 yr) cor0302
43 changes in employment status: business discontinued (>=18 yr) cor0303
44 changes in employment status: own company threatened in existence (>=18 yr) cor0304
45 changes in employment status: short-time work (>=16 yr) cor0305
46 changes in employment status: change of occupation (>=16 yr) cor0306
47 changes in employment status: further employment (>=16 yr) cor0307
48 changes in occupational activity: work from home cor0400
49 changes in occupational activity: overtime work cor0401
50 changes in occupational activity: flexible working hours cor0402
51 changes in occupational activity: scope of employment cor0403
52 changes in income cor0500
53 work from home: own home office (>=16 yr) cor0600
54 work from home: unable to work due to poor internet connection (>=16 yr) cor0601
55 work from home: temporary workplace (>=16 yr) cor0602
56 work from home: own room (<=18 yr) cor0603
57 work from home: workplace where space was available (<=18 yr) cor0604
58 home schooling: time spent helping with schoolwork in hrs/day (>=22 yr) cor0700
59 home schooling: time spent on schoolwork in hrs/day (>=16 & <=18 yr) cor0701
60 home schooling: time school work in hrs/day (<=15 yr) cor0702
61 assessment of governmental measures cor0800
62 impact of corona: health (>=16 yr) cor0900
63 impact of corona: economic situation (>=16 yr) cor0901
64 impact of corona: opportunities for education and training (>=16 yr) cor0902
65 impact of corona: personal freedom (>=16 yr) cor0903
66 impact of corona: social life (>=16 yr) cor0904
67 impact of corona: health (<=15 yr) cor0905
68 impact of corona: performance at school (<=15 yr) cor0906
69 impact of corona: relationships with other people (<=15 yr) cor0907
70 stress & strain: social isolation / loneliness (>=16 yr) cor1000
71 stress & strain: being separated from important people (>=16 yr) cor1001
72 stress & strain: lack of leisure activities (>=16 yr) cor1002
73 stress & strain: unregulated daily routine/weekly rhythm (>=16 yr) cor1003
74 stress & strain: increased need for childcare (>=16 yr) cor1004
75 stress & strain: home schooling of children (>=16 yr) cor1005
76 stress & strain: overwork at job (>=16 yr) cor1006
77 stress & strain: restriction of civil rights (>=16 yr) cor1007
78 stress & strain: seeing friends and relatives less often (<=15 yr) cor1008
79 stress & strain: sports less often (<=15 yr) cor1009
80 stress & strain: unregulated daily routine (<=15 yr) cor1010
81 stress & strain: schooling at home (<=15 yr) cor1011
82 stress & support: more arguments at home cor1200
83 stress & support: worse mood at home cor1201
84 stress & support: better family life at home cor1202
85 stress & support: more cohesion at home cor1203
86 stress & support: more activities at home together cor1204
87 stress & support: more appreciation by other family members cor1205
88 stress & support: socializing with friends or relatives cor1206
89 behavioral changes: washing/disinfecting hands (>=16 yr) cor1400
90 behavioral changes: shopping super markets (>=16 yr) cor1401
91 behavioral changes: visiting public places/events (>=16 yr) cor1402
92 behavioral changes: use of public transport (>=16 yr) cor1403
93 behavioral changes: staying at home (>=16 yr) cor1404
104 resilience: reactions under control (>=16 yr) cor1501
94 behavioral changes: visiting family (>=16 yr) cor1405
95 behavioral changes: meeting with acquaintances and friends (>=16 yr) cor1406
96 behavioral changes: washing hands (<=15 yr) cor1407
97 behavioral changes: shopping supermarkets (<=15 yr) cor1408
98 behavioral changes: visiting public places (<=15 yr) cor1409
99 behavioral changes: use of public transport (<=15 yr) cor1410
100 behavioral changes: staying at home (<=15 yr) cor1411
101 behavioral changes: visiting family (<=15 yr) cor1412
102 behavioral changes: meeting friends (<=15 yr) cor1413
103 resilience: thoughts about changing difficult situations (>=16 yr) cor1500
105 resilience: further development through difficult situations (>=16 yr) cor1502
106 resilience: compensating for setbacks (>=16 yr) cor1503
107 coping strategies: followed official instructions (>=16 yr) cor1600
108 coping strategies: distraction by work or other activities (>=16 yr) cor1601
109 coping strategies: accepting fate (>=16 yro.) cor1602
110 coping strategies: alcohol, smoking, medication (>=16 yr) cor1603
111 coping strategies: maintaining social contacts via tel., skype, etc. (>=16 j.) cor1604
112 coping strategies: doing new things (>=16 yr) cor1605
113 coping strategies: listening to other people who know more (<=15 yr) cor1606
114 coping strategies: distraction by playing, painting, schoolwork (<=15 yr) cor1607
115 coping strategies: accepting fate (<=15 yr) cor1608
116 coping strategies: eating, drinking (<=15 yr) cor1609
117 coping strategies: contact with friends/family via phone, skype, o.a. (<=15 yr) cor1610
1 COVID-19 supplementary survey: wave ID cov
22 psychological effects: little interest or pleasure (>=16 yr) emi0110
23 psychological effects: dejection, hopelessness (>=16 yr) emi0111
24 psychological effects: nervousness, anxiety, tension (>=16 yro.) emi0112
25 psychological effects: no control over worries (>=16 yro.) emi0113
26 psychological effects: difficulty concentrating (>=16 yr) emi0114
27 psychological effects: difficulty focusing on goals (>=16 yr) emi0115
3 family ID (scientific use file) fid
7 relation to the twins fpr0107
28 cannot think clearly at home (<=9 yr) hoe1200
29 at home everything is chaotic (<=9 yr) hoe1300
30 at home everything is under control (<=9 yr) hoe1400
31 at home the atmosphere is quiet (<=9 yr) hoe1600
14 german citizenship available (gen) mig0520
15 German citizenship since (>= 16 yr) mig0600
16 country of birth (gen) mig2000
17 born in the GDR (gen) mig2001
0 data collection ID - consecutively numbered (gen) wid
18 country of birth of respondent's mother (gen) mig2100
19 born in the GDR - respondent's mother (gen) mig2101
20 country of birth of respondent's father (gen) mig2200
21 born in the GDR - respondent's father (gen) mig2201
4 person ID (scientific use file) pid
6 type of respondent ptyp
2 subsample (gen) wav0100
13 final zygosity: result zygosity questionnaire corrected by DNA-test result (gen) zyg0102

Study: twinlife

Dataset: ZA6701_person_cov1_v5-0-0

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