individual-level data for CATI 2 (wid=4)

The data set contains survey data of data collection 4 (CATI 2) at the individual level.


Sort Variable Name
5 family ID (scientific use file) fid
6 household ID wave-specific (scientific use file) (CATI 2) hid_4
18 community size classification (political), 4 groups (gen) gkpol_r
25 comparing yourself with other twin (t,u) tst1600
29 highest vocational or university degree (gen) eca0230
35 Dropout from school, study or training eca1201
69 net equivalent hh-income (modif.OECD scheme) using inc0401 inc0403 age0200 (gen) inc0411
62 ISCO-08 of occ. activity, 2 digits based on emp0500 (gen) emp0503
57 employment status - partial retirement with zero working hours hpr0115
114 partner twin1 lives in household (gen) hlp
11 age in years on the date of the family questionnaire (gen) age0100
13 age sibling in years on the date of the family questionnaire (gen) age0100s
12 age twins in years on the date of the family questionnaire (gen) age0100t
8 twin birth cohort cgr
26 ISCED 1997 (International Standard Classification of Education) (gen) eca0108
27 CASMIN educational classification (gen) eca0109
28 highest degree of school (gen) eca0130
30 new school graduation since last interview (>= 15 yr) eca0900
31 new school graduation: type (>= 15 yr) eca0901
32 new vocational qualification or academic degree since last interview (>= 15 yr) eca1000
33 University degree or training qualification eca1100
34 Dropout from school, study or training y/n eca1200
36 type of higher education (>= 15 yr) edu0303
37 type of vocational education (>= 15 yr) edu0307
38 university attendance as in previous data collection (>= 15 yr) edu0320
39 apprenticeship as in previous data collection (>= 15 yr) edu0330
40 type of school (> 10 yr) edu0400
41 grade level (> 10 yr) edu0402
42 school attendance as in previous data collection (>= 15 yr) edu0420
63 ISEI based on ISCO-08 (International Socio Economic Index) (gen) emp0505
64 SIOPS based on ISCO-08 (Standard Int. Occupational Prestige Scale) (gen) emp0506
65 occupational activity as in previous data collection (>= 15 yr) emp0520
66 occupational status (>= 16 yr) emp0600
67 occupational status as in previous data collection (>= 15 yr) emp0620
17 Eastern or western federal state (federal state indicator) (gen) ewi
78 number of households belonging to the family (gen) fhc
10 relation to the twins fpr0107
110 father lives in household (gen) hlf
111 stepfather lives in household (gen) hlg
112 mother lives in household (gen) hlm
113 stepmother lives in household (gen) hln
115 partner twin2 lives in household (gen) hlq
109 sibling lives in household (gen) hls
107 twin1 lives in household (gen) hlt
108 twin2 lives in household (gen) hlu
79 number of persons belonging to the household (gen) hpc
80 Number of persons in household (HH) hpc0100
81 Number of persons under 14 yr in household (HH) hpc0101
44 employment status - kindergarten/child care institution hpr0101
45 employment status - in school - first education path hpr0102
46 employment status - employed full-time hpr0104
47 employment status - employed part-time - also in more than one job hpr0105
48 employment status - vocational training/apprenticeship/retraining hpr0106
49 employment status - marginally employed/mini-job/1-euro-job hpr0107
50 employment status - occasionally/irregularly employed hpr0108
51 employment status - voluntary military service hpr0109
52 employment status - voluntary social/ecological year hpr0110
53 employment status - unemployed/seeking employment hpr0111
54 employment status - maternity/parental leave/special leave hpr0112
55 employment status - housewife/househusband hpr0113
56 employment status - in (early) retirement/occupational disability hpr0114
58 employment status - not employed hpr0116
59 employment status - in private care hpr0117
60 employment status - other hpr0120
61 employment status - university hpr0203
68 monthly household net income of all household members (inc0400 manip.) (gen) inc0401
103 person understands German (intr) iva0201
104 frequency of disturbances during the interview iva0406
105 respondent follows telephone interview easily (intr) iva1107
106 technical problems during interview (intr) iva1210
82 life events: separation (>= 10 yr) lev0100
83 life events: new relationship (>= 10 yr) lev0500
84 life events: money worries (>= 16 yr) lev0900
85 life events: Pregnancy/ birth (>= 16 yr) lev1100
86 life events: accident/ illness (>= 10 yr) lev1400
87 life events: disability family member (>= 10 yr) lev1700
88 life events: own job loss (>= 16 yr) lev1800
89 life events: Death (>= 10 yr) lev2100
90 life events: Death parents-in- law (>= 10 yr) lev2117
91 life events: Death grandparents (>= 10 yr) lev2118
92 life events: Death grandparents of the partner (>= 10 yr) lev2119
93 life events: Death aunt/uncle (>= 10 yr) lev2120
94 life events: Death another familiar person (>= 10 yr) lev2122
95 life events: Death another non-familiar person (>= 10 yr) lev2123
96 life events: Death not assigned (>= 10 yr) lev2197
97 life events: Class repeated or skipped (t,u,s) lev2710
98 life events: trouble at home, with school, employer or police lev3400
99 life events: another event lev9000
100 life events: other positive or negative event within or outside the family lev9017
101 life events: most beautiful event in the last 12 months (gen) lev9021
102 life events: most beautiful event in the last 12 months together with other twin lev9025
70 german citizenship available (gen) mig0520
71 German citizenship since (>= 16 yr) mig0600
72 country of birth (gen) mig2000
73 born in the GDR (gen) mig2001
74 country of birth of respondent's mother (gen) mig2100
75 born in the GDR - respondent's mother (gen) mig2101
76 country of birth of respondent's father (gen) mig2200
77 born in the GDR - respondent's father (gen) mig2201
15 month family questionnaire was conducted (gen) mon_fq
7 person ID (scientific use file) pid
116 CATI 2: proxy information proxy
9 type of respondent ptyp
16 type of respondent for household questionnaire (gen) ptyp_hq
43 risk tolerance (t,u,m,f, >=18 yr) ris0100
20 evaluation of relationship with other twin (m,f) tsp1400
21 being envied by others for being a twin (m,f) tsp1500
22 comparing yourself with other twin (m,f) tsp1600
23 evaluation of relationship with other twin (t,u) tst1400
24 being envied by others for being a twin (t,u) tst1500
117 questionnaire version (family level) (gen) version_fq
118 questionnaire version (gen) version_pq
119 type of respondent on level of questionnaire version (gen) version_ptyp
1 subsample (gen) wav0100
2 survey wave (gen) wav0200
3 part of the survey wave (gen) wav0300
4 wave (wav0200, wav0300, wav0100 combined) wav0400
0 data collection ID - consecutively numbered (gen) wid
14 year family questionnaire was conducted (gen) yea_fq
19 final zygosity: result zygosity questionnaire corrected by DNA-test result (gen) zyg0102

Study: twinlife

Dataset: ZA6701_person_wid4_v5-0-0

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