F2F 1: household questionnaire (CAPI)[instrument]

This questionnaire module contains questions on: educational and employment status of all household members (employment / education / vocational training / parental leave / pension); interviewer ratings on the home environment (household); welfare dependency.


Sort Question Name
0 Are you or another household member currently receiving one ore more of the following government benefits? inc0300
1 What is your general impression of the home? iva0100
2 How many books would you estimate are in the house? iva0104
3 How well does the respondent speak German? iva0201
4 How well does the respondent speak German? iva0301
5 Did other persons interfere in the interview? iva0400
6 [MCQ][LOOP] Please indicate what currently applies to these people concerning school or employment. <NAME PERSON> hpr0101
Instrument info

Name: wid1_F2F1_module2

Label: F2F 1: household questionnaire (CAPI)

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