filter: (inlist(ptyp,1,2,110,120,200,300,400,500,600)) & inrange(age0110,10,15)
In the following, a number of statements will be presented. To what extent do you agree with these statements?

I can rely on my own abilities in difficult situations.

I am able to solve most problems on my own.

I can usually solve even challenging and complex tasks well.


filter: (inlist(ptyp,1,2,110,120,200,300,400,500,600)) & inrange(age0110,10,15)
[IF age <16]: Wie sehr stimmst Du folgenden Aussagen zu?

In schwierigen Situationen kann ich mich auf meine Faehigkeiten verlassen.

Die meisten Probleme kann ich aus eigener Kraft gut meistern.

Auch anstrengende und komplizierte Aufgaben kann ich in der Regel gut loesen.

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Name: sef0100

Instrument: This question is at position 16 in instrument F2F 2: PAPI children (PAPI)

ability of solving tasks (>= 10 yr) [variable: sef0102]
relying on own abilities in difficult situations (>= 10 yr) [variable: sef0100]
ability to solve problems (>= 10 yr) [variable: sef0101]

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