wid3_F2F2_module14: F2F 2: PAPI children (PAPI)

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Period: F2F 2




This questionnaire module contains questions on: cultural capital: availability of cultural property; cultural capital: reading, classical music, cultural discussion, cultural participation; depression screening; domain-specific satisfaction (health, work/school, income/pocket money, leisure time, family life, partnership, friendships); global life satisfaction; locus of control; music lessons; optimism; patience; perceived self-efficacy; personality measures (BIG5); risk aversion; self esteem; sensory-processing sensitivity; social capital of individuals, e.g., close friends, frequency of social contacts, loneliness; social participation: frequency of attendance in sports clubs, theatre, music groups or volunteer organizations; stress regulation and coping; use of electronic media devices (time spent with, e.g., computer, internet, etc.), rules for media use.

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