wid3_F2F2_module8: F2F 2: children under 10 (CAPI)

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Period: F2F 2




This questionnaire module contains questions on: academic self concept: anticipated self-perceived ability; academic self concept: general self-perceived ability; academic self concept: self-perceived ability in math and German; anticipated intrinsic motivation; anticipated learning motivation; deviant behavior young children (e.g. lying/cheating, fighting with other children); frequency of arguments with partner, frequency of arguments of parents, subjective burden and coping; interviewer rating on task orientation and oral skills following intelligence test; intrinsic motivation for math and German; intrinsic motivation for school in general; learning motivation for school in general; locus of control; quality of familial environment (existence of bedtime routine, general atmosphere at home); stress regulation and coping; twin-specific questions for twins themselves (e.g. relationship to other twin); type of education / training; current status of education / qualification; verbal and physical bullying experience in childhood and adolescence.

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