Mobility biography

Prospective information concerning anchor respondent's mobility: Main and secondary residences


Sort Variable Name
28 City place mentioned residplace
19 Respondent wave8 respw8
5 Survey year wave1 wave1
48 Secondary residence unkonwn resflag2
49 Filter error/Incorrect entry resflag3
32 Identification number city resnumber
33 Main or secondary residence resid
31 Censor rescensor
3 Date of birth dob
4 Generated sex anchor sex_gen
23 Date of interview wave4 intdatw4
6 Survey year wave2 wave2
44 Current place of residence in wave8 rescurrw8
45 Distance between consecutive residences (in km) resdis
47 Main residence unkonwn resflag1
0 Personennummer Anker id
1 DemoDiff Stichprobe demodiff
2 Birth cohort cohort
7 Survey year wave3 wave3
8 Survey year wave4 wave4
9 Survey year wave5 wave5
10 Survey year wave6 wave6
11 Survey year wave7 wave7
12 Survey year wave8 wave8
13 Respondent wave2 respw2
14 Respondent wave3 respw3
15 Respondent wave4 respw4
16 Respondent wave5 respw5
17 Respondent wave6 respw6
18 Respondent wave7 respw7
20 Date of interview wave1 intdatw1
21 Date of interview wave2 intdatw2
22 Date of interview wave3 intdatw3
24 Date of interview wave5 intdatw5
25 Date of interview wave6 intdatw6
26 Date of interview wave7 intdatw7
27 Date of interview wave8 intdatw8
29 Beginning of episode resbeg
30 End of episode resend
34 Federal state (Bundesland) resland
35 Index main residences index_mr
36 Index secondary residences index_sr
37 Current place of residence in wave1 rescurrw1
38 Current place of residence in wave2 rescurrw2
39 Current place of residence in wave3 rescurrw3
40 Current place of residence in wave4 rescurrw4
41 Current place of residence in wave5 rescurrw5
42 Current place of residence in wave6 rescurrw6
43 Current place of residence in wave7 rescurrw7
46 BIK classification resbik

Study: pairfam

Dataset: biomob_ehc

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