Data from household questionnaire 1984


Sort Variable Name
11 HH Exists Since Month ah0301
18 Person 2 Moved Into HH In Year ah0406
26 Person 2 Left HH In Year ah0504
59 Other Costs Per Month, DM ah2602
76 Operation,Maintenance Costs Previous Yr ah4201
17 Person 2 Moved Into HH ah0404
24 Person 1 Left HH In Year ah0502
50 Amount Of Monthly Rent ah1901
58 Interest And Mortgage Payments Per Month ah2601
75 Amount Of Income From Rent Previous Yr ah41
88 Day Of Interview ahtagin
34 Year Moved Into Dwelling ah11
0 Original Household Number hhnr
1 Current Wave HH Number (=AHHNR) hhnrakt
2 Survey Year welle
3 Original Household Number cid
4 Current Wave HH Number (=HHNRAKT) ahhnr
5 Current Wave HH Number (=AHHNR) hid
6 Survey Year syear
7 Subsample Identifier sample1
8 Interview Duration ahdaer1
9 Person Number Providing Information aauskper
10 Change In HH Comp Since Jan 1st Prev Yr ah02
12 HH Exists Since Year ah0302
13 Person 1 Moved Into HH ah0401
14 Person 1 Moved Into HH In Month ah0402
15 Person 1 Moved Into HH In Year ah0403
16 Person 2 Moved Into HH In Month ah0405
19 Person 3 Moved Into HH ah0407
20 Person 3 Moved Into HH In Month ah0408
21 Person 3 Moved Into HH In Year ah0409
22 No New Entry ah0410
23 Person 1 Left HH In Month ah0501
25 Person 2 Left HH In Month ah0503
27 Person 3 Left HH In Month ah0505
28 Person 3 Left HH In Year ah0506
29 No Person Left HH ah0507
30 Children Under Age 16 In HH ah06
31 Person Needing Care In Household ah08
32 Year House Was Built ah09
33 Welling In Need Of Repairs ah10
35 Moving Plans Within Next Year ah12
36 Moving Plans Of Person One ah1301
37 Moving Plans Of Person Two ah1302
38 Moving Plans Of Person Three ah1303
39 Size Of Housing Unit In Sq M ah14
40 Number Of Rooms Larger Than 6 Sq M ah15
41 Adequacy Of Living Space In Housing Unit ah16
42 Dwelling Has Kitchen ah1701
43 Dwelling Has Indoor Bath,Shower ah1702
44 Dwelling Has Indoor Toilet ah1703
45 Dwelling Has Central,Floor Heating ah1704
46 Dwelling Has Balcony,Terrace ah1705
47 Dwelling Has Basement ah1706
48 Dwelling Has Garden ah1707
49 Tenant Or Owner Of Dwelling ah18
51 Pays No Rent ah1902
52 Rent Of Dwelling Vs Comparable Dwellings ah20
53 Modernized Dwelling Previous Year ah21
54 Remodeled By Previous Tenant ah22
55 Government Subsidized Housing ah23
56 Means Of Acquiring Dwelling ah24
57 Government Subsidizes Housing Payments ah25
60 Housing Costs Vs. Comparable Rentals ah27
61 Housing Allowance,Subsidy ah28
62 Months Of Housing Allowance,Subsidy ah29
63 Amount Of Housing Allowance,Subsidy ah30
64 Child Allowance ah31
65 Social Assistance Benefits Prev. Year ah32
66 Current Subsistence Assistance ah33
67 Months Of Subsistence Assistance ah34
68 Amount Of Subsistence Assistance ah35
69 Months Of Special Assistance ah3601
70 Special Circumstances Assistance ah3602
71 Amount Of Special Assistance ah37
72 One Time Assistance For Subsistence ah38
73 Other House Or Property Owned ah39
74 Income From Rent Previous Yr ah40
77 Mortgage Payments Previous Yr ah4202
78 Savings Account Previous Yr ah4301
79 Interest Previous Yr ah4203
80 Savings: Building Society Previous Yr ah4302
81 Life Insurance Previous Yr ah4303
82 Securities Previous Yr ah4304
83 Operating Assets Previous Yr ah4305
84 No Securities Previous Yr ah4306
85 Interest,Dividend Income Prev Yr ah44
86 Amt Of Interest,Dividend Income Prev Yr ah45
87 Monthly Household Net Income ah46
89 Month Of Interview ahmonin

Study: soep-core

Dataset: ah

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