Cross-national Equivalent File


Sort Variable Name
1 Original Household Number hhnr
1 Current Wave HH Number (=AHHNR) hhnrakt
1 Current Wave HH Number (=HHNRAKT) ahhnr
1 Never Changing Person ID persnr
1 Person Identification Number x11101ll
1 Gender of Individual d11102ll
1 Subsample Identifier x11104ll
1 HH Identification Number x1110284
1 Individual in HH at Survey x1110384
1 Individual responded to Survey x1110584
1 Age of Individual d1110184
1 Race of HH Head d1110384
1 Marital Status of Individual d1110484
1 Relationship to HH Head d1110584
1 Number of Persons in HH d1110684
1 Number of Children in HH d1110784
1 Education With Respect to High School d1110884
1 Number of Years of Education d1110984
1 Annual Work Hours of Individual e1110184
1 Employment Status of Individual e1110284
1 Employment Level of Individual e1110384
1 Primary Activity of Individual e1110484
1 Occupation of Individual e1110584
1 1 Digit Industry Code of Individual e1110684
1 2 Digit Industry Code of Individual e1110784
1 HH Pre-Government Income i1110184
1 HH Post-Government Income i1110284
1 HH Labor Income i1110384
1 HH Income From Asset Flows i1110484
1 HH Imputed Rent i1110584
1 HH Private Transfers i1110684
1 HH Public Transfers i1110784
1 HH Social Security Pensions i1110884
1 Total HH Taxes i1110984
1 Individual Labor Earnings i1111084
1 HH Federal Taxes i1111184
1 HH Social Security Taxes i1111284
1 HH Post-Government Income (TAXSIM) i1111384
1 Total HH Taxes (TAXSIM) i1111484
1 HH State Taxes (TAXSIM) i1111584
1 HH Federal Taxes (TAXSIM) i1111684
1 HH Private Retirement Income i1111784
1 Share of imputed HH Pre-Government Income i1120184
1 Share of imputed HH Post-Government Income i1120284
1 Share of imputed HH Labour Income i1120384
1 Share of imputed HH Income From Asset Flows i1120484
1 Share of imputed HH Private Transfers i1120684
1 Share of imputed HH Public Transfers i1120784
1 Share of imputed HH Social Security Pensions i1120884
1 Share of imputed Individual Labor Earnings i1121084
1 Share of imputed HH Private Retirement Income i1121784
1 Individuals Cross-sectional Weight - without 1st wave of a subsample w1110184
1 HH Weight w1110284
1 Longitudinal Weight - Respondent Individual w1110384
1 Cross-sectional Weight - all samples w1110584
1 X-Sectional Weight - Enumerated Individual w1110784
1 Longitudinal Weight - Enumerated Individual w1110884
1 Population Factor for w11103$$ w1110984
1 Population Factor for w11107$$ w1111084
1 Population Factor for w11108$$ w1111184
1 Number of hh members age 0-14 h1110184
1 Number of hh members age 15-18 h1110284
1 Number of hh members age 0-1 h1110384
1 Number of hh members age 2-4 h1110484
1 Number of hh members age 5-7 h1110584
1 Number of hh members age 8-10 h1110684
1 Number of hh members age 11-12 h1110784
1 Number of hh members age 13-15 h1110884
1 Number of hh members age 16-18 h1110984
1 No. hh members 19 and above or 16-18,ind h1111084
1 Indicator-wife in HH h1111284
1 Consumer Price Index y1110184
1 State of Residence l1110184
1 Region l1110284
1 Household Windfall Income i1111884
1 Impute Household Windfall Income i1121884
1 Indicator - Head in HH h1111184
1 Impute HH Imputed Rental Value i1120584
1 Impute Total HH Taxes i1120984
1 Individuals Cross-sectional Weight - without 1st wave of a subsample w1110484
1 Impute Annual Work Hours of Individual e1120184
1 Wages,Salary from main job ijob184
1 Income from secondary employment ijob284
1 Income from self-employment iself84
1 old-age,disability and civil serv. pensions ioldy84
1 widows and/or orphans pension iwidy84
1 Unemployment benefit iunby84
1 Unemployment assistance iunay84
1 Subsistence allowance isuby84
1 Old-age transition benefit ieret84
1 Maternity benefit imaty84
1 Student grants istuy84
1 Military/community service pay imilt84
1 Alimony ialim84
1 Private Transfers received ielse84
1 Company pension (surviving dependants c.p.) icomp84
1 Private pension (old-age,accid.,disability) iprvp84
1 13th monthly salary i13ly84
1 14th monthly salary i14ly84
1 Christmas bonus ixmas84
1 Vacation bonus iholy84
1 Profit-sharing igray84
1 Other bonuses iothy84
1 Retirement pay: stat. pension insurance igrv184
1 Widows pension: stat pension insurance igrv284
1 Income from rental and leasing renty84
1 Operation, maintenance costs opery84
1 Interest, dividend income divdy84
1 Child allowance chspt84
1 Housing benefit house84
1 Compulsory long term care insurance nursh84
1 Social assistance(living expenses etc) subst84
1 Social assistance f. spec. circumstances sphlp84
1 Housing support for owner-occupiers hsup84
1 Imp.flag:Wages,Salary from main job fjob184
1 Imp.flag:Income from secondary job fjob284
1 Imp.flag:Income from self-employment fself84
1 Imp.flag:Unemployment benefit funby84
1 Imp.flag:old-age,civil serv. pensions foldy84
1 Imp.flag:widows/orphans pension fwidy84
1 Imp.flag:Unemployment assistance funay84
1 Imp.flag:Subsistence allowance fsuby84
1 Imp.flag:Old-age transition benefit feret84
1 Imp.flag:Maternity benefit fmaty84
1 Imp.flag:Student grants fstuy84
1 Imp.flag:Military/community service pay fmilt84
1 Imp.flag:Alimony falim84
1 Imp.flag:Private Transfers received felse84
1 Imp.flag:Company pension fcomp84
1 Imp.flag:Private pension(old-age,accid.) fprvp84
1 Imp.flag:13th monthly salary f13ly84
1 Imp.flag:14th monthly salary f14ly84
1 Imp.flag:Christmas bonus fxmas84
1 Imp.flag:Vacation bonus fholy84
1 Imp.flag:Profit-sharing fgray84
1 Imp.flag:Other bonuses fothy84
1 Imp.flag:retirement pay from fgrv184
1 Imp.flag:widows pension from fgrv284
1 Imp.flag:Income from rental and leasing frenty84
1 Imp.flag:Operation, maintenance costs fopery84
1 Imp.flag:Interest, dividend income fdivdy84
1 Imp.flag:Child allowance fchspt84
1 Imp.flag:Housing benefit fhouse84
1 Imp.flag:Compuls. long term care insurance fnursh84
1 Imp.flag:Social assist.(living expenses ..) fsubst84
1 Imp.flag:Soc. assist. for spec. circumstan. fsphlp84
1 Imp.flag:Housing support f. owner-occupiers fhsup84
1 Social miners insurance pension ismp184
1 Civil servant pension iciv184
1 War victim pension iwar184
1 Farmer Pension iagr184
1 Statutory accident insurance iguv184
1 Supplementary benefits for civil servants ivbl184
1 Company pension icom184
1 Private pension iprv184
1 Other pension ison184
1 Widows social miners insurance pension ismp284
1 Widows civil servant pension iciv284
1 Widows war victim pension iwar284
1 Widows farmer Pension iagr284
1 Widows statutory accident insurance iguv284
1 Widows supplement. benefits(civil servants) ivbl284
1 Widows company pension icom284
1 Other widows pension ison284
1 Widows private pension iprv284
1 Overnight hosp stay m1110184
1 Inpatient nights in hosp m1110284
1 Work accident required treatment m1110384
1 Frequency of sport or exercise m1110484
1 Have had stroke m1110584
1 High blood pressure/circulation problems m1110684
1 Have or had diabetes m1110784
1 Have or had cancer m1110884
1 Psychiatric problems m1110984
1 Arthritis m1111084
1 Angina or heart condition m1111184
1 Difficulties breathing m1111284
1 Have trouble climbing stairs m1111384
1 Need help or have difficulty bathing alone m1111484
1 Dressing difficult alone m1111584
1 Difficulty/need help getting in/out bed m1111684
1 Need help with shopping m1111784
1 Walk 10+ min alone difficult m1111884
1 Housework difficult alone m1111984
1 Health limits kneeling m1112084
1 Health limits vigorous activities m1112184
1 Body height m1112284
1 Body weight m1112384
1 Disability Status of Individual m1112484
1 Satisfaction with Health m1112584
1 Current Self-Rated Health Status m1112684
1 Number of annual doctor visits m1112784
1 Race of individual d11112ll
1 Social assistance for elderly ssold84
1 Losses from renting and leasing lossr84
1 Losses from capital investment lossc84
1 Imp.flag: Social assistance for elderly fssold84
1 Imp.flag: Losses from renting and leasing flossr84
1 Imp.flag: Losses from capital investment flossc84
1 Commuting,travel grant itray84
1 Imp.flag: Commuting, travel grant ftray84
1 Indemnity idemy84
1 Imp.flag: indemnity fdemy84
1 Unemployment benefit II alg284
1 Imp.flag: Unemployment benefit II falg284
1 Overall life satisfaction p1110184
1 Additional child benefit adchb84
1 Imp.flag: Additional child benefit fadchb84
1 Advance child maintenance payment iachm84
1 Imp.flag: Advance child maintenance payment fachm84
1 Child Care Subsidy chsub84
1 Imputation flag: Child care Subsidy fchsub84
1 Child support, caregiver alimony ichsu84
1 Imp.flag: Child support, caregiver alimony fchsu84
1 Divorce alimony, during separation ispou84
1 Imp.flag: Divorce alimony, during separation fspou84
1 Riester pension plan irie184
1 Widows Riester pension plan irie284
1 Income of children in household kidy84
1 Imputation Flag for Income of children in household fkidy84
1 Profit Withdrawal iwith84
1 Imputation Flag for Profit Withdrawal fwith84


Study: soep-core


Dataset: apequiv

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