Cross-national equivalent file 2011


Sort Variable Name
103 14th monthly salary i14ly11
105 Vacation bonus iholy11
107 Other bonuses iothy11
110 Income from rental and leasing renty11
8 Person Identification Number x11101ll
0 Case ID cid
1 Current Wave HH Number hid
2 Never Changing Person ID persnr
21 Number of Years of Education d1110911
29 HH Pre-Government Income i1110111
30 HH Post-Government Income i1110211
4 Original Household Number hhnr
5 Current Wave HH Number (=HHNRAKT) bbhhnr
81 Indicator - Head in HH h1111111
113 Child allowance chspt11
114 Housing benefit house11
129 Imp.flag:Student grants fstuy11
152 Social miners insurance pension ismp111
204 Commuting,travel grant itray11
206 Indemnity idemy11
211 Additional child benefit adchb11
212 Imp.flag: Additional child benefit fadchb11
3 Survey Year syear
14 Age of Individual d1110111
31 HH Labor Income i1110311
67 Number of hh members age 2-4 h1110411
68 Number of hh members age 5-7 h1110511
69 Number of hh members age 8-10 h1110611
70 Number of hh members age 11-12 h1110711
71 Number of hh members age 13-15 h1110811
91 Unemployment benefit iunby11
140 Imp.flag:Other bonuses fothy11
141 Imp.flag:retirement pay from fgrv111
161 Widows social miners insurance pension ismp211
162 Widows civil servant pension iciv211
163 Widows war victim pension iwar211
164 Widows farmer Pension iagr211
179 Arthritis m1111011
180 Angina or heart condition m1111111
219 Divorce alimony, during separation ispou11
6 Current Wave HH Number (=bbHHNR) hhnrakt
7 Never Changing Person ID pid
9 Gender of Individual d11102ll
10 Subsample Identifier x11104ll
11 HH Identification Number x1110211
12 Individual in HH at Survey x1110311
13 Individual responded to Survey x1110511
15 Race of HH Head d1110311
16 Marital Status of Individual d1110411
17 Relationship to HH Head d1110511
18 Number of Persons in HH d1110611
19 Number of Children in HH d1110711
20 Education With Respect to High School d1110811
22 Annual Work Hours of Individual e1110111
23 Employment Status of Individual e1110211
24 Employment Level of Individual e1110311
25 Primary Activity of Individual e1110411
26 Occupation of Individual e1110511
27 1 Digit Industry Code of Individual e1110611
28 2 Digit Industry Code of Individual e1110711
32 HH Income From Asset Flows i1110411
33 HH Imputed Rent i1110511
34 HH Private Transfers i1110611
35 HH Public Transfers i1110711
36 HH Social Security Pensions i1110811
37 Total HH Taxes i1110911
38 Individual Labor Earnings i1111011
39 HH Federal Taxes i1111111
40 HH Social Security Taxes i1111211
41 HH Post-Government Income (TAXSIM) i1111311
42 Total HH Taxes (TAXSIM) i1111411
43 HH State Taxes (TAXSIM) i1111511
44 HH Federal Taxes (TAXSIM) i1111611
45 HH Private Retirement Income i1111711
46 Share of imputed HH Pre-Government Income i1120111
47 Share of imputed HH Post-Government Income i1120211
48 Share of imputed HH Labour Income i1120311
49 Share of imputed HH Income From Asset Flows i1120411
50 Share of imputed HH Private Transfers i1120611
51 Share of imputed HH Public Transfers i1120711
52 Share of imputed HH Social Security Pensions i1120811
53 Share of imputed Individual Labor Earnings i1121011
54 Share of imputed HH Private Retirement Income i1121711
55 Individuals Cross-sectional Weight - without 1st wave of a subsample w1110411
56 HH Weight w1110211
57 Longitudinal Weight - Respondent Individual w1110311
58 Cross-sectional Weight - all samples w1110511
59 X-Sectional Weight - Enumerated Individual w1110711
60 Longitudinal Weight - Enumerated Individual w1110811
61 Population Factor for w11103$ w1110911
62 Population Factor for w11107$ w1111011
63 Population Factor for w11108$ w1111111
64 Number of hh members age 0-14 h1110111
65 Number of hh members age 15-18 h1110211
66 Number of hh members age 0-1 h1110311
72 Number of hh members age 16-18 h1110911
73 No. hh members 19 and above or 16-18,ind h1111011
74 Indicator-wife in HH h1111211
75 Consumer Price Index y1110111
76 State of Residence l1110111
77 [de] State of Residence (East-West Version) l1110111_ew
78 Region l1110211
79 Household Windfall Income i1111811
80 Impute Household Windfall Income i1121811
82 Impute HH Imputed Rental Value i1120511
83 Impute Total HH Taxes i1120911
84 Individuals Cross-sectional Weight - without 1st wave of a subsample w1110111
85 Impute Annual Work Hours of Individual e1120111
86 Wages,Salary from main job ijob111
87 Income from secondary employment ijob211
88 Income from self-employment iself11
89 old-age,disability and civil serv. pensions ioldy11
90 widows and/or orphans pension iwidy11
92 Unemployment assistance iunay11
93 Subsistence allowance isuby11
94 Old-age transition benefit ieret11
95 Maternity benefit imaty11
96 Student grants istuy11
97 Military/community service pay imilt11
98 Alimony ialim11
99 Private Transfers received ielse11
100 Company pension (surviving dependants c.p.) icomp11
101 Private pension (old-age,accid.,disability) iprvp11
102 13th monthly salary i13ly11
104 Christmas bonus ixmas11
106 Profit-sharing igray11
108 Retirement pay: stat. pension insurance igrv111
109 Widows pension: stat pension insurance igrv211
111 Operation, maintenance costs opery11
112 Interest, dividend income divdy11
115 Compulsory long term care insurance nursh11
116 Social assistance(living expenses etc) subst11
117 Social assistance f. spec. circumstances sphlp11
118 Housing support for owner-occupiers hsup11
119 Imp.flag:Wages,Salary from main job fjob111
120 Imp.flag:Income from secondary job fjob211
121 Imp.flag:Income from self-employment fself11
122 Imp.flag:Unemployment benefit funby11
123 Imp.flag:old-age,civil serv. pensions foldy11
124 Imp.flag:widows/orphans pension fwidy11
125 Imp.flag:Unemployment assistance funay11
126 Imp.flag:Subsistence allowance fsuby11
127 Imp.flag:Old-age transition benefit feret11
128 Imp.flag:Maternity benefit fmaty11
130 Imp.flag:Military/community service pay fmilt11
131 Imp.flag:Alimony falim11
132 Imp.flag:Company pension fcomp11
133 Imp.flag:Private Transfers received felse11
134 Imp.flag:Private pension(old-age,accid.) fprvp11
135 Imp.flag:13th monthly salary f13ly11
136 Imp.flag:14th monthly salary f14ly11
137 Imp.flag:Christmas bonus fxmas11
138 Imp.flag:Vacation bonus fholy11
139 Imp.flag:Profit-sharing fgray11
142 Imp.flag:widows pension from fgrv211
143 Imp.flag:Income from rental and leasing frenty11
144 Imp.flag:Operation, maintenance costs fopery11
145 Imp.flag:Child allowance fchspt11
146 Imp.flag:Interest, dividend income fdivdy11
147 Imp.flag:Housing benefit fhouse11
148 Imp.flag:Compuls. long term care insurance fnursh11
149 Imp.flag:Social assist.(living expenses ..) fsubst11
150 Imp.flag:Soc. assist. for spec. circumstan. fsphlp11
151 Imp.flag:Housing support f. owner-occupiers fhsup11
153 Civil servant pension iciv111
154 War victim pension iwar111
155 Farmer Pension iagr111
156 Statutory accident insurance iguv111
157 Supplementary benefits for civil servants ivbl111
158 Company pension icom111
159 Private pension iprv111
160 Other pension ison111
165 Widows statutory accident insurance iguv211
166 Widows supplement. benefits(civil servants) ivbl211
167 Widows company pension icom211
168 Other widows pension ison211
169 Widows private pension iprv211
170 Overnight hosp stay m1110111
171 Inpatient nights in hosp m1110211
172 Work accident required treatment m1110311
173 Frequency of sport or exercise m1110411
174 Have had stroke m1110511
175 High blood pressure/circulation problems m1110611
176 Have or had diabetes m1110711
177 Have or had cancer m1110811
178 Psychiatric problems m1110911
181 Difficulties breathing m1111211
182 Have trouble climbing stairs m1111311
183 Need help or have difficulty bathing alone m1111411
184 Dressing difficult alone m1111511
185 Difficulty/need help getting in/out bed m1111611
186 Need help with shopping m1111711
187 Walk 10+ min alone difficult m1111811
188 Housework difficult alone m1111911
189 Health limits kneeling m1112011
190 Health limits vigorous activities m1112111
191 Body height m1112211
192 Body weight m1112311
193 Disability Status of Individual m1112411
194 Satisfaction with Health m1112511
195 Current Self-Rated Health Status m1112611
196 Number of annual doctor visits m1112711
197 Race of individual d11112ll
198 Social assistance for elderly ssold11
199 Losses from renting and leasing lossr11
200 Losses from capital investment lossc11
201 Imp.flag: Social assistance for elderly fssold11
202 Imp.flag: Losses from renting and leasing flossr11
203 Imp.flag: Losses from capital investment flossc11
205 Imp.flag: Commuting, travel grant ftray11
207 Imp.flag: indemnity fdemy11
208 Unemployment benefit II alg211
209 Imp.flag: Unemployment benefit II falg211
210 Overall life satisfaction p1110111
213 Advance child maintenance payment iachm11
214 Imp.flag: Advance child maintenance payment fachm11
215 Child Care Subsidy chsub11
216 Imputation flag: Child care Subsidy fchsub11
217 Child support, caregiver alimony ichsu11
218 Imp.flag: Child support, caregiver alimony fchsu11
220 Imp.flag: Divorce alimony, during separation fspou11
221 Riester pension plan irie111
222 Widows Riester pension plan irie211
223 Income of children in household kidy11
224 Imputation Flag for Income of children in household fkidy11
225 Profit Withdrawal iwith11
226 Imputation Flag for Profit Withdrawal fwith11
227 Pensions from another country iaus111
228 Widows / orphans pension from another country iaus211
229 Asylum seeker benefit asyl11
230 Benefits from the educational package edupac11
231 Imputation flag: Asylum seeker benefit fasyl11
232 Imputation flag: Benefits from the educational package fedupac11
233 Pensions for liberal professions ilib111
234 Widow / orphans pensions for liberal professions ilib211

Study: soep-core

Dataset: bbpequiv

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