Household questionnaire


Sort Variable Name
1 Original Household Number hhnr
1 Survey Year (1984 = 1) welle
1 Subsample Identifier TNS-Infratest sample1
1 Current Wave HH Number (=BEHHNR) hhnrakt
1 Current Wave HH Number (=HHNRAKT) behhnr
1 ID number of person interviewed (PNR) beausku
1 Lived Here 1 Year Ago beh01
1 In This Dwelling Since, Month beh0201
1 In This Dwelling Since, Year beh0202
1 Type Of Dwelling beh03
1 Private Household, Institution beh04
1 Neighborhood Of Household beh05
1 Change In Size Of Dwelling Since Last Year beh06
1 Size Of Unit In Sq Meters beh07
1 Number Of Rooms GE 6 Sq Meters beh08
1 Adequacy Of Living Space In Housing Unit beh09
1 Condition Of House beh10
1 Barrier Free Livin beh1101
1 Dwelling With Central, Floor Heating beh1102
1 dwelling with floor heating (completely/partly) beh1103
1 Dwelling With Balcony, Terrace beh1104
1 Dwelling With Basement, Storage Space beh1105
1 Dwelling With Garden beh1106
1 Dwelling With Alarm Device beh1107
1 dwelling with air conditioner beh1108
1 dwelling with solar energy beh1109
1 dwelling with other alternative energy beh1110
1 Dwelling With Elevator beh1111
1 Number of Landline Telephone Numbers beh1201
1 No Landline Telephone Number beh1202
1 Number Mobile Phones beh1301
1 No Mobile Phone beh1302
1 Number User Internet Connection beh1401
1 No Internet Connection beh1402
1 Since Prev. Year Kitchen Added beh1501
1 Since Prev. Year Bath, Shower, Toilet Added beh1502
1 Since Prev. Year Heating Added beh1503
1 Since Prev. Year New Windows Added beh1504
1 Since Prev. Year Other Thermal Insulation beh1505
1 Since Prev. Year Age-Based Renovation beh1506
1 Since Prev. Year Other Renovations beh1507
1 Since Prev. Year No Renovations beh1508
1 Who Paid For Modernization beh16
1 Who Did The Modernization beh17
1 exp. Renovation beh18
1 change in ownership last year beh19
1 Type Of Change In Ownership beh2001
1 Means Of Ownership beh2002
1 Type Of Ownership Transfer beh2003
1 Tenant Or Owner Of Dwelling beh21
1 Rent Reduced By Landlord beh22
1 Government Subsidized Housing beh23
1 Amount Of Monthly Rent beh2401
1 Do Not Pay Rent beh2402
1 Cost Of Heat And Hot Water Per Month beh2501
1 Cost Of Heat And Hot Water Per Month beh2502
1 Cost Of Electricity Per Month beh2601
1 costs of electricity per month, do not know beh2602
1 Cost Of Gas Per Month beh2701
1 Cost Of Gas Per Month beh2702
1 Monthly Amount Share In The Costs beh2801
1 Monthly Amount Share In The Costs beh2802
1 Adequacy Of Rent beh29
1 Owner Of The Dwelling beh30
1 Interest, Mortgage Payment For Dwelling beh31
1 Interest And Mortgage Payment Per Month beh32
1 Maintenance Costs Previous Year beh33
1 Heat And Hot Water Costs Previous Year beh34
1 electricity costs precious year beh35
1 Other Costs Per Year beh36
1 Housing Benefit For Owner beh3701
1 Amount Housing Benefit Per Month beh3702
1 Personnel Review - Financial Burden beh38
1 Estimated Amount Of Rent beh3901
1 Est. Amount Of Rent Do Not Know beh3902
1 Homeowner Assistance Prev. Year, Total Assistance beh4001
1 Amount Total Assistance Applied For Prev. Year beh4002
1 Income From Rent Previous Year beh41
1 Amount Income From Rent Previous Year beh42
1 Operation, Maintenance Costs Previous Year beh4301
1 Interest And Mortgage Payment Prev. Year beh4302
1 tax deductions Previous Year beh4401
1 tax deductions, Amount Previous Year beh4402
1 Pay Off Loans beh45
1 Amount Of Loans Paid Off beh46
1 Charged with loan repayment beh47
1 Savings Account Previous Yr beh4801
1 Building Society Previous Yr beh4802
1 Life Insurance Previous Yr beh4803
1 Fixed Interest Securities Previous Yr beh4804
1 Other Securities beh4805
1 Operating Assets Previous Yr beh4806
1 No Securities Previous Yr beh4807
1 Tax-Deductible Loan beh4808
1 Tax-Deductible Loan, Amount beh4809
1 Savings, Securities, Item Nonresponse beh4810
1 Amt. Interest, Dividend Income Prev Yr beh4901
1 Est. Interest, Dividend Income Prev Yr beh4902
1 Winnings, Inheritance, etc. GT 500 EUR beh5001
1 Inheritance beh5002
1 Gift beh5003
1 Lottery Winnings beh5004
1 Winnings, Inheritance Item Nonresponse beh5005
1 Amount Of Winnings, Inheritance, In Euros beh51
1 Child Allowance Previous Year beh5201
1 Child Allowance Previous Yr. Months beh5202
1 Child Allowance Previous Yr. Amt./Month beh5203
1 children's allowance prev year beh5204
1 children's allowance prev year, months beh5205
1 children's allowance prev year amt/mo beh5206
1 Child Care Subsidy Prev. Year beh5207
1 Child Care Subsidy Prev. Year, Months beh5208
1 Child Care Subsidy Prev. Year, Amount Months beh5209
1 Unemployment Subsidy II, Social Subsidy prev year beh5210
1 Unemployment Subsidy II, Social Subsidy prev year, Months beh5211
1 Unemployment Subsidy II, Social Subsidy prev year, Amt./ Months beh5212
1 Ill Family Members Support prev year beh5213
1 Compulsory Long Term Care Insurance, prev. year, Months beh5214
1 Ill Family Members Support prev year, Amt./Mo. beh5215
1 Current Subsistence Support prev year beh5216
1 Subsistence Support prev year, Months beh5217
1 Subsistence Support prev year, Amt./Mo. beh5218
1 basic financial security in old age, prev. Year beh5219
1 basic financial security in old age prev year, months beh5220
1 basic financial security in old age prev year, per month beh5221
1 Housing Assistance prev year beh5222
1 Housing Assistance prev year, Months beh5223
1 Amount Of Housing Allowance, Subsidy beh5224
1 Currently Receiving Child Benefit beh5301
1 Child Benefit, Amount beh5302
1 Number Children beh5303
1 currently receiving children's allowance benefit beh5304
1 children's allowance benefit, amount beh5305
1 Currently Receiving Child Care Subsidy beh5306
1 Amount Child Care Subsidy beh5307
1 Currently Receiving Unemployment Subsidy II, Social Subsidy beh5308
1 Amount Unemployment Subsidy II, Social Subsidy beh5309
1 Ill Family Members Support beh5310
1 Ill Family Members Support, Amount beh5311
1 Currently Receiving Welfare Benefit beh5312
1 Amount Social Assistance Benefits beh5313
1 Age / Reduced Earning Capacity Today beh5314
1 Amount Age / Reduced Earning Capacity beh5315
1 Currently Housing Assistance beh5316
1 Housing Assistance, Amount beh5317
1 Household Net Income beh5401
1 HH Net Income Group, CAPI Only beh5402
1 Monthly Savings beh5501
1 Monthly Amount Of Savings beh5502
1 Able To Pay Rent On Time beh56
1 Distance To Nearest City Centre beh57
1 Walking Distance To Shops beh5801
1 Walking Distance To Restaurants, Pubs, Bars, ETC. beh5802
1 Walking Distance To Bank beh5803
1 Walking Distance To Doctor beh5804
1 Walking Distance To Nursery, Kindergarten beh5805
1 Walking Distance To Primary School beh5806
1 Walking Distance To Grammar School beh5807
1 Walking Distance To Youth Meeting Place beh5808
1 Walking Distance To Elderly Facility beh5809
1 Walking Distance To Public Park, Space beh5810
1 Walking Distance To Sporting Facilities beh5811
1 Walking Distance To Public Transport beh5812
1 Affected By Noise Pollution beh5901
1 Affected By Air Pollution beh5902
1 Affected By Lack Accessible Green Space beh5903
1 Criminality In Neighbourhood beh60
1 Relationship Of Neighbors To Each Other beh61
1 Foreigners Living In Residential Area beh62
1 Relationship With Neighbors beh63
1 Visits To, From Neighbors beh6401
1 Frequency Of Neighbor Visits beh6402
1 Person Requiring Help Present In HH beh65
1 PNR Of 1.Person Requiring Help beh6601
1 Help On Tasks Outside HH, 1. Person beh6602
1 Help On Housework, 1. Person beh6603
1 Help On Minor Care, 1. Person beh6604
1 Help On Major Care, 1. Person beh6605
1 Help, Item Nonresponse beh6606
1 Person Receives Nursing Assistance Care beh6701
1 Nursing Assistance Care Level beh6702
1 Help From Family In HH beh6801
1 PNR Main Care Provider In HH beh6802
1 Welfare Organisations beh6803
1 Help From Private Care beh6804
1 Help From Friends, Neighbours beh6805
1 Help From Family Outside HH beh6806
1 Other Help beh6807
1 Help From, Item total Nonresponse beh6808
1 Person Receives Payment beh6809
1 Further Person Requiring Help In HH beh6901
1 Number Of Further Persons Requiring Help beh6902
1 regularly costs for care beh7001
1 costs for care per month beh7002
1 Cleaning Lady, Household Help beh7101
1 average costs per month beh7102
1 Children Under 16 Years In Household beh72
1 Day Of The Interview behhtagin
1 Month Of The Interview behhmonin
1 End of Interview (Hour) behdatst
1 End of Interview (Minutes) behdatmi
1 Survey Instrument behivform
1 Interview Length Oral behhdaer1
1 Interview Length Written behhdaer2
1 highest PNR in HH behpmax
1 Interviewer ID intid
1 Loan Payoff in Germany beh_beh4501
1 Loan Payoff Abroad beh_beh4502
1 Loan Payoff Month in Germany beh_beh4601
1 Loan Payoff Month Abroad beh_beh4602
1 Saving Account 2013 in Germany beh_beh4801
1 Saving Account 2013 Abroad beh_beh4802
1 Building Loan Contract 2013 in Germany beh_beh4803
1 Building Loan Contract 2013 Abroad beh_beh4804
1 Life Insurance 2013 in Germany beh_beh4805
1 Life Insurance 2013 Abroad beh_beh4806
1 Fixed Interest Securities 2013 in Germany beh_beh4807
1 Fixed Interest Securities 2013 Abroad beh_beh4808
1 Other Securities 2013 in Germany beh_beh4809
1 Other Securities 2013 Abroad beh_beh4810
1 Operating Assets 2013 in Germany beh_beh4811
1 Operating Assets 2013 Abroad beh_beh4812
1 No Securities 2013 in Germany/ Itemnonresponse beh_beh4813
1 No Securities 2013 Abroad / Itemnonresponse beh_beh4814
1 Loss Compensation 2013 in Germany beh_beh4815
1 Loss Compensation 2013 Abroad beh_beh4816
1 Loss Compensation 2013 in Germany beh_beh4817
1 Loss compensation 2013 Abroad beh_beh4818
1 No Answer Securities in Germany beh_beh4819
1 No Answer Securities Abroad beh_beh4820
1 Income (Securities) 2013 in Germany beh_beh4901
1 Income (Securities) 2013 Abroad beh_beh4902
1 Estimated Income (Securities) 2013 in Germany beh_beh4903
1 Estimated Income (Securities) 2013 Abroad beh_beh4904
1 Translation Device: English beh_buh1
1 Translation Device: Turkish beh_buh2
1 Translation Device: Russian beh_buh3
1 Translation Device: Rumanian beh_buh4
1 Translation Device: Polish beh_buh5
1 Translation Device: German Speaking Person in HH beh_buh6
1 Professional Interpreter beh_buh7
1 Transplation Device: German Speaking Person Outside HH beh_buh8
1 No Translation Device beh_buh9
1 Email beh_email
1 Interest and Repayment/Month, No Answer beh_ze02
1 Maintenance Costs 2013, No Answer beh_ze03
1 Income Rent, No Answer beh_zverm2
1 Operating, Maintenance Costs 2013, No Answer beh_zverm3
1 Interest and Repayment 2013, No Answer beh_zverm4
1 Loss Compensation 2013, No Answer beh_zverm6
1 Child Benefit 2013, No Answer beh_zlkg1
1 Child Care Subsidy 2013, No Answer beh_zlbg1
1 Nursing Insurance 2013, No Answer beh_zlpg1
1 Ongoing Assistance 2013, No Answer beh_zlsh1
1 Basic Security 2013, No Answer beh_zlgs1
1 Child Benefit Today, No Answer beh_zdkg1
1 Child Care Subsidy Today, No Answer beh_zdbg1
1 Nursing Insurance Today, No Answer beh_zdpg1
1 Ongoing Assistance Today, No Answer beh_zdsh1
1 Basic Security Today, No Answer beh_zdgs1
1 Day Of Interview behtagin
1 Month Of Interview behmonin
1 Survey Instrument for Households behinstrument


Study: soep-core


Dataset: beh

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