Youth questionnaire for first time respondents at age 17


Sort Variable Name
1 Original Household Number hhnr
1 Original Household Number hhnrakt
1 Current Wave HH Number (=HHNRAKT) bghhnr
1 Never Changing Person ID persnr
1 Survey Year syear
1 Subsample Identifier TNS-Infratest sample1
1 Lives In Parental Household bgj01
1 Has Own Room? bgj02
1 Further (2nd) Room / Apartment Besides with Parents ? bgj03
1 Paid Work In Last 7 Days bgj04
1 Actively Sought Work Last 4 Weeks bgj05
1 Registered Unemployed bgj06
1 Own Income bgj07
1 Gross Income Last Month bgj0801
1 Net Income Last Month bgj0802
1 Einkommensweise bgj09
1 Have Already Worked Before bgj10
1 Age When Starting First Job bgj11
1 Reason for Job bgj12
1 Pocket Money Received bgj13
1 Pocket Money per Week bgj1401
1 Pocket Money per Month bgj1402
1 Money Saved bgj15
1 Monthly Savings bgj1601
1 Irregular Amount savings bgj1602
1 Number Of Close Friends bgj17
1 Importance Father, Currently bgj1801
1 Importance Mother, Currently bgj1802
1 Importance Brother/Sister, Currently bgj1803
1 Other Relative Important In Life, Currently bgj1804
1 Importance Steady Boyfriend/Girlfriend, Currently bgj1805
1 Importance Best Friend, Currently bgj1806
1 Importance My Group of Friends/ Clique, Currently bgj1807
1 Importance Teacher, Currently bgj1808
1 Importance Other Person, Currently bgj1809
1 Argue Or Fight With Father bgj1901
1 Argue Or Fight With Mother bgj1902
1 Argue Or Fight With Brother,Sister bgj1903
1 Argue of Fight with Steady Boyfriend/Girlfriend bgj1904
1 Argue or Fight with Best Friend bgj1905
1 Discuss Experiences/Matters with Mother bgj2001
1 Discuss Experiences/Matters with Father bgj2002
1 Discuss Problems with Mother bgj2003
1 Discuss Problems with Father bgj2004
1 Mother Asks You Prior To Making Decision bgj2005
1 Father Asks You Prior To Making Decision bgj2006
1 Recognition from Mother bgj2007
1 Recognition from Father bgj2008
1 Problem Solution with Mother bgj2009
1 Problem Solution with Father bgj2010
1 Mother's Trust bgj2011
1 Father's Trust bgj2012
1 Mother Asks Your Opinion On Family Matter bgj2013
1 Father Asks Your Opinion On Family Matter bgj2014
1 Mother Gives Reason For Making Decision bgj2015
1 Father Gives Reason For Making Decision bgj2016
1 Mother Shows That She Loves You bgj2017
1 Father Shows That She Loves You bgj2018
1 TV/DVD/Internet-Streams bgj2101
1 Playing computer games bgj2102
1 Social Networks bgj2103
1 Other Type of Internet Usage bgj2104
1 Listen to Music bgj2105
1 playing music bgj2106
1 doing sports bgj2107
1 Dance, theater, etc. bgj2108
1 Technical projects, computer programming bgj2109
1 reading bgj2110
1 Do Nothing / Hang Out / Daydream bgj2111
1 Spending Time with Steady Boyfriend/Girlfriend bgj2112
1 Spending Time with Best Friend bgj2113
1 Spending time with my group of friends / clique bgj2114
1 Going to youth / community center bgj2115
1 Voluntary activities in an association / social service bgj2116
1 Attend Church Or Other Religious Events bgj2117
1 Active Music bgj22
1 Which Type of Mucic bgj23
1 Musically Active Alone Or In Group bgj24
1 Age When Starting Musical Instrument / Singing bgj25
1 Non School Music Club bgj26
1 doing sports bgj27
1 Most Important Sport bgj28
1 Age When Starting Sport bgj29
1 Sport: where and with whom? bgj30
1 Participation in Competitions bgj31
1 Still Attend School bgj32
1 Current class level bgj33
1 Year Of Leaving School bgj34
1 Which School-Leaving Degree bgj35
1 Intending To Get Scholl Leaving Certificate bgj36
1 Intending to get which school degree? bgj37
1 1. Foreign Language bgj3801
1 2. Foreign Language bgj3802
1 School Outside of Germany bgj39
1 school abroad age begin bgj4001
1 school abroad age end bgj4002
1 Private School Participation bgj41
1 Class representative bgj4201
1 Student body president bgj4202
1 School Paramedic bgj4203
1 Student Magazine bgj4204
1 Theater-/ Dance Group bgj4205
1 Member of choir, orchestra, music group bgj4206
1 volunteer sport group bgj4207
1 Other kind of school group bgj4208
1 No Involvement bgj4209
1 Satisfaction With Overall School Performance bgj4301
1 Satisfaction With Performance in German bgj4302
1 Satisfaction With Performance in Mathematics bgj4303
1 Satisfaction With Performance Foreign Language bgj4304
1 Recommended For Intermediate School bgj44
1 Grade German bgj4501
1 Grade Mathematics bgj4502
1 Grade 1. Foreign Language bgj4503
1 Grade Points: German bgj4504
1 Grade Points: Mathematics bgj4505
1 Grade Points: 1. Foreign Language bgj4506
1 Type of school bgj4507
1 Level: German bgj4508
1 Level: Mathematics bgj4509
1 Level: first foreign language bgj4510
1 Basic,Advanced Course German bgj4511
1 Basic, Advanced Course Mathematics bgj4512
1 Basic, Advanced Course Foreign Language bgj4513
1 Year, Grade Repeated bgj46
1 1st Time, which class level bgj4701
1 2nd Time which class? bgj4702
1 Tutoring bgj48
1 Parents Show Interest In Performance bgj49
1 Parents Help With Homework / Study bgj50
1 Differences of Opinion caused by School Performance bgj51
1 Parents Take Part In Parents-Evenings bgj5201
1 Parents Take Part In Parent Conference Days bgj5202
1 Consult teacher outside consulting days bgj5203
1 Involved as parents representative bgj5204
1 No Involvement of Parents bgj5205
1 Proportion of Foreigners, Fellow Students or Their Parents bgj53
1 Job Training, Study, Apprenticeship bgj54
1 Occupational preparation year bgj5501
1 Occupational preparation year Completed bgj5502
1 Occupational Integration Year bgj5503
1 Occupational Integration Year Completed bgj5504
1 Apprenticeship (Lehre) bgj5505
1 Apprenticeship (Lehre) Completed bgj5506
1 Full-Time Vocation School bgj5507
1 Specialized Vocational School Completed bgj5508
1 Internship, Voluntary Job bgj5509
1 Internship/ Voluntary Job Completed bgj5510
1 Dual course of study / college of advanced vocational studies bgj5511
1 Dual Course Study / College of Advanced Vocational Studies Completed bgj5512
1 Specialized Technical,Engineering School / University bgj5513
1 Specialized Technical,Engineering School / University Completed bgj5514
1 Intending to Get Job Training / University Degree bgj56
1 Intending to Complete Apprenticeship bgj5701
1 Intending to Get Certificate From Full-Time Vocational School / Healthcare Secto bgj5702
1 Intending to Get Certificate From Specialized Technical School bgj5703
1 Civil Servant Training bgj5704
1 Dual university / college of advanced vocational studies (Duale Hochschule / Ber bgj5705
1 Engineering School bgj5706
1 University / Technical university bgj5707
1 Intention Completion of Vocational Training, Item Nonresponse bgj5708
1 Already Financially Independent bgj5801
1 Already Financially Independent bgj5802
1 Preferred Occupation bgj59
1 Informed About Future Occupation bgj61
1 Career Choice: Parents Proposals Important bgj6201
1 Occupation Choice: Goal Is To Take Things As They Come bgj6202
1 Occupational Choice: Different Possibilities bgj6203
1 Occupational Choice: Still Working Out Skills bgj6204
1 Secure Job, Career bgj6301
1 Importance: High Income bgj6302
1 Possibilities for Promotion Important in Life bgj6303
1 Recognition and Respect Important in Life bgj6304
1 Job Which Allows For Spare Time bgj6305
1 Interesting Job, Career bgj6306
1 Job Which Allows For Independent Working bgj6307
1 Contact with Others Important in Life bgj6308
1 Job Important For Society bgj6309
1 Job With Good Health, Safety Conditions bgj6310
1 Job Allows For Family Commitments bgj6311
1 Help Others Important in Life bgj6312
1 Probability in %: Favoured Apprenticeship or University Place bgj6401
1 Probability in %: Apprenticeship or University Place bgj6402
1 Probability Of Finding Employment bgj6403
1 Probability Of Job Success bgj6404
1 Probability Of Long-Term Unemployment bgj6405
1 Probability Of Being Held Back By Family bgj6406
1 Probability in %: Self Employed bgj6407
1 Probability Of Working Abroad bgj6408
1 Probability Of Marriage bgj6409
1 Probability Of Living With A Partner bgj6410
1 Probability Of A Child bgj6411
1 Probability Of Several Children bgj6412
1 Year Of Birth bgj6501
1 Month Of Birth bgj6502
1 Born In Germany bgj67
1 Country Of Birth Code bgj68
1 Migrant To Germany bgj69
1 Status Upon Immigration To Germany bgj70
1 Before Immigration: Oral Ability German bgj7101
1 Before Immigration: Written Ability German bgj7102
1 Before Immigration: Reading Ability German bgj7103
1 Oral Ability: German bgj7104
1 Written Ability: German bgj7105
1 Reading Ability: German bgj7106
1 German Nationality bgj72
1 2. Nationality bgj7301
1 2. Nationality (Code) bgj7302
1 German Nationality Since Birth bgj74
1 Code Nationality Before bgj7501
1 German Citizenship Since When bgj76
1 Code Nationality bgj77
1 Residence Status bgj78
1 Main Residence During Childhood Up Until 15 Years bgj79
1 Do You Still Live There Today bgj80
1 Number Of Siblings Not In Germany bgj8101
1 No Siblings bgj8102
1 1. Silbling, Year of Birth bgj8103
1 1. Sibling, Month of Birth bgj8104
1 1. Sibling, Sex bgj8105
1 1. Geschw. Art bgj8106
1 1. Sibling, Up To Age 15 Together bgj8107
1 1. Sibling, Years Together bgj8108
1 2. Sibling, Year of Birth bgj8109
1 2. Sibling, Month of Birth bgj8110
1 2. Sibling, Sex bgj8111
1 2. Geschw. Art bgj8112
1 2. Sibling, Together Up To 15 Years bgj8113
1 2. Sibling Up To Age 15 Together bgj8114
1 3. Sibling, Year of Birth bgj8115
1 3. Sibling, Month of Birth bgj8116
1 3. Sibling, Sex bgj8117
1 3. Geschw. Art bgj8118
1 3. Sibling, Up To Age 15 Together bgj8119
1 3. Sibling, Years Together bgj8120
1 4. Sibling, Year of Birth bgj8121
1 4. Sibling, Month of Birth bgj8122
1 4. Sibling, Sex bgj8123
1 4. Geschw. Art bgj8124
1 4. Sibling, Up To Age 15 Together bgj8125
1 4. Sibling, Together Up To 15 Years bgj8126
1 5. Sibling, Year of Birth bgj8127
1 5. Sibling, Month of Birth bgj8128
1 5. Sibling, Sex bgj8129
1 5. Geschw. Art bgj8130
1 5. Sibling Up To Age 15 Together bgj8131
1 5. Sibling, Years Together bgj8132
1 6. Sibling, Year of Birth bgj8133
1 6. Sibling, Month of Birth bgj8134
1 6. Sibling, Sex bgj8135
1 6. Geschw. Art bgj8136
1 6. Sibling, Up To Age 15 Together bgj8137
1 6. Sibling Years Together bgj8138
1 7. Sibling, Year of Birth bgj8139
1 7. Sibling, Month of Birth bgj8140
1 7. Sibling, Sex bgj8141
1 7. Geschw. Art bgj8142
1 7. Sibling Up To Age 15 Together bgj8143
1 7. Sibling, Years Together bgj8144
1 8. Sibling, Year of Birth bgj8145
1 8. Sibling, Month of Birth bgj8146
1 8. Sibling, Sex bgj8147
1 8. Geschw. Art bgj8148
1 8. Sibling Up To Age 15 Together bgj8149
1 8. Sibling, Years Together bgj8150
1 No. Of Years Living With Bio. Parents bgj8201
1 No. Of Years Living With Single Mother bgj8202
1 No. Of Years Living With Single Mother And Partner bgj8203
1 No. Of Years Living With Single Father bgj8204
1 No. Of Years Living With Single Father And Partner bgj8205
1 No. Of Years Living With Other Relatives bgj8206
1 No. Of Years Living With Foster Parents bgj8207
1 No. Of Years Living In Home bgj8208
1 No. Of Years Living With: Overall No Answer bgj8209
1 Father And Mother Live In HH bgj83
1 Place Of Residence Father bgj8401
1 Place Of Residence Mother bgj8402
1 Year Of Death - Father bgj8403
1 Year Of Death - Mother bgj8404
1 Year Of Birth - Father bgj8501
1 Year Of Birth - Mother bgj8502
1 Father Born In Germany bgj8601
1 Mother Born In Germany bgj8602
1 Country Of Birth Father bgj8603
1 Country Of Birth Mother bgj8604
1 Father German Citizenship bgj8701
1 Mother German Citizenship bgj8702
1 Father: School Certificate bgj8801
1 Mother: School Certificate bgj8802
1 Father: Completed Occupational Training, Studies bgj8901
1 Mother: Completed Vocational Training or University Degree bgj8902
1 Father: Type Of Blue-Collar Worker bgj9101
1 Mother: Type Of Blue-Collar Worker bgj9102
1 Father: Type Of White-Collar Worker bgj9103
1 Mother: Type Of White-Collar Worker bgj9104
1 Father: Type Of Civil Servant bgj9105
1 Mother: Type Of Civil Servant bgj9106
1 Father: Type Of Self-Employment bgj9107
1 Mother: Type Of Self-Employment bgj9108
1 Father: Not Employed bgj9109
1 Mother: Not Employed bgj9110
1 Father: Religious Community bgj9201
1 Mother: Religions Community bgj9202
1 Partner are Necessary to Be Happy bgj93
1 Children are Necessary to Be Happy bgj94
1 Success Through: Effort / Diligence bgj9501
1 Success Through: Exploiting Others bgj9502
1 Success Through: Talent / Intelligence bgj9503
1 Success Through: Family Background bgj9504
1 Success Through: Specialized Training bgj9505
1 Success Through: Money / Assets bgj9506
1 Success Through: School Grades, Results bgj9507
1 Success Through: Recklessness / Toughness bgj9508
1 Success Through: Connections bgj9509
1 Success Through: Being Politically Active bgj9510
1 Success Through: Being Male bgj9511
1 Success Through: Dynamic / Initiative bgj9512
1 Peronal willingness to take risks bgj96
1 Life course self determined bgj9701
1 Compared to other people, I have not achieved what I deserve bgj9702
1 Success In Life Is Due To Fate bgj9703
1 Others make the crucial decisions in my life bgj9704
1 One has to work hard in order to succeed bgj9705
1 Doubt Myself When Faced By Difficulties bgj9706
1 Social Circumstances Determine Possibilities in Life bgj9707
1 Talents You Have at Birth Are More Important Than Effort bgj9708
1 I Have Little Control Over My Life bgj9709
1 Soc., Pol. Activity Makes A Difference bgj9710
1 Give something up to Today, to Have More Tomorrow bgj9711
1 One can trust people bgj9712
1 Opinion: Cannot Trust Anyone bgj9713
1 Interviewer's Opinion: Careful with strangers bgj9714
1 Opinion: Live For Today, Do Not Think Of Tomorrow bgj9715
1 I Do a Thorough Job bgj9801
1 I am Communicative and Talkative bgj9802
1 I am Sometimes Somewhat Rude to Others bgj9803
1 I am Inventive, Have new Ideas bgj9804
1 I worry a lot bgj9805
1 I Have a Forgiving Nature bgj9806
1 I Tend to Be Lazy bgj9807
1 I can be Outgoing bgj9808
1 I Value Artistic, Aesthetic Experiences bgj9809
1 I get Nervous Easily bgj9810
1 I can Do things effectively and efficiently bgj9811
1 I am Reserved bgj9812
1 I am Considerate and Friendly bgj9813
1 I Have a Lively Imagination bgj9814
1 I Am Relaxed, Can Handle Stress Well bgj9815
1 I am Eager for Knowledge bgj9816
1 I Have a Positive Attitude Towards Myself bgj9817
1 Current State Of Health bgj99
1 Height In Cm bgj100
1 Weight (kg) bgj101
1 Frequency of Being Angry in the Last 4 Weeks bgj10201
1 Frequency of Being Worried in the Last 4 Weeks bgj10202
1 Frequency of Being Happy in the Last 4 Weeks bgj10203
1 Frequency of Being Sad in the Last 4 Weeks bgj10204
1 Political Interests bgj103
1 Tendency to one Party bgj104
1 Tendency to which Party bgj105
1 Strength of Tendency to Party bgj106
1 General Life Satisfaction bgj107
1 Person Number Surveyed bgpnr
1 Apprenticeship In Other Country bgjm_57a
1 Both Parents Born in Germany bgjm_67a
1 Father German Citizenship bgjm_87a1
1 Mother German Citizenship bgjm_87a2
1 Father Current/Former Citizenship (Code) bgjm_87a4
1 Father Current/Former Citizenship (Code) bgjm_87a6
1 Father School Leaving Degree Abroad or In germany bgjm_88a1
1 Mother School Leaving Degree, Abroad or Germany bgjm_88a2
1 Father: Type of School Leaving Degree Germany bgjm_88b1
1 Mother: Type of School Leaving Degree in Germany bgjm_88b2
1 Father: Type of School Leaving Certificate Abroad bgjm_88c1
1 Mother: Type of School Leaving Degree Abroad bgjm_88c2
1 Length In Minutes Oral Interview (Minutes) bgjdauer1
1 Self-Completed, Duration of Interview (Minutes) bgjdauer2
1 Day Of Interview bgjtagin
1 Month Of Interview bgjmonin
1 End of Interview (Hour) bgjdatst
1 End of Interview (Minutes) bgjjdatmi
1 survey instrument bgjinta
1 Further Persons Present bgjanw
1 Device bgj_zgeraet
1 Interviewer ID intid
1 Desired Occupation [jber02] (ISCO-08 COM, 4-digits) bgj60_isco88
1 Desired Occupation [jber02] (ISCO-08, 4-digits) bgj60_isco08
1 Desired Occupation [jber02] (KldB 92, 4-digits) bgj60_kldb92
1 Desired Occupation [jber02] (KldB 2010, 5-digits) bgj60_kldb2010
1 Occupation of Father [jv07] (ISCO-88 COM, 4-digits) bgj9001_isco88
1 Occupation of Father [jv07] (ISCO-08, 4-digits) bgj9001_isco08
1 Occupation of Father [jv07] (KldB 92, 4-digits) bgj9001_kldb92
1 Occupation of Father [jv07] (KldB 2010, 5-digits) bgj9001_kldb2010
1 Occupation of Mother [jm07] (ISCO-88 COM, 4-digits) bgj9002_isco88
1 Occupation of Mother [jm07] (ISCO-08, 4-digits) bgj9002_isco08
1 Occupation of Mother [jm07] (KldB 92, 4-digits) bgj9002_kldb92
1 Occupation of Mother [jm07] (KldB 2010, 5-digits) bgj9002_kldb2010


Study: soep-core


Dataset: bgjugend

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