Data from individual questionnaires 2016


Sort Variable Name
51 Hours Weekday Housework bgp0903
86 Anzahl Tage Weiterbildungsmassnamen 2015 bgp2401
90 Last Job Ended - Item Nonresponse bgp2603
91 Years Worked On Last Job bgp2701
95 Amt. Of Severance Package, Compensation bgp2902
189 Contracted Working Hours bgp6901
202 Hours Of Overtime Last Month bgp7802
204 Number of Hours Compensated Overtime bgp7902
242 Second Job, Days Per Month bgp95
243 Hours Per Week On Second Job bgp96
251 Gross Amt Of Widow-Er,Orphan Benefit,Mo bgp99e03
271 Mths Of Self-Employment Income Prev. Yr bgp100b02
272 Gross Amt. Of Self-Empl.Income Prv. Yr bgp100b03
308 Amount Of 14th Month Pay Prev. Yr bgp10104
310 Amount Of Christmas Bonus Prev. Yr bgp10106
336 Amt. Other Pension-Self (EUR) bgp10317
392 number of days off work child sick bgp12702
477 Burdensome Conflict with Person 5 bgp151d05
491 Age Of First Person Befriended bgp152c01
507 Friend Number 2, Item Nonresponse bgp152ka02
508 Friend Number 3, Item Nonresponse bgp152ka03
523 Number Of Daughters bgp15307a
529 Number Of Sisters bgp15309a
574 Amount Of Payments To Children bgp16906
586 Amount Of Payments To Others bgp16918
731 Integration Course BAMF: Year Started Course bgpr9501
760 End year: Perspectives for refugees bgpr11401
770 End month: Perspectives for young refugees bgpr12002
776 Other German Language Course: Year Started bgpr12501
784 Knowledge of German Improved - partner or Friends taught bgpr13001
835 Number of new acquaintances from Germany bgpr21401
914 Application for Asylum, Year bgpr4001
923 Jahr Entscheidung ber Asylantrag bgpr4601
1007 Vocation (KldB 92) bgp2107_kldb92
1008 Vocation (KldB 2010) bgp2107_kldb2010
475 Burdensome Conflict with Person 3 bgp151d03
476 Burdensome Conflict with Person 4 bgp151d04
694 Pri. Recr. Ag. Without Activation/Replacement Voucher bgpm20707
1006 Vocation (ISCO-08) bgp2107_isco08
58 Total Item Nonresponse, Weekday bgp0910
276 Mths Of Old-Age,Invalid Pension Prev. Yr bgp100d02
342 Mini-Job Jan-Dec Prev. Yr bgp10403
344 Further Education, Jan-Dec Prev. Yr bgp10405
345 Registered Unemployed Jan-Dec Prev. Yr bgp10406
346 Retired Jan-Dec Prev. Yr bgp10407
347 Maternity Leave Jan-Dec Prev. Yr bgp10408
372 Smoking: Total Item Nonresponse bgp11304
807 Stellensuche mittels Familienangehoerige, Freunde, Bekannte bgpr16505
908 Art des Kontakts: Telefonieren Mobil bgpr44504
909 Art des Kontakts: Telefonieren Festnetz bgpr44505
911 Year BUeMA/ Proof of arrival bgpr3901
995 End of Interview (Minute) bgpdatmi
5 Current Wave HH Number (=HHNRAKT) bghhnr
115 interruption when changing job (ammount of month) bgp45
207 Gross Income Last Month bgp8101
295 unterhalt von frueherem partner/kindesunterhalt 2015 bgp100w01
422 Pauschale Selbstbeteiligung (in Euro) bgp14202
541 Number Of Grandchildren bgp15313a
550 Number Of Other Relatives bgp15316a
552 Relatives, Item Nonresponse bgp153ka
578 An (geschiedenen) Ehepartner Betrag bgp16910
696 Pri. Recr. Ag. With Activation/Replacement Voucher bgpm20709
821 Betrag AsylbLG Leistungen im letzten Monat bgpr189a02
920 Hearing, Year bgpr4401
49 Hours Weekdays Job, Training bgp0901
50 Hours Weekdays Running Errands bgp0902
56 Hours Weekdays Physical Activities bgp0908
57 Hours Weekday Leisure, Hobbies bgp0909
76 Training Completed - Item Nonresponse bgp1704
85 Anzahl Weiterbildungsmassnamen 2015 bgp23
102 Monthly Salary At Which Would Take Job bgp3601
104 number of hours for netincome bgp37
112 Current Position Began - Item Nonresponse bgp4203
125 At Current Employer Since-Year bgp5302
196 Usage Paid Breaks (Minutes) bgp7501
211 Minimum Wage EUR bgp8302
212 Minimum Wage Cent bgp8303
227 financial advantage through usage of company car bgp86
253 Gross Amt.Of Unemployment Benefit,Mo bgp99h03
262 alimony from maintenance advance fund per month bgp99t03
282 Gross Amount Second Job Income Prev. Yr bgp100c03
291 Gross Amount Of Maternity Benefit bgp100k03
293 Mths Of Student Grant Prev. Yr bgp100l02
314 Amount Of Profit-Sharing Bonus Prev. Yr bgp10110
323 Amt. Civil Servant Pension-Dependent (EUR) bgp10304
324 Amt. Supp. Civil Servant Pension-Self (EUR) bgp10305
325 Amt. Supp. Civil Servant Pension-Dependent (EUR) bgp10306
351 Housewife,Househusband Jan-Dec Prev. Yr bgp10412
367 Legally Handicapped, Reduced Employment bgp110
443 Other Worries bgp14814
473 Burdensome Conflict with Person 1 bgp151d01
474 Burdensome Conflict with Person 2 bgp151d02
485 Related To First Person Befriended bgp152a01
506 Friend Number 1, Item Nonresponse bgp152ka01
512 Number Of Previous Spouse bgp15302a
538 Number Of Grandfathers bgp15312a
546 Uncle Present bgp15315
559 Country of 2. Nationality bgp15903
562 Nationality bgp16202
570 Amount Of Pay To Parents,-Inlaw bgp16902
582 Amt. Of Payments To Other Relatives bgp16914
588 Unrelated Persons Live Abroad bgp16920
643 Paid for Training: Other bgpm_m_2407
650 How Long Stay in Germany bgpm_p_5201
695 Pri. Recr. Ag. Without Activation/Replacement Voucher (Expectation) bgpm20708
697 Pri. Recr. Ag. With Activation/Replacement Voucher (Expectation) bgpm20710
706 Family Members bgpm20719
714 Sought For Work Item Non Response bgpm20727
724 Discriminated Because of Ethnic Origins Last 24 Months bgpr67
758 Start year: Perspectives for refugees bgpr11301
762 Still running: Perspectives for refugees bgpr11403
767 Start year: Perspectives for young refugees bgpr11901
769 End year: Perspectives for young refugees bgpr12001
793 Help: Recognition of Educational Degree or Vocational Qualification bgpr135
804 Job Search via private job placement bgpr16502
811 Children living in country of origin bgpr45002
826 Income From Persons Not In Household bgpr197
833 Number of new acquaintances from country of origin bgpr21301
848 Impairment Extend of Employment bgpr320
872 Worries: loose workplace bgpr360
917 1st Application for Asylum, Year bgpr4201
932 Zufriedenheit mit Wohnsituation - Privatsphaere bgpr61
989 Interview Length Oral bgpmdauer3
1005 Vocation (ISCO-88 COM) bgp2107_isco88
1018 Current Occupational Classification Secondary Employment (KldB2010) bgp94_kldb2010
0 Original Household Number hhnr
1 Current Wave HH Number (=BGHHNR) hhnrakt
2 Never Changing Person ID pid
3 sample Indicator syear
4 Original Household Number cid
6 Current Wave HH Number (=BGHHNR) hid
7 Never Changing Person ID persnr
8 Subsample Identifier sample1
9 Person Number Surveyed bgpnr
10 Never Changing Person ID bgppnr
11 Year Of Birth bgpbirthy
12 Month Of Birth bgpbirthm
13 Gender bgpsex
14 Satisfaction With Health bgp0101
15 satisfaction with sleep bgp0102
16 Satisfaction With Work bgp0103
17 Satisfaction With Housework bgp0104
18 Satisfaction With Household Income bgp0105
19 Satisfaction With Personal Income bgp0106
20 Satisfaction With Dwelling bgp0107
21 Satisfaction With Amount Of Leisure Time bgp0108
22 Satisfaction With Child Care bgp0109
23 Satisfaction With Family Life bgp0110
24 Satisfaction With Social Life bgp0111
25 Zufriedenheit mit Demokratie bgp0112
26 Frequency of Being Angry in the Last 4 Weeks bgp0201
27 Frequency of being happy in the last 4 weeks bgp0203
28 Frequency of Being Worried in the Last 4 Weeks bgp0202
29 Frequency of Being Sad in the Last 4 Weeks bgp0204
30 wenig interesse bgp0301
31 niedergeschlagenheit bgp0302
32 nervositaet bgp0303
33 sorgen nicht stoppen koennen bgp0304
34 Activities Useful And Valuable bgp04
35 own opinion of willingness to take risks bgp05
36 Importance: To Be Able To Afford Sth. bgp0601
37 Importance: To help Others bgp0602
38 Importance: To Fulfil Once Potential bgp0603
39 Importance: To Have An Own House bgp0605
40 Importance: To Have Success In The Job bgp0604
41 Importance: To have a happy marriage bgp0606
42 Importance: To have children bgp0607
43 Importance: To be socially and politically active bgp0608
44 Importance: To be able to travel and see the world bgp0609
45 Wichtigkeit: Der Glaube, die Religion bgp0610
46 nachdenken ueber geld bgp0701
47 Ueberpruefung kontostand bgp0702
48 online-banking bgp08
52 Hours Weekday Child Care bgp0904
53 Support Persons In Care, Weekday bgp0905
54 Hours Weekdays Training, Education bgp0906
55 Hours Weekday Repairs bgp0907
59 Paid Work In Last 7 Days bgp10
60 Maternity, Paternity Leave bgp11
61 Maternity, Paternity Leave bgp12
62 Registered Unemployed bgp13
63 Schwarzarbeit im persoenlichen Umfeld 2015 bis heute bgp14
64 Now Receiving Education,Training bgp1501
65 Total Item nonresponse, Education/Training bgp1502
66 Now General-Education School bgp1601
67 Now Specialized College bgp1602
68 University: Scholarship bgp1603
69 university scolarship: student grant bgp1604
70 universtiy scolarship: other bgp1605
71 Vocational Training: Further Training/ Retraining bgp1607
72 Now Vocational Training bgp1609
73 Since Prev Year Completed Education,Training bgp1701
74 Since Prev Year Completed Training Month bgp1702
75 Since This Year Completed Training Month bgp1703
77 Education Successfully Completed bgp18
78 Country Education Completed bgp19
79 Degree Recognized in Germany bgp20
80 Degree, Item Nonresponse bgp2101
81 General-Education School Degree bgp2102
82 College Degree bgp2104
83 Type Of Education,Training bgp2108
84 Berufliche Weiterbildung 2015 bgp22
87 Left Job Since Beginning Of Prev Year bgp25
88 Month Last Job Ended Prev Year bgp2601
89 Month Last Job Ended Prev Year bgp2602
92 Months Worked On Last Job bgp2702
93 Why Job Terminated bgp28
94 Severance Package, Compensation bgp2901
96 Future Job Prospects bgp30
97 Employment Status bgp31
98 Gainful Employment In Future bgp32
99 Gainful Employment Now bgp33
100 Gainful Employment, Desire bgp34
101 Find Suitable Position bgp35
103 Monthly Salary- Can Not Say bgp3602
105 Acceptance Within Two Weeks bgp38
106 Actively Sought Work Last 4 Weeks bgp39
107 New Job Since Last Year bgp40
108 changed job once / new job since Prev Yr bgp4101
109 number of job changes / new jobs Prev Yr bgp4102
110 Current Position Began Month Prev Yr bgp4201
111 Current Position Began Month This Yr bgp4202
113 Type Of Job Change bgp43
114 Interruption Because of Children bgp44
116 Actively Sought This Position bgp46
117 Found Position Thru bgp47
118 Training Applies To Current Occupation bgp49
119 Training Required bgp50
120 Brief On-The-Job Training bgp5101
121 Longer On-The-Job Training bgp5102
122 Training Course bgp5103
123 Introductory Training, Item Nonresponse bgp5104
124 At Current Employer Since-Month bgp5301
126 Occupational Position bgp5401
127 Currently Self-Employed bgp5402
128 Number of Employees bgp5403
129 Is Industrial Sector Worker bgp5404
130 Is Civil Servant bgp5405
131 Currently In Education, Training bgp5406
132 Is White-Collar Worker bgp5407
133 Civil Service Job bgp55
134 Duration Of Work Contract bgp57
135 Temporary Or Contractual Basis bgp56
136 Jobcenter Measure / 1-Euro-Job bgp58
137 Performance evaluation by supervisor bgp59
138 Influence of evaluation on gross wages bgp6001
139 Influence of evaluation on annual bonuses bgp6002
140 Influence of evaluation on future raises bgp6003
141 Influence of evaluation on promotion bgp6004
142 Employees Council At Place Of Work bgp61
143 Size of Company bgp62
144 Type Of Working Hour Possibilities bgp63
145 On-Call Duty bgp6401
146 On-Call Service bgp6402
147 Standby Duty bgp6403
148 No bgp6404
149 Does Not Apply,Place Of Work Changes bgp65
150 Time Pressure at Work bgp6601
151 Thinking About Work-Related Problems First Thing in The Morning bgp6602
152 It is Easy to Switch Off bgp6603
153 Make Sacrifices For Career bgp6604
154 Let Work Go bgp6605
155 Sleeping Problems if Sth. Postponed Until Tomorrow bgp6606
156 grosser zeitdruck bgp6607
157 haeufige unterbrechung bgp6608
158 arbeit ist immer mehr geworden bgp6609
159 schlechte aufstiegschancen bgp6610
160 verschlechterung der arbeitssituation bgp6611
161 gefaehrdung arbeitsplatz bgp6612
162 anerkennung des vorgesetzten bgp6613
163 angemessene anerkennung bgp6614
164 angemessene chancen des beruflichen fortkommens bgp6615
165 angemessenes gehalt bgp6616
166 True: Time Pressure Because of Workload bgp6607a
167 Burden: Time Pressure Workload bgp6607b
168 True: Interruption / Disturbances at Work bgp6608a
169 Burden: Interruption Disturbances at Work bgp6608b
170 True: Workload Increased bgp6609a
171 Burden: Workload Increased bgp6609b
172 True: Poor Promotion Prospects bgp6610a
173 Burden: Poor Promotion Prospects bgp6610b
174 True: Expectation Deterioration Working Situation bgp6611a
175 Burden: Expect. Deterioration Work bgp6611b
176 True: Own Workplace is in Danger bgp6612a
177 Burden: Workplace in Danger bgp6612b
178 True: Recognition from Superiors bgp6613a
179 Burden: Recognition from Superiors bgp6613b
180 True: Recognition Appropriate bgp6614a
181 True: Opportunities of Proposition Appropriate bgp6615a
182 Burden: Recognition Appropriate bgp6614b
183 Burden: Opportunities Prospects bgp6615b
184 True: Earnings Appropriate bgp6616a
185 Burden: Earnings Appropriate bgp6616b
186 Desired Weekly Work Hours bgp67
187 Working Days Per Week bgp6801
188 Days Per Week, Does Not Apply bgp6802
190 Flexible Hours Of Work Per Week bgp6902
191 Hours Per Week Actual bgp70
192 Mini- Job, Midi- Job bgp71
193 Parental Part-Time bgp72
194 Entitled to Paid Breaks bgp73
195 Minutes Paid Breaks bgp74
197 Do Not Take Paid Breaks bgp7502
198 Work Overtime bgp76
199 Overtime Time In Lieu bgp7701
200 Time Limit On Time In Lieu bgp7702
201 Overtime Last Month bgp7801
203 Hours Of Overtime Last Month Compensated bgp7901
205 Financial Compensation for Overtime bgp8001
206 Hours Of Overtime Last Month Paid For bgp8002
208 Net Income Last Month bgp8102
209 Tariff Standard in Earnings bgp82
210 Collective Wage Agreement Minimum Wage bgp8301
213 Shift Premium/ Late or Weekend Work Bonus bgp8401
214 overtime premium bgp8402
215 Bonus For Work Under Difficult Conditions bgp8403
216 Additional Regular Payment bgp8404
217 Tips bgp8405
218 Other Additional Payments bgp8406
219 No Additional Payments bgp8408
220 Benefits From Employer: Meal Stipend bgp8501
221 Benefits From Employer: Company car bgp8502
222 Benefits From Employer: Cell Phone bgp8503
223 Benefits From Employer: Expense Payments bgp8504
224 Benefits From Employer: Personal Computer bgp8505
225 Benefits From Employer: Other Benefits bgp8506
226 Benefits From Employer: None bgp8508
228 Gainful Employment In Previous Year bgp87
229 Changes In Labor Intensity bgp88
230 2015 Ausstattungsneuerungen am Arbeitsplatz bgp89
231 Influence Health Risk in 2 Years bgp9001
232 Influence Work Productivity in 2 Years bgp9002
233 Influence Demand For Qualification in 2 Years bgp9003
234 Influence Work Performance in 2 Years bgp9004
235 Influence Risk Losing Job in 2 Years bgp9005
236 Wage Tax Classification bgp91
237 zusaetzlich steuerklasse vi bgp92
238 Family Members Helps Out bgp9301
239 Regular Second Job bgp9302
240 Odd Jobs For Pay bgp9303
241 None Of These bgp9304
244 Second Job, Gross Income last Month bgp97
245 Number of secondary employments bgp98
246 Withdrawal from Partnership, Prev. Month bgp99x01
247 Gross Withdrawal from Partnership, Prev. Month bgp99x03
248 Old-Age,Invalid Pension bgp99d01
249 Gross Amt. Of Old-Age,Invalid Pension,Mo bgp99d03
250 Widow-Er,Orphan Benefit bgp99e01
252 Unemployment Benefit bgpr191
254 Unemployment Benefit II, Social Subsidy bgpr193
255 Maternity Benefit bgp99k01
256 Gross Amount Of Maternity Benefit bgp99k03
257 Student Grant bgpr195
258 Gross Amount Of Student Grant,Mo bgp99l03
259 Maintenance from former Partner/ Child Support bgp99w01
260 Maintenance from former Partner/ Child Support last month bgp99w03
261 alimony from maintenance advance fund bgp99t01
263 Income From Persons Not In Household bgp99o01
264 Gross Amt. Income-Persons Not In HH,Mo bgp99o03
265 No Other Income Besides Earned Income bgp99p01
266 Wages, Salary Jan-Dec Prev. Yr bgp100a01
267 Mths Of Wages,Salary Prev. Yr bgp100a02
268 Gross Amount Of Wages, Salary Prev. Yr bgp100a03
269 Net Amount Of Wages, Salary Prev. Yr bgp100a04
270 Self-Employment Income Jan-Dec Prev. Yr bgp100b01
273 Net Amt. Of Self-Empl.Income Prv. Yr bgp100b04
274 Second Job Income Jan-Dec Prev. Yr bgp100c01
275 Mths Of Second Job Income Prev. Yr bgp100c02
277 Widow-Er, Orphan Benefit Jan-Dec Prv. Yr bgp100e01
278 entnahmen aus personengesellschaften 2015 bgp100x01
279 entnahmen aus personengesellschaften brutto/monat 2015 bgp100x03
280 entnahmen aus personengesellschaften monate 2015 bgp100x02
281 Old-Age,Invalid Pension Jan-Dec Prev. Yr bgp100d01
283 Mths Of Widow-Er,Orphan Benefit Prev. Yr bgp100e02
284 Unemployment Benefit Jan-Dec Prev Yr bgp100h01
285 Mths Of Unemployment Benefit Prev Yr bgp100h02
286 Gross Amt Unemployment Benefit Prev Yr bgp100h03
287 Unemployment Subsidy II, Social Subsidy Prev Yr bgp100q01
288 Mths Unemployment Subsidy II, Social Subsidy Prev Yr bgp100q02
289 Maternity Benefit Jan-Dec Prev Yr bgp100k01
290 Mths Of Maternity Benefit Prev Yr bgp100k02
292 Student Grant Jan-Dec Prev. Yr bgp100l01
294 Gross Amount Of Student Grant bgp100l03
296 unterhalt von frueherem partner/kindesunterhalt monate 2015 bgp100w02
297 unterhalt von frueherem partner/kindesunterhalt brutto/monat 2015 bgp100w03
298 alimony from maintenance advance fund prev. Year bgp100t01
299 months alimony from maintenance advance fund prev. Year bgp100t02
300 gross amount alimony from maintenance advance fund prev. Year bgp100t03
301 Income-Persons Not In HH Prev. Yr bgp100o01
302 Months Of Income-Prsons Not In HH Prev. Yr bgp100o02
303 Gross Amount Of Income-Persons Not In HH Prev. Yr bgp100o03
304 None Of These Income Types In Prev. Yr bgp100p01
305 13th Month Pay Prev. Yr bgp10101
306 Amount Of 13th Month Pay Prev. Yr bgp10102
307 14th Month Pay Prev. Yr bgp10103
309 Christmas Bonus Prev. Yr bgp10105
311 Vacation Bonus Prev. Yr bgp10107
312 Amount Of Vacation Bonus Prev. Yr bgp10108
313 Profit-Sharing Bonus Prev. Yr bgp10109
315 Other Bonuses Prev. Yr bgp10111
316 Amount Of Other Bonuses Prev. Yr bgp10112
317 No Bonuses,Perks Prev. Yr bgp10113
318 Bonus to cover travel expenses (public transport) bgp10201
319 Amt. of bonus to cover travel expenses (public transport EUR) bgp10202
320 Amt. Pension payments (EUR) bgp10301
321 Amt. Widow's Pension (compulsory EUR) bgp10302
322 Amt. Civil Servant Pension-Self (EUR) bgp10303
326 Amt. Company Pension-Self (EUR) bgp10307
327 Amt. Company Pension-Dependent (EUR) bgp10308
328 Riesterrente brutto/monat 2015 bgp10309
329 Riesterrente witwen-/waisenrente brutto/monat 2015 bgp10310
330 Amt. Private Pension-Self bgp10311
331 Amt. Private Pension-Dependent bgp10312
332 Amt. Worker Accident Pension-Self (EUR) bgp10313
333 Amt. Worker Accident Pension-Dependent (EUR) bgp10314
334 Amt. War Victim Pension-Self (EUR) bgp10315
335 Amt. War Victim Pension-Dependent (EUR) bgp10316
337 Amt. Other Pension-Dependent (EUR) bgp10318
338 Old-Age,Invalid Pension, Total Item Nonresponse bgp10321
339 Widow-Er,Orphan Benefit, Total Item Nonresponse bgp10322
340 Employed Full-Time Jan-Dec Prev. Yr bgp10401
341 Employed Part-Time Jan-Dec Prev. Yr bgp10402
343 Education, Training Jan-Dec Prev. Yr bgp10404
348 In School,College Jan-Dec Prev. Yr bgp10409
349 Military,Community Service, Voluntary Social bgp10410
350 Military,Comm Srvce Jan-Dec Prv. Yr bgp10411
352 Other Jan-Dec Prev. Yr bgp10413
353 Current Health bgp105
354 State Of Health Affects Ascending Stairs bgp106
355 State Of Health Affects Tiring Tasks bgp107
356 Pressed For Time Last 4 Weeks bgp10801
357 Run-down, Melancholy Last 4 Weeks bgp10802
358 Well-balanced Last 4 Weeks bgp10803
359 Used Energy Last 4 Weeks bgp10804
360 Strong Physical Pain Last 4 Weeks bgp10805
361 Accomplished Less Due To Physical Problems bgp10806
362 Limitations Due To Physical Problems bgp10807
363 Accomplished Less Due To Emotional Problems bgp10808
364 Less Careful Due To Emotional Problems bgp10809
365 Limited Socially Due To Health bgp10810
366 Severely Disabled bgp109
368 Currently Smoke bgp112
369 Number Of Cigarettes Per Day bgp11301
370 Number Of Pipes per Day bgp11302
371 Number Of Cigars Per Day bgp11303
373 e-zigarette bgp114
374 Wie oft Alkohol bgp115
375 Wie viel Alkohol bgp116
376 Wie oft Fleisch bgp11701
377 Wie oft Fisch bgp11702
378 Wie oft Gefluegel bgp11703
379 Vegetarische oder vegane Ernaehrung bgp118
380 Height In cm bgp119
381 Weight in kg bgp120
382 chronically ill for one year bgp121
383 Number Of Visits To Doctor (last three months) bgp12201
384 No Visits To Doctor (last three months) bgp12202
385 hospital stay one or more nights Prev Yr bgp123
386 number of nights in hospital Prev Yr bgp12401
387 Hospital Stay Total bgp12402
388 Out Sick More Than Six Wks., Prev Yr bgp125
389 Keinen Tag gefehlt wegen Krankheit, Vorjahr bgp12601
390 Anzahl Krankheitstage, Vorjahr bgp12602
391 no days off work child sick bgp12701
393 Care For Relative bgp12703
394 Care For Relative, Days bgp12704
395 days off work due to other reasons bgp12705
396 number of days off work due to other reasons bgp12706
397 no days absent because of personal reasons bgp12707
398 Private pflegezusatzversicherung bgp128
399 Beitrag fuer private Pflegezusatzversicherung pro Monat bgp12901
400 Beitrag fuer private Pflegezusatzversicherung: Weiss nicht bgp12902
401 Changed Health Insurance Provider In Prev Yr bgp130
402 Type Of Health Insurance bgp131
403 Health Insurance Provider bgp13201
404 Insurance Status bgp133
405 iGel - individuelle Gesundheitsleistungen, Vorjahr bgp134
406 Besitz einer privaten Zusatzkrankenversicherung bgp135
407 Amt. Addtnl. Private Insurance per month bgp13601
408 nonresponse Amt. Addtnl. Private Insurance per month bgp13602
409 Hospital Stay Covered by private insurance bgp13701
410 Dentures Covered by private insurance bgp13702
411 Corrective Devices Covered by private insurance bgp13703
412 Coverage Abroad by private insurance bgp13704
413 other covered by private insurance bgp13705
414 do not know, covered by private insurance bgp13706
415 Private Health Insurance Status bgp138
416 Amt. Monthly Private Health Insurance bgp13901
417 Montatsbeitrag private Krankenversicherung: Weiss nicht bgp13902
418 Only Myself Covered bgp14001
419 Number Of Additional Persons Covered bgp14002
420 Health Insurance Deductible, Co-Payment bgp141
421 Amt. Of Co-Payment bgp14201
423 Political Interests bgp143
424 Supports Political Party bgp144
425 Political Party Supported bgp14501
426 Amount of Support for Political Party bgp146
427 Political Goals: Maintaining Peace And Order bgp14701
428 Political Goals: Allowing More Influence Of Citizens bgp14702
429 Political Goals: Fighting Rising Prices bgp14703
430 Political Goals: Protecting Right Of Freedom Of Expression bgp14704
431 Worried About Economic Development bgp14801
432 Worried About Finances bgp14802
433 Worried About Own Retirement Pension bgp14803
434 Worried About Own Health bgp14804
435 Worried About Environment bgp14805
436 worried about consequences from climate change bgp14806
437 Worried About Peace bgp14807
438 worried about crime in germany bgp14808
439 Worried About Cohesion in Society bgp14809
440 Worried About Immigration To Germany bgp14810
441 Worried About Hostility To Foreigners bgp14811
442 Worried About Job Security bgp14812
444 Einfluss von Fluechtlingen auf die Wirtschaft bgp14901
445 Einfluss von Fluechtlingen auf das kulturelle Leben bgp14902
446 Einfluss von Fluechtlingen auf Deutschland als Lebensort bgp14903
447 Zustrom von Fluechtlingen kurzfristig mehr Risiko oder Chance bgp14904
448 Zustrom von Fluechtlingen langfristig mehr Risiko oder Chance bgp14905
449 Unterstuetzung Fluechtlinge letztes Jahr: Spenden bgp15001
450 Unterstuetzung Fluechtlinge zukuenftig: Spenden bgp15002
451 Unterstuetzung Fluechtlinge letztes Jahr: Arbeit vor Ort mit Fluechtlingen bgp15003
452 Unterstuetzung Fluechtlinge zukuenftig: Arbeit vor Ort mit Fluechtlingen bgp15004
453 Unterstuetzung Fluechtlinge letztes Jahr: Teilnahme Demonstration bgp15005
454 Unterstuetzung Fluechtlinge zukuenftig: Teilnahme Demonstration bgp15006
455 First Important Person Is Confidante bgp151a01
456 Second Confident Person Is Confidante bgp151a02
457 Third Confident Person Is Confidante bgp151a03
458 Fourth Important Person Is Confidante bgp151a04
459 Fifth Important Person Is Confidante bgp151a05
460 No confidante bgp151a06
461 Who Supports Career? First Person bgp151b01
462 Who Supports Career? Second Person bgp151b02
463 Who Supports Career? Third Person bgp151b03
464 Who Supports Career? Fourth Person bgp151b04
465 Who Supports Career? Fifth Person bgp151b05
466 No One Supports Career, Education bgp151b06
467 First Important Person: Asking for help when in need of care bgp151c01
468 Second Important Person: Asking for help when in need of care bgp151c02
469 Third Important Person: Asking for help when in need of care bgp151c03
470 Fourth Important Person: Asking for help when in need of care bgp151c04
471 Fifth Important Person: Asking for help when in need of care bgp151c05
472 No one: Asking for help when in need of care bgp151c06
478 Burdensome Conflict with No one bgp151d06
479 First Important Person: Can tell even unpleasant truths bgp151e01
480 Second Important Person: Can tell even unpleasant truths bgp151e02
481 Third Important Person: Can tell even unpleasant truths bgp151e03
482 Fourth Important Person: Can tell even unpleasant truths bgp151e04
483 Fifth Important Person: Can tell even unpleasant truths bgp151e05
484 No one: Can tell even unpleasant truths bgp151e06
486 Related To Second Person Befriended bgp152a02
487 Related To Third Person Befriended bgp152a03
488 Sex Of First Person Befriended bgp152b01
489 Sex Of Second Person Befriended bgp152b02
490 Sex Of Third Person Befriended bgp152b03
492 Age Of Second Person Befriended bgp152c02
493 Age Of Third Person Befriended bgp152c03
494 Nationality Of First Person Befriended bgp152d01
495 Nationality Of Second Person Befriended bgp152d02
496 Nationality Of Third Person Befriended bgp152d03
497 Friend Number 1: From The Same Country bgp152d101
498 Friend Number 2: From The Same Country bgp152d102
499 Friend Number 3: From The Same Country bgp152d103
500 Employment Status Of First Person Befriended bgp152e01
501 Employment Status Of Second Person Befriended bgp152e02
502 Employment Status Of Third Person Befriended bgp152e03
503 Friend Number 1: Highest Degree Received bgp152f01
504 Friend Number 2: Highest Degree Received bgp152f02
505 Friend Number 3: Highest Degree Received bgp152f03
509 Current Spouse In Other HH Present bgp15301
510 Where Does Current Spouse Of Other HH Live bgp15301b
511 Previous Spouse Present bgp15302
513 Where Does Previous Spouse Live bgp15302b
514 Mother Present bgp15303
515 Where Does Mother Live bgp15303b
516 Father Present bgp15304
517 Where Does Father Live bgp15304b
518 Step Mother/ Foster Mother Present bgp15305
519 Where Does Step Mother/ Foster Mother Live bgp15305b
520 Step Father/ Foster Father Present bgp15306
521 Where Does Step Father/ Foster Father Live bgp15306b
522 Daughter-s Present bgp15307
524 Where Do Daughter-s Live bgp15307b
525 Son-s Present bgp15308
526 Number Of Sons bgp15308a
527 Where Do Son-s Live bgp15308b
528 Sister Present bgp15309
530 Where Do Sister-s Live bgp15309b
531 Brother-s Present bgp15310
532 Number Of Brothers bgp15310a
533 Where Do Brother-s Live bgp15310b
534 Grandmother Present bgp15311
535 Number Of Grandmothers bgp15311a
536 Where Do Grandmother-s Live bgp15311b
537 Grandfather Present bgp15312
539 Where Do Grandfather-s Live bgp15312b
540 Grandchild-Ren Present bgp15313
542 Where Do Grandchild-Ren Live bgp15313b
543 Aunt Present bgp15314
544 Number Of Aunts bgp15314a
545 Where Do Aunt-s Live bgp15314b
547 Number of Uncles bgp15315a
548 Where Do Uncle-s Live bgp15315b
549 Other Relative-s Present bgp15316
551 Where Do Other Relative-s Live bgp15316b
553 Marital Status bgp15401
554 Currently Have Steady Partner bgp15402
555 Partner Lives In Household bgp155
556 Sexual Orientation bgp157
557 German Nationality bgp158
558 2. Nationality bgp15901
560 German Nationality Since When bgp160
561 Both Parents Born In Germany bgp161
563 Beantragung dt. Staatsangerhoerigkeit in den naechsten 2 Jahren bgp163
564 No. Visits to Country of Origin Last 2 Years bgp164
565 Duration Visit Country of Origin bgp165
566 Language Media Usage bgp166
567 Connected With Country Of Origin bgp167
568 Feel German bgp168
569 Payments To Parents,-Inlaw bgp16901
571 Parents Live In Germany bgp16903
572 Parents Live In Foreign Country bgp16904
573 Payments To Children bgp16905
575 Children Live In Germany bgp16907
576 Children Live In Foreign Country bgp16908
577 An (geschiedenen) Ehepartner Zahlung bgp16909
579 (Geschiedener) Ehepartner lebt in Deutschland bgp16911
580 (Gechiedener) Ehepartner lebt im Ausland bgp16912
581 Payments To Other Relatives bgp16913
583 Relatives Live In Germany bgp16915
584 Relatives Live In Foreign Country bgp16916
585 Payments To Others bgp16917
587 Unrelated Persons Live In Germany bgp16919
589 No Payments Previous Yr bgp16921
590 Got Together with a New Partner bgp17001
591 Got Together With A New Partner: Month In Present Year bgp17002
592 Got Together With A New Partner: Month In Last Year bgp17003
593 Moved In Together bgp17004
594 Month Moved In Together Previous Year bgp17005
595 Month Moved In Together Previous Year bgp17006
596 Marriage bgp17007
597 Month Married Survey Year bgp17008
598 Month Married Previous Year bgp17009
599 Child Born bgp17010
600 Month Child Born Survey Year bgp17011
601 Month Child Born Previous Year bgp17012
602 Child Moved In bgp17013
603 Month Child Moved In Survey Year bgp17014
604 Month Child Moved In Previous Year bgp17015
605 Child Moved Out bgp17016
606 Month Child Moved Out Survey Year bgp17017
607 Month Child Moved Out Previous Year bgp17018
608 Separated From Partner bgp17019
609 Month Separated Survey Year bgp17020
610 Month Separated Previous Year bgp17021
611 Divorced bgp17022
612 Month Divorced Survey Year bgp17023
613 Month Divorced Previous Year bgp17024
614 Partner Died bgp17025
615 Month Partner Died Survey Year bgp17026
616 Month Partner Died Previous Year bgp17027
617 Father Died bgp17028
618 Father Died Survey Year bgp17029
619 Father Died Previous Year bgp17030
620 Mother Died bgp17031
621 Mother Died Survey Year bgp17032
622 Mother Died Previous Year bgp17033
623 Child Died bgp17034
624 Month Child Died Survey Year bgp17035
625 Month Child Died Previous Year bgp17036
626 person living in hh died bgp17037
627 month person living in hh died Survey Year bgp17038
628 Month Person Living In Hh Died Prev. Year bgp17039
629 Other HH Comp Change bgp17040
630 other change in hh composition month, Survey year bgp17041
631 Month Other HH Comp Change Previous Yr bgp17042
632 No Change In HH Composition bgp17044
633 Zufriedenheit Lebensverhaeltnisse (letzte 10 Jahre) bgp171
634 Zufriedenheit Einkommen (letzte 10 Jahre) bgp172
635 Zufriedenheit Gesundheit (letzte 10 Jahre) bgp173
636 Zufriedenheit Wohlstandsentwicklung (letzte 10 Jahre) bgp174
637 Satisfaction With Life at Present bgp175
638 Paid for Training: I did bgpm_m_2402
639 Paid for Training: Employer bgpm_m_2403
640 Paid for Training: Employment Office bgpm_m_2404
641 Paid for Training: Pension Insurance bgpm_m_2405
642 Paid for Training: Empl. Insurance Assoc. bgpm_m_2406
644 Paid for Training: No Costs bgpm_m_2408
645 Year became German Citizen bgpm_p_45
646 Previous Nationality bgpm_p_46
647 EU Citizen bgpm_p_48
648 Permanent Residency bgpm_p_49
649 Stay in Germany bgpm_p_51
651 How Many Years bgpm_p_5202
652 Do Not Know bgpm_p_5203
653 Victim Of Discrimination/Persecution bgpm_p_53
654 Dispossessed Due To War bgpm_p_54
655 Both Parents German Native Language bgpm_p_60
656 Speaking German bgpm_p_6101
657 Writing German bgpm_p_6102
658 Reading German bgpm_p_6103
659 Parents Speaking German bgpm_p_6104
660 Parents Writing German bgpm_p_6105
661 Parents Reading German bgpm_p_6106
662 Language Used With Family Members bgpm_p_6201
663 Language Used With Friends bgpm_p_6202
664 Language Used at Workplace bgpm_p_6203
665 Studium oder Ausbildung ausserhalb von Deutschland bgpm_m_176
666 camces bgpm_m_177
667 Compliance Linking of Social Insurance Data bgpm_m_179
668 Zufriedenheit mit beruf. Situation bgpm18001
669 I Return Favors bgpm185a01
670 I Take Revenge If I Suffer Serious Wrong bgpm185a02
671 Payback: Put someone in Difficult Position bgpm185a03
672 Go Out Of My Way To Help Somebody bgpm185a04
673 when Offended, Offend Back bgpm185a05
674 Undergo Costs to Help Somebody Who Helped Before bgpm185a06
675 Taxi: Give Tips When Good Service bgpm185a07
676 Shop: Do Not Buy Anything If Unfriendly Salesperson bgpm185a08
677 Help Others Even When No Return bgpm185a09
678 Willing To Take Care of Damages caused By Others bgpm185a10
679 When Feelings Hurt, Get Over it Fast bgpm185a11
680 When Somebody Wronged Me, I Think of it a While bgpm185a12
681 Bear Grudges bgpm185a13
682 Forgive and Forget bgpm185a14
683 Positive Attitude Toward Myself bgpm185a15
684 Vertrauen gegenueber Menschen bgpm185b01
685 Can Not Depend On Others bgpm185b02
686 Cautious Trusting Strangers bgpm185b03
687 Trust Germans More Than Foreigners bgpm185b04
688 Federal Employment Office bgpm20701
689 Federal Employment Office (Expectation) bgpm20702
690 Jobcenter/ARGE/Social Welfare Office bgpm20703
691 Jobcenter/ARGE/Social Welfare Office (Expectation) bgpm20704
692 Personal Service Agency bgpm20705
693 Personal Service Agency (Expectation) bgpm20706
698 Ad in Paper bgpm20711
699 Ad in Paper (Expectation) bgpm20712
700 Ad Internet bgpm20713
701 Ad Internet (Expectation) bgpm20714
702 Advertisement Internet/Network bgpm20715
703 Advertisement Internet/Network (Expectation) bgpm20716
704 Friends, Acquintances, Neighbours bgpm20717
705 Friends, Relatives (Expectation) bgpm20718
707 Family Members (Expectation) bgpm20720
708 Former Colleagues bgpm20721
709 Former Colleagues (Expectation) bgpm20722
710 Former Employer bgpm20723
711 Former Employer (Expectation) bgpm20724
712 Other /Does Not Apply bgpm20725
713 Other /Does Not Apply (Expectation) bgpm20726
715 Expectation Item Non Respond bgpm20728
716 Effort to Help Co-Workers Who Helped Me bgpm22601
717 Treat Co-Workers In A Insulting Way, When They Insult Me bgpm22602
718 Happy To Help co-Workers Even When No Return bgpm22603
719 Take Revenge When Injustice bgpm22604
720 Willing To Take Care Of Damages Caused By Co-Workers bgpm22605
721 Belong To Church Or Religious Community bgpm26901
722 Christian Community bgpm270
723 Islamic Community bgpm271
725 Condition for Return to Country of Origin: End of War bgpr7101
726 Condition for Return to Country of Origin: Change of Government bgpr7102
727 Bedingungen fuer Rueckkehr ins Herkunftsland: Freie Wahlen bgpr7103
728 Condition for Return to Country of Origin: Better Economic Situation bgpr7104
729 Condition for Return to Country of Origin: Other Reasons bgpr7105
730 Integration Course BAMF bgpr94
732 Integration Course BAMF: Month Started Course bgpr9502
733 Integration Course BAMF: Year Ended Course bgpr9601
734 Integration Course BAMF: Month Ended Course bgpr9602
735 Integration Course BAMF: Still Continues bgpr9603
736 Integration Course BAMF: Closing German Test bgpr97
737 Integration Course BAMF: Certified Level bgpr98
738 Integration Course BAMF: Helpful bgpr99
739 ESF-BAMF-Kurs bgpr100
740 ESF-BAMF Course: Month Started bgpr10101
741 ESF-BAMF Course: Month Started bgpr10102
742 ESF-BAMF Course: Year Ended bgpr10201
743 ESF-BAMF Course: Month Ended bgpr10202
744 ESF-BAMF Course: Still Continues bgpr10203
745 ESF-BAMF Course: Closing German Test bgpr103
746 ESF-BAMF Course: Certified Level bgpr104
747 ESF-BAMF Course: Helpful bgpr105
748 Einstiegskurs zur Deutsch-Sprachfoerderung bgpr106
749 Jahr Kursbeginn, Einstiegskurs zur Deutsch-Sprachfoerderung bgpr10701
750 Monat Kursbeginn, Einstiegskurs zur Deutsch-Sprachfoerderung bgpr10702
751 Jahr Kursende, Einstiegskurs zur Deutsch-Sprachfoerderung bgpr10801
752 Monat Kursende, Einstiegskurs zur Deutsch-Sprachfoerderung bgpr10802
753 Einstiegskurs zur Deutsch-Sprachfoerderung laeuft noch bgpr10803
754 Einstiegskurs zur Deutsch-Sprachfoerderung: Deutschtest zum Abschluss bgpr109
755 Einstiegskurs zur Deutsch-Sprachfoerderung: Bescheinigtes Niveau bgpr110
756 Einstiegskurs zur Deutsch-Sprachfoerderung: Hilfreich bgpr111
757 Participation: Perspectives for refugees bgpr112
759 Start month: Perspectives for refugees bgpr11302
761 End month: Perspectives for refugees bgpr11402
763 German assessment: Perspectives for refugees bgpr115
764 Perspektiven fuer Fluechtlinge: Bescheinigtes Niveau bgpr116
765 Was helpful: Perspectives for refugees bgpr117
766 Participation: Perspectives for young refugees bgpr118
768 Start month: Perspectives for young refugees bgpr11902
771 Still running: Perspectives for young refugees bgpr12003
772 German assessment: Perspectives for young refugees bgpr121
773 Perspektiven fuer jugendliche Fluechtlinge: Bescheinigtes Niveau bgpr122
774 Was helpful: Perspectives for young refugees bgpr123
775 Teilnahme anderer Deutschsprachkurs bgpr124
777 Other German Language Course: Month Started bgpr12502
778 Jahr Kursende, Anderer Deutschsprachkurs bgpr12601
779 Other German Language Course: Month Ended bgpr12602
780 Other German Language Course: Still Continues bgpr12603
781 Other German Language Course: Closing German Test bgpr127
782 Other German Language Course: Certified Level bgpr128
783 Other German Language Course: Helpful bgpr129
785 Knowledge of German Improved - Language Course on CD, Internet etc bgpr13002
786 Knowledge of German Improved - Internet, TV, Books in german bgpr13003
787 Knowledge of German Improved - Other bgpr13004
788 Knowledge of German Improved - None of Those bgpr13005
789 Help: Legal Advice Questions Regarding Asylum bgpr131
790 Help: Learning the German language bgpr132
791 Help: Job Search bgpr133
792 Help: School, University, Vocational Training bgpr134
794 Help: Search for Appartment bgpr136
795 Help: medical Care bgpr137
796 Help: Financial Situation, Access to State Services bgpr138
797 [de] Hilfe: Kinderbetreuung, Schule oder Ausbildungsplatz bgpr139
798 Beratung: Fluechtlings- u. Asylberatung bgpr140
799 Advice Service: Migration Advice Service for Adult Immigrants (MBE) bgpr141
800 Beratung: Jugendmigrationsdienst (JMD) bgpr142
801 Beratung: Arbeitsmarktberatung bei der Agentur fuer Arbeit bgpr143
802 Beratung: Berufsberatung bei der Agentur fuer Arbeit bgpr144
803 Job Seach via employment agency, social welfare office etc. bgpr16501
805 Job Search via Job advertisement in Newspaper bgpr16503
806 Job search via Job advertisement in the Internet, Social Network bgpr16504
808 Job Search, none of these bgpr16506
809 Parents-in-law live in country of origin bgpr44802
810 Parents-in-law live in another country bgpr44803
812 Children living in another country bgpr45003
813 Spouse/divorced partner live in country of origin bgpr45202
814 Spouse/divorced partner live in another country bgpr45203
815 Relatives live in country of origin bgpr45402
816 Relatives live in another country bgpr45403
817 Non-Relatives live in country of origin bgpr45602
818 Non-Relatives live in another country bgpr45603
819 Woher von derzeitiger Stelle erfahren bgpr170
820 Benefits for Asylum Seekers Act Benefits (AsylbLG) bgpr189a01
822 Gross Amt.Of Unemployment Relief, Mo bgpr189b02
823 Unemployment Benefit bgp99h01
824 Unemployment Benefit II, Social Subsidy bgp99q01
825 Student Grant bgp99l01
827 Pick Up- and Delivery Service Child Care Hours Weekday bgpr199
828 Visti to The Authorities bgpr202
829 Besorgungen und Einkaufen bgpr203
830 Spend Time with Persons of Country of Origin bgpr210
831 Spend Time with Germans bgpr211
832 Spend Time with Persons of other Countries bgpr212
834 Number of new acquaintances from country of origin - Nobody bgpr21302
836 Number of new acquaintances from Germany - Nobody bgpr21402
837 Number of new Acquaintances from other countries bgpr21501
838 Number of new Acquaintances from other countries - Nobody bgpr21502
839 Limitations Because Of Health bgpr316
840 Hearing impairment bgpr31701
841 Speech impairment bgpr31702
842 Learning impairment bgpr31703
843 Motor disability bgpr31704
844 allergies bgpr31705
845 Andere Beeintraechtigung bgpr31706
846 Health Problem More Than 6 Months bgpr318
847 Impairment Type of Employment bgpr319
849 Company of Others is missing bgpr321
850 Feeling Left Out bgpr322
851 Feeling Socially Isolated bgpr323
852 Feeling, Missing People from Country of Origin bgpr324
853 Feeling, being welcome - upon arrival bgpr326
854 Feeling, being welcome - today bgpr327
855 Life Course Depends on Oneself bgpr328
856 Compared to Other People, I Have not Achieved What I Deserve bgpr329
857 Erreichung der Ziele von Glueck und Schicksal abhaengig bgpr330
858 Soziale Verhaeltnisse mit Engagement beeinflussbar bgpr331
859 Verlust der Selbstbestimmung bgpr332
860 Hard Work is Fundamental to Achieve Success bgpr333
861 Doubt Own Abilities When difficulties Arise bgpr334
862 Opportunities are Determines by Social Consitions bgpr335
863 Inborn Abilities More Important Than Effort bgpr336
864 I Have Little Control Over My Life bgpr337
865 Handling difficult situations bgpr345
866 Own reaction under control bgpr346
867 advancement through difficult situations bgpr347
868 actively making up for losses bgpr348
869 Sorgen Ergebnis des Asylverfahrens bgpr357
870 Worries: not being able to stay in germany bgpr358
871 Worries: not being able to return to Country of Origin bgpr359
873 Wahrscheinlichkeit eines Arbeitsplatzes in Deutschland bgpr361
874 Wahrscheinlichkeit, selbstaendig erwerbstaetig zu sein in Deutschland bgpr362
875 Wahrscheinlichkeit eines Schulbesuchs in Deutschland bgpr363
876 Wahrscheinlichkeit einer Ausbildung oder Weiterbildung in Deutschland bgpr364
877 Wahrscheinlichkeit eines Studiums in Deutschland bgpr365
878 Country of origin: political freedom in country of origin bgpr370
879 Country of origin: freedom of press and expression bgpr372
880 Country of origin: freedom of speech / rights to assembly / independent judiciar bgpr371
881 Country of origin: Freedom of religious practice or faith bgpr373
882 Country of origin: Equality of ethnic minorities bgpr374
883 Country of origin: Equality of Men and Women bgpr375
884 Form of Government: Strong Leader bgpr376
885 Form of Government: Experts bgpr377
886 Form of Government: Democratic System bgpr378
887 democracy: government taxes the rich, supports the poor bgpr379
888 democracy: religious leader determines interpretation of laws bgpr380
889 democracy: The people elect their government in free elections. bgpr381
890 democracy: protect civil rights from state opression bgpr382
891 democracy: minorities are protected bgpr383
892 democracy: women have the same rights as men bgpr384
893 position of women: working as women bgpr385
894 position of women: working as married women bgpr386
895 position of women: when woman earns more than partner, problems bgpr387
896 position of women: education of son more important than of daughter bgpr388
897 position of women: husband should have the final say bgpr389
898 Marital Status bgpr390
899 Spouse - residence bgpr391
900 Spouse - Plan to bring him/her bgpr392
901 Partner bgpr393
902 Partner - residence bgpr394
903 Partner – plans to come here bgpr395
904 Haeufigkeit des Kontakts mit Familie/Freunden im Herkunftsland bgpr444
905 Art des Kontakts: Email bgpr44501
906 Art des Kontakts: Soziale Netzwerke bgpr44502
907 Art des Kontakts: WhatsApp, Skype etc. bgpr44503
910 Art des Kontakts: Andere Kontaktmoeglichkeiten bgpr44506
912 Month BUeMA/ Proof of Arrival bgpr3902
913 Did Not Go through Asylum Process bgpr3903
915 Application for Asylum, Month bgpr4002
916 1st Application for Asylum bgpr41
918 1st Application for Asylum, Month bgpr4202
919 Anhoerung schon stattgefunden bgpr43
921 Hearing, Month bgpr4402
922 Entscheidung ber Asylantrag bgpr45
924 Monat Entscheidung ber Asylantrag bgpr4602
925 Application for Asylum, Outcome bgpr47
926 Appeal against Decision Regarding Application for Asylum bgpr48
927 Status der Klage gegen Entscheidung ber Asylantrag bgpr49
928 Current residence title bgpr50
929 Satisfaction with Living Situation - General bgpr58
930 Zufriedenheit mit Wohnsituation - Qualitaet des Essens bgpr59
931 Zufriedenheit mit Wohnsituation - Geraeuschpegel bgpr60
933 Zufriedenheit mit Wohnsituation - Freizeitangebote bgpr62
934 Zufriedenheit mit Wohnsituation - oeffentlicher Nahverkehr bgpr63
935 Zufriedenheit mit Wohnsituation - Sicherheit in der Nachbarschaft bgpr64
936 Zufriedenheit mit Wohnsituation - Sicherheit in der Unterkunft bgpr65
937 Zufriedenheit mit Wohnsituation - Moeglichkeit, Deutsch zu lernen bgpr66
938 Mother Tongue bgpr7201
939 Speaking Mother Tongue bgpr73
940 Writing Mother Tongue bgpr74
941 Speaking Mother Tongue bgpr75
942 Official National Language bgpr7701
943 Speaking National Language bgpr78
944 Writing National Language bgpr79
945 Reading National Language bgpr80
946 Speaking English bgpr81
947 Writing English bgpr82
948 Reading English bgpr83
949 French: Speaking bgpr84
950 French: Writing bgpr85
951 French: Reading bgpr86
952 English Translation Aid bgpm_m_pbuh1
953 Turkish Translation Aid bgpm_m_pbuh2
954 Russian Translation Aid bgpm_m_pbuh3
955 Rumanian Translation Aid bgpm_m_pbuh4
956 Polish Translation Aid bgpm_m_pbuh5
957 German Speaking Person in HH bgpm_m_pbuh6
958 Professional Interpreter bgpm_m_pbuh7
959 German Speaking Person Outside HH bgpm_m_pbuh8
960 No Translation Device Used bgpm_m_pbuh9
961 Contracted Weekly Working Time bg_zaz08
962 Actual Weekly Working Hours bg_zaz10
963 Gross Earning Prev. Months, Non-response bg_zbrut
964 Net Earnings, Non-Response bg_znett
965 App - Interesse an Nutzung bg_ap2
966 App - Download und Installation bg_ap3
967 App - Einverstanden mit Geolokalisation bg_ap41
968 App - Email-Adresse eingetragen bg_ap42
969 App - Nichts davon bg_ap43
970 Record Linkage reclink
971 Anchor Person bgpm_m_panker
972 Folgebefragungen pwdh
973 Interviewer questions - german language bg_int1
974 Interviewer questions - translated texts: frequency bg_int2
975 Interviewer questions - translated texts: helpful bg_int3
976 Interviewer questions - audio file: frequency bg_int4
977 Interviewer questions - audio file: helpful bg_int5
978 Interviewer questions - translation through other person or interpreter bg_int6
979 Interviewer questions - age interpreter bg_int8
980 Interviewer questions - gender interpreter bg_int9
981 Interviewer questions - age other person bg_int11
982 Interviewer questions - gender other person bg_int12
983 Interviewer questions - partner present bg_int131
984 Interviewer questions - other person present bg_int132
985 Interviewer questions - No one else present bg_int133
986 Interviewer questions - influence bg_int14
987 Interviewer questions - assessment closeness to reality of interview bg_int15
988 Language Version pspvers
990 Length In Minutes Oral Interview bgpdauer1
991 Length In Minutes Written Interview bgpdauer2
992 Day Of Interview bgptagin
993 Month Of Interview bgpmonin
994 End of Interview (Hour) bgpdatst
996 Survey Instrument bgpinta
997 highest person number in hh bghpmax
998 further persons present bgpanw
999 Device zgeraet
1000 Interviewer ID intid
1001 letzter Beruf im Herkunftsland [l1braa] (ISCO-88 COM, 4-Steller) bgpr_l_14601_isco88
1002 letzter Beruf im Herkunftsland [l1braa] (ISCO-08, 4-Steller) bgpr_l_14601_isco08
1003 letzter Beruf im Herkunftsland [l1braa] (KldB 92, 4-Steller) bgpr_l_14601_kldb92
1004 letzter Beruf im Herkunftsland [l1braa] (KldB 2010, 5-Steller) bgpr_l_14601_kldb2010
1009 Current occupation (ISCO-88 COM) bgp48_isco88
1010 Current occupation (ISCO-08) bgp48_isco08
1011 Current occupation (KldB 92) bgp48_kldb92
1012 Current occupation (KldB 2010) bgp48_kldb2010
1013 Industry sector of current company (NACE Rev. 1.1, Division) bgp52_nace
1014 Industry sector of current company (NACE Rev. 2, Division) bgp52_nace2
1015 Current Occupational Classification Secondary Employment [pjobx] (ISCO-88 Com) bgp94_isco88
1016 Current Occupational Classification Secondary Employment (ISCO-08) bgp94_isco08
1017 Current Occupational Classification Secondary Employment [pjobx] (KldB92) bgp94_kldb92
1019 Weitere Person anwesend (M12) bgpm_panw
1020 Survey Instruments for Persons instrument

Study: soep-core

Dataset: bgp

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