Data from individual catch-up questionnaire 2016


Sort Variable Name
0 Case-ID, Original Household Number (=hhnr) cid
1 Current Wave HH Number (=HHNRAKT) hid
2 Never Changing Person ID (=persnr) pid
3 Survey Year syear
15 First-Time In-Service Training bgp_01_04
16 Further Training bgp_01_05
17 Registered Unemployed bgp_01_06
18 pension/early retirement bgp_01_07
19 Maternity, Paternity Leave bgp_01_08
20 School/University/Vocational School bgp_01_09
27 Years Employed bgp_04_01
28 Months Employed bgp_04_02
31 Unemployment Benefits, Month bgp_06_02
33 Unemployment Subsidy II, Social Subsidy, Months bgp_06_04
35 Student Grant, Month bgp_06_06
38 Item Non-response Education/Training Finished bgp_07_03
55 Kind kam in HH Monat bgp_11_10
74 No changes bgp_11_30
75 Current Person Number bhpnr0
81 day of interview bhptagin
82 End of Interview (Hour) bhpstin
83 End of Interview (Minutes) bhpminin
56 Child Moved Out bgp_11_11
4 Original Household Number hhnr
5 Current Wave HH Number (=HHNRAKT) bhhhnr
6 Current Wave HH Number (=BHHNRAKT) hhnrakt
7 Never Changing Person ID persnr
8 Lfd. Personennummer Vorjahr bhpnr
9 Year Of Birth bhpbirthy
10 Month Of Birth bhpbirthm
11 Gender sex
12 Employed Full-Time Apr Prev Yr bgp_01_01
13 Employed Part-Time Apr Prev Yr bgp_01_02
14 Mini-Job (Up To 450 EUR) bgp_01_03
21 Voluntary Service bgp_01_10
22 Federal Voluntary Srvc bgp_01_11
23 Housewife,Househusband Apr Prev Yr bgp_01_12
24 Other Apr Prev Yr bgp_01_13
25 Left bgp_02
26 Letzte Stelle ausgeschieden Monat bgp_03
29 How Job Ended bgp_05
30 Unemployment Benefit bgp_06_01
32 Unemployment Benefit II, Social Subsidy bgp_06_03
34 BAfoeG/Stipendium/BAB bgp_06_05
36 Education,Training Completed bgp_07_01
37 Finished Training/Education Month bgp_07_02
39 Finished With Diploma/Certificate bgp_08
40 Completed Education In Germany bgp_09_01
41 Degree Recognized in Germany bgp_09_02
42 Degree, Item Nonresponse bgp_09_03
43 General-Education Degree bgp_10_01
44 College Degree bgp_10_03
45 Vocational Degree bgp_10_07
46 New Relationship bgp_11_01
47 Neuer Partner/-in Monat bgp_11_02
48 Moved In with Parter bgp_11_03
49 Mit Partner/-in zus.gezogen Monat bgp_11_04
50 Married bgp_11_05
51 Geheiratet Monat bgp_11_06
52 Became Father/Mother bgp_11_07
53 Vater/Mutter geworden Monat bgp_11_08
54 Child Moved In bgp_11_09
57 Kind HH verlassen Monat bgp_11_12
58 Separated From Spouse/Partner bgp_11_13
59 Von Ehe-/Lebenspartner getrennt Monat bgp_11_14
60 Divorced bgp_11_15
61 Geschieden Monat bgp_11_16
62 Spouse/Partner Died bgp_11_17
63 Ehe-/Lebenspartner verstorben Monat bgp_11_18
64 Father Died bgp_11_19
65 Vater verstorben Monat bgp_11_20
66 Mother Died bgp_11_21
67 Mutter verstorben Monat bgp_11_22
68 Child Died bgp_11_23
69 Kind verstorben Monat bgp_11_24
70 Other Person Living in HH Died bgp_11_25
71 And. Person im HH verstorben Monat bgp_11_26
72 Other HH Comp Change bgp_11_27
73 Sonst. fam. Veraenderung Monat bgp_11_28
76 Survey Instrument bhpinta
77 Personennr aus Vorjahr bhpnrold
78 Length In Minutes Written Interview bhpdauer2
79 Length In Minutes Oral Interview bhpdauer1
80 month of interview bhpmonin
84 Interviewer ID intid
85 Completed Training Second Last Year [pab7x(Luecke)] (KldB 92, 4-digits) bgp_10_06_kldb92
86 Completed Training Second Last Year [pab7x(Luecke)] (ISCO-08, 4-digits) bgp_10_06_isco08
87 Completed Training Second Last Year [pab7x(Luecke)] (ISCO-88 COM, 4-digits) bgp_10_06_isco88
88 Completed Training Second Last Year [pab7x(Luecke)] (KldB 2010, 5-digits) bgp_10_06_kldb2010

Study: soep-core

Dataset: bgpluecke

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