Household questionnaire


Sort Variable Name
1 Original Household Number hhnr
1 Current Household Number (Household ID) hhnrakt
1 Current Household Number (Household ID) bhhhnr
1 Survey Year syear
1 Subsample Identifier sample1
1 Person Number Surveyed bhpnr
1 Change In Residential Situation bhh_01
1 In Dwelling Since, Month bhh_02_01
1 In Dwelling Since, Year bhh_02_02
1 Terminated By Landlord bhh_03_01
1 Rental Agreement Unclear bhh_03_02
1 Bought Residence bhh_03_03
1 Inheritance, Gift bhh_03_04
1 Moved from Parental Home bhh_03_05
1 occupational reasons bhh_03_06
1 Fam. Reasons: Partner bhh_03_07
1 Fam. Reasons: Marriage bhh_03_08
1 Fam. Reasons: Separation bhh_03_09
1 Fam. Reasons: Other bhh_03_10
1 Previous Dwelling: Too Small bhh_03_11
1 Previous Dwelling: Too Big bhh_03_12
1 Previous Dwelling: Costs bhh_03_13
1 Other Reasons: Furnishing bhh_03_14
1 Other Reasons: Location bhh_03_15
1 Other Reasons: Not Barrier-Free bhh_03_16
1 Other Reasons: Residential Environment bhh_03_17
1 Other Reasons: Life Situation bhh_03_18
1 Other Reasons bhh_03_19
1 Old vs. New Dwelling: Finances bhh_04_01
1 Old vs. New Dwelling: Size bhh_04_02
1 Old vs. New Dwelling: Furnishing bhh_04_03
1 Old vs. New Dwelling: Location bhh_04_04
1 Old vs. New Dwelling: Residential Environment bhh_04_05
1 Old vs. New Dwelling: Traffic Connection bhh_04_06
1 Old vs. New Dwelling: Neighborhood bhh_04_07
1 Old vs. New Dwelling: Rental Agreement bhh_04_08
1 Neighborhood Of Household bhh_05
1 Type Of Residence bhh_06
1 Year of Construction Estimation bhh_07
1 Mention Date of Construction bhh_08_01
1 Date of Construction bhh_08_02
1 Private Household, Institution bhh_09_01
1 Size of dwelling unchanged bhh_10
1 qm living space bhh_11
1 Number Of Rooms bhh_12
1 Change In Size Of Dwelling bhh_13
1 Barrier Free Livin bhh_14_01
1 Floor Heating bhh_14_02
1 balcony / terrace bhh_14_03
1 Garden / Garden Usage bhh_14_04
1 alarm system bhh_14_05
1 air condition bhh_14_06
1 solar collector, solar energy system bhh_14_07
1 Other Alternative Energy Source bhh_14_08
1 Windows Double Glazing bhh_14_09
1 Thermal Insulation bhh_14_10
1 Elevator bhh_14_11
1 cellar, storage areas bhh_14_12
1 Garage/Parking Space bhh_14_13
1 Change In Ownership bhh_15
1 Type Of Change In Ownership bhh_16_01
1 Type Of Change In Ownership 1 bhh_16_02
1 Type Of Change In Ownership 2 bhh_16_03
1 Rent or Property bhh_17
1 Financial Burden Interest and Repayment bhh_18
1 Amount Interest and Repayment/Month bhh_19
1 Costs for Amount, Maintenance and Modernization bhh_20
1 Amount, Maintenance and Modernization 2016 bhh_21
1 Amount Property Tax for Real Estate 2016 bhh_22_01
1 No real estate tax bhh_22_02
1 Amount Heating Cost 2016 bhh_23_01
1 No Cost Of Heating bhh_23_02
1 Electricity costs 2016 bhh_24_01
1 No electricity costs bhh_24_02
1 Amount Shared Costs 2016 bhh_25_01
1 No Shared Costs bhh_25_02
1 Beurteilung Belastung durch Wohnkosten (Tilgung / Zinsen und Nebenkosten) bhh_26
1 Government Subsidized Housing bhh_27
1 Dwelling Rent Reduced By Landlord bhh_28
1 Owner Of Dwelling bhh_29
1 Amount of Rent/Month bhh_30_01
1 Do Not Pay Rent bhh_30_02
1 Heating Costs included in Rent bhh_31
1 Amount Heating Cost/Month bhh_32_01
1 No Cost Of Heating bhh_32_02
1 Electricity Costs included in Rent bhh_37_01
1 Amount Electricity Cost/Month bhh_34_01
1 No electricity costs bhh_34_02
1 Shared Costs included in rent bhh_35
1 Amount Other Shared Costs/Month bhh_36_01
1 No Shared Costs bhh_36_02
1 Beurteilung Belastung durch Wohnkosten (Miete und Nebenkosten) bhh_37_02
1 Income Rent, 2016 bhh_38
1 Amount Income Rent, 2016 bhh_39
1 Costs of Maintenance and Modernization bhh_40
1 Amount Costs of Maintenance and Modernization 2016 bhh_41
1 Principal and Interest Payments bhh_42
1 Amount Principal and Interest Payments 2016 bhh_43
1 tax-deductible bhh_44
1 Loss Compensation 2016 in Germany bhh_45
1 Loan Payoff in Germany bhh_46
1 Amount Loan Payoff in Germany bhh_47
1 Assessment Burden Loan Payoff bhh_48
1 Groessere Geldbetraege/Vermoegenswerte - Erbschaft bhh_49
1 Amount/ Equivalent Inheritance 2016 bhh_50
1 Groessere Geldbetraege/Vermoegenswerte - Geschenk bhh_51
1 Amount/ Equivalent Present 2016 bhh_52
1 Groessere Geldbetraege/Vermoegenswerte - Lotteriegewinn bhh_53
1 Amount/Equivalent Lottery Prize 2016 bhh_54
1 Saving Account 2016 bhh_55_01
1 Building Society Savings 2016 bhh_55_02
1 Life Insurance 2016 bhh_55_03
1 Fixed income securities 2016 bhh_55_04
1 Other Securities 2016 bhh_55_05
1 Operating Assets 2016 bhh_55_06
1 No Securities 2016 Item Non-Response bhh_55_07
1 Loss Compensation 2016 bhh_56_01
1 Loss Compensation 2016 in Germany bhh_56_02
1 Securities, Item-Nonresponse bhh_56_03
1 Income (Securities) 2016 bhh_57_01
1 Income (Securities) 2016, Don't Know bhh_57_02
1 Estimated Income (Securities) 2016 bhh_58
1 Child Benefit 2016 bhh_59_01
1 Child Benefit 2016, Number of Months bhh_59_02
1 Amount Child Benefit 2016/Month bhh_59_03
1 Supplementary Child Benefit 2016 bhh_59_04
1 Supplementary Child Benefit 2016, Number of Months bhh_59_05
1 Amount Supplementary Child Benefit 2016/Month bhh_59_06
1 Educational Package 2016 bhh_59_07
1 Educational Package 2016, Number of Months bhh_59_08
1 Amount Educational Package 2016/Month bhh_59_09
1 ALG II 2016 bhh_59_10
1 ALG II 2016, Number of Months bhh_59_11
1 Amoutn ALG II 2016/Month bhh_59_12
1 Compulsory Long Term Care Insurance bhh_59_13
1 Compulsory Long Term Care Insurance 2016, Number of Months bhh_59_14
1 Amount Compulsory Long Term Care Insurance 2016/Month bhh_59_15
1 Ongoing Assistance 2016 bhh_59_16
1 Ongoing Assistance, Number of Months bhh_59_17
1 Amount Ongoing Assistance 2016/month bhh_59_18
1 Basic Security 2016 bhh_59_19
1 Basic Security 2016, Number of Months bhh_59_20
1 Amount Basic Security 2016/Month bhh_59_21
1 Housing Allowance 2016 bhh_59_22
1 Housing Allowance 2016, Number of Months bhh_59_23
1 Amount Housing Allowance 2016/Month bhh_59_24
1 Child Benefit Today bhh_60_01
1 Amount Child Benefit Today/Month bhh_60_02
1 Number of children child benefit bhh_60_03
1 Child Supplement Today bhh_60_04
1 Amount Child Supplement Today/Month bhh_60_05
1 Educational Package Today bhh_60_06
1 Amount Educational Package Today/Month bhh_60_07
1 ALG II Today bhh_60_08
1 Amount ALG II Today/Month bhh_60_09
1 Compulsory Long Term Care Insurance, Current bhh_60_10
1 Amount Compulsory Long Term Care Insurance Today/Month bhh_60_11
1 Ongoing Assistance today bhh_60_12
1 Amount Ongoing Assistance today/Month bhh_60_13
1 Basic Security Today bhh_60_14
1 Amount Basic Security today/Month bhh_60_15
1 Receiving Housing Benefit Today bhh_60_16
1 Amount Housing Allowance Today/Month bhh_60_17
1 Amount HH Net Income/Month bhh_61_01
1 Income Swing bhh_61_02
1 Saving: Wealth Creation bhh_62_01
1 Amount Saving: Wealth Creation/Month bhh_62_02
1 Saving: Provision bhh_62_03
1 Amount Saving: Provision/Month bhh_62_04
1 Not Saving bhh_62_05
1 Cleaner Domestic Help bhh_63
1 Amount Cleaner Domestic Help/Month bhh_64
1 Household: predominant Language bhh_65
1 Household: Internet bhh_66_01
1 No Internet: Reasons bhh_66_02
1 Household: Car bhh_66_03
1 Kein Auto: Gruende bhh_66_04
1 Reserves for Emergencies bhh_66_05
1 No Reserves for Emergencies: Reasons bhh_66_06
1 Yearly Holiday Trip bhh_66_07
1 No Yearly Holiday Trip: Reasons bhh_66_08
1 Invite Friends for Dinner 1/Month bhh_66_09
1 No Invitation: Reasons bhh_66_10
1 Fresh Fish/Meat/Poultry Every 2 Day bhh_66_11
1 No Meat bhh_66_12
1 Monatlich: Freizeitbeschaeftigung bhh_66_13
1 Keine monatliche Freizeitbeschaeftigung: Gruende bhh_66_14
1 Replace Old Furniture bhh_66_15
1 No New Furniture bhh_66_16
1 Ersetzung alter Kleidung bhh_66_17
1 Keine neue Kleidung: Gruende bhh_66_18
1 Dwelling can be heated bhh_66_19
1 Nicht beheizt: Gruende bhh_66_20
1 Kleiner Betrag fuer sich bhh_66_21
1 Kein Betrag fuer sich: Gruende bhh_66_22
1 Zwei Paar Strassenschuhe bhh_66_23
1 Keine zwei Paar Strassenschuhe: Gruende bhh_66_24
1 Person Requiring Help Present In HH bhh_67
1 Anzahl pflegebeduerftige Personen im HH bhh_68
1 Person in Need PNR bhhpnr
1 Help On Tasks Outside HH bhh_69_03
1 Housework bhh_69_04
1 Help With Simpler Care Tasks bhh_69_05
1 Difficult Care Tasks bhh_69_06
1 Help Item Non-Response bhh_69_07
1 Long-term care insurance benefits bhh_70
1 Level of Care bhh_71
1 Report: Everyday Expertise bhh_72
1 Kin Inside HH bhh_73_01
1 Person Id Care-Taking Person bhh_73_03
1 Welfare Organisations bhh_73_04
1 private care service bhh_73_05
1 Friends, Acquintances, Neighbours bhh_73_06
1 Kin Outside HH bhh_73_07
1 Other Care Assistance bhh_73_08
1 Caretaker Item Non-Response bhh_73_09
1 Payment of Care-Taking Person bhh_74
1 Costs for Care of Persons in HH bhh_75_01
1 Amount Costs/Month for Care of Persons in HH bhh_75_02
1 Costs for Care of Persons outside of HH bhh_76_01
1 Amount Costs/Month for Care of Persons outside of HH bhh_76_02
1 Children in Household born after 2000 bhh_77
1 Interest and Repayment/Month, No Answer bhh_19_q63
1 Maintenance Costs 2016, No Answer bhh_21_q63
1 Income Rent 2016, No Answer bhh_39_q63
1 Operating, Maintenance Costs 2016, No Answer bhh_41_q63
1 Interest and Repayment 2016, No Answer bhh_43_q63
1 Loss Compensation 2016, No Answer bhh_45_q63
1 Child Benefit 2016, No Answer bhh_59_01_q63
1 Child Care Subsidy 2016, No Answer bhh_59_02_q63
1 Nursing Insurance 2016, No Answer bhh_59_03_q63
1 Ongoing Assistance 2016, No Answer bhh_59_04_q63
1 Basic Security 2016, No Answer bhh_59_05_q63
1 Child Care Subsidy Today, No Answer bhh_60_01_q63
1 Nursing Insurance Today, No Answer bhh_60_02_q63
1 Ongoing Assistance Today, No Answer bhh_60_03_q63
1 Basic Security Today, No Answer bhh_60_04_q63
1 Already Lived in Dwelling One Year Ago bhh_01_q64
1 Yes, in Germany bhh_46_01_q65
1 Yes, abroad bhh_46_02_q65
1 Amount Loan Payoff/Month bhh_47_01_q65
1 Amount Loan Payoff Abroad/Month bhh_47_02_q65
1 Saving Account 2016 in Germany bhh_55_01_q65
1 Saving Account etc. 2016 Abroad bhh_55_02_q65
1 Building Loan Contract 2016 in Germany bhh_55_03_q65
1 Building Loan Contract 2016 Abroad bhh_55_04_q65
1 Life Insurance 2016 in Germany bhh_55_05_q65
1 Life Insurance 2016 Abroad bhh_55_06_q65
1 Fixed Interest Securities 2016 in Germany bhh_55_07_q65
1 Fixed Interest Securities 2016 Abroad bhh_55_08_q65
1 Other Securities 2016 in Germany bhh_55_09_q65
1 Other Securities 2016 Abroad bhh_55_10_q65
1 Operating Assets 2016 in Germany bhh_55_11_q65
1 Operating Assets 2016 Abroad bhh_55_12_q65
1 No Securities in Germany 2016 Item Non-Response bhh_55_13_q65
1 No Securities Abroad 2016 Item Non-Response bhh_55_14_q65
1 Loss Compensation 2016 in Germany bhh_56_01_q65
1 Loss Compensation 2016 Abroad bhh_56_02_q65
1 Loss Compensation 2016 in Germany bhh_56_03_q65
1 Loss compensation 2016 Abroad bhh_56_04_q65
1 No Answer Securities in Germany bhhwakad_q65
1 No Answer Securities Abroad bhhwakaa_q65
1 Income (Securities) 2016 in Germany bhh_57_01_q65
1 Income (Securities) 2016 in Germany, Don't Know bhh_57_02_q65
1 Income (Securities) 2016 Abroad bhh_57_03_q65
1 Income (Securities) Abroad 2016, Don't Know bhh_57_04_q65
1 Estimated Income (Securities) 2016 in Germany bhh_58_01_q65
1 Estimated Income (Securities) 2016 Abroad bhh_58_02_q65
1 Kind of housing bhh_02_q66
1 Additional dwellings for refugees in house bhh_03_q66
1 First Private Dwelling bhh_07_q66
1 familial reasons bhh_08_01_q66
1 Apartment size and housing cost bhh_08_02_q66
1 Request by the authority to relocate the domicile bhh_08_03_q66
1 Federal State, First Private Dwelling bhh_10_q66
1 Yes, Move-in Date First Private Dwelling bhh_11_01_q66
1 Move-in Date First Private Dwelling, Month bhh_11_02_q66
1 Reason for Choice of Place bhh_12_q66
1 Number of Relocations Since Last Survey bhh_13_q66
1 Old or new household bhh_15_q66
1 Find dwelling by bhh_16_q66
1 Dwelling - ready-furnished or not bhh_19_q66
1 Central heating bhh_30_q66
1 landline bhh_34_q66
1 Number of Landline Telephone Numbers bhh_35_q66
1 mobile phone bhh_36_q66
1 number of mobile phones bhh_37_01_q66
1 number of smart phones bhh_37_02_q66
1 Internet connection bhh_38_q66
1 Number of internet users in household bhh_39_q66
1 Social Housing with qualification certificate (WBS) bhh_41_q66
1 Mietzahlung durch Haushaltsmitglied oder staatlichen Stelle bhh_44_q66
1 Amount of Rent/Month bhh_45_01_q66
1 Amount Rent/Month - Do Not Know bhh_45_02_q66
1 Living Situation Household bhh_47_q66
1 Art der Gemeinschaftsunterkunft bhh_48_q66
1 Einzug in diese Gemeinschaftsunterkunft - Jahr bhh_49_01_q66
1 Einzug in diese Gemeinschaftsunterkunft - Monat bhh_49_02_q66
1 Closure, renovation, reconstruction of the communal housing bhh_50_01_q66
1 Request by the authority to relocate the domicile bhh_50_02_q66
1 Request by the authorities, other reasons bhh_50_03_q66
1 familial reasons bhh_50_04_q66
1 Quit Job Because Of Other Reasons bhh_50_05_q66
1 Number of Relocations Since Last Survey bhh_51_q66
1 Seperated dwelling unit bhh_52_q66
1 Number of persons in dwelling unit bhh_53_q66
1 Size of dwelling unit bhh_54_q66
1 Wohneinheit - Selbst eingerichtet oder moebliert bhh_55_q66
1 Possession of Simple Mobile Phone bhh_56_01_q66
1 Possession of Smartphone bhh_56_02_q66
1 No Possession of Mobile or Smart Phone bhh_56_03_q66
1 Internet connection (including wifi) bhh_57_q66
1 Rent bhh_58_q66
1 Amount of Rent/Month bhh_59_01_q66
1 Amount Rent/Month - Do Not Know bhh_59_02_q66
1 Sicherheit der Unterkunft bhh_60_q66
1 Sicherheit des Wohngebiets bhh_61_q66
1 Rules and Restrictions with Regards to Place of Living bhh_62_q66
1 Satisfaction with Selection of Place bhh_63_q66
1 Importance Free Choice of Residential Area bhh_64_q66
1 Probability Relocation With Free Choice of Residential Area bhh_65_q66
1 Apartment Search, Currently bhh_66_q66
1 via newspaper advertisements, advertisements on the internet bhh_67_01_q66
1 through a state agency bhh_67_02_q66
1 via aid organisations such as AWO, Caritas, Red Cross bhh_67_03_q66
1 via relatives bhh_67_04_q66
1 Friends, Acquaintances bhh_67_05_q66
1 Other Apr Prev Yr bhh_67_06_q66
1 No Answer Usage Possibilities Apartment Search bhh_67_07_q66
1 Benefits According to The Asylum Seekers Benefits Act, Last Calender Year bhh_69_01_q66
1 Current Benefits According to The Asylum Seekers Benefits Act bhh_69_02_q66
1 No Benefits According to The Asylum Seekers Benefits Act bhh_69_03_q66
1 Number of Months, Benefits According to The Asylum Seekers Benefits Act, Last Ca bhh_70_q66
1 Amount, Benefits According to The Asylum Seekers Benefits Act, Last Calender Yea bhh_71_q66
1 Amount, Current Benefits According to The Asylum Seekers Benefits Act bhh_72_q66
1 No Child Benefit bhh_73_q66
1 No Unemployment Benefit II (HartzIV) bhh_88_q66
1 No Long-term care insurance benefits (Leistungen der Pflegeversicherung) bhh_92_q66
1 No Subsistence Assistance bhh_96_q66
1 No old-age basic income support bhh_100_q66
1 No Housing Allowance bhh_104_q66
1 Einnahmen und Ausgaben bhh_111_q66
1 Amount of Savings last Month bhh_112_q66
1 Amount Deficit last Month bhh_113_q66
1 Fehlbetrag gedeckt - Kredit bhh_114_01_q66
1 Fehlbetrag gedeckt - Geld geliehen bhh_114_02_q66
1 Fehlbetrag gedeckt - Ersparnisse bhh_114_03_q66
1 Fehlbetrag gedeckt - Weiss nicht bhh_114_04_q66
1 ... from my own bank account bhh_115_q66
1 Bank account <U+00E2><U+0080><U+0093> year bhh_116_01_q66
1 Bank account <U+00E2><U+0080><U+0093> month bhh_116_02_q66
1 Bedarfsdeckung ueber Sachleistungen bhh_117_q66
1 Bedarfsdeckung ueber Gutscheine bhh_118_q66
1 Language in HH bhh_135_q66
1 Language in Household: Naming Foreign Language bhh_136_01_q66
1 Leistungen nach dem Asylbewerberleistungsgesetz (AsylbLG) bhh_48_q67
1 Needs not met via payment in kind or vouchers bhh_76_q67
1 highest PNR in HH bhhpmax
1 form of questionning bhhinta
1 Interview Length Oral bhhdauer1
1 interview lenght written bhhdauer2
1 Interview Length Calculated bhhdauer3
1 month of interview bhhmonin
1 day of interview bhhtagin
1 End of Interview (Hour) bhhstin
1 End of Interview (Minutes) bhhminin
1 Interviewer questions - german language bhi1
1 Interviewer questions - translated texts: frequency bhi2
1 Interviewer questions - translated texts: helpful bhi3
1 Interviewer questions - audio file: frequency bhi4
1 Interviewer questions - audio file: helpful bhi5
1 Interviewer questions - translation through other person or interpreter bhi6
1 Interviewer questions - age interpreter bhi8
1 Interviewer questions - gender interpreter bhi9
1 Interviewer questions - age other person bhi11
1 Interviewer questions - gender other person bhi12
1 Interviewer questions - partner present bhi131
1 Interviewer questions - other person present bhi132
1 Interviewer questions - No one else present bhi133
1 Interviewer questions - influence bhi14
1 Interviewer questions - assessment closeness to reality of interview bhi15
1 Language Version bhhspvers
1 No, No Translation Device bhhtransl9
1 Yes, a German speaking person outside the household (relatives or friends) bhhtransl8
1 Yes, a professional interpreter bhhtransl7
1 Yes, a German speaking person is in the household bhhtransl6
1 Yes, a Polish translation bhhtransl5
1 Yes, a Romanian translation bhhtransl4
1 Yes, a Russian translation bhhtransl3
1 Yes, a Turkish translation bhhtransl2
1 Yes, an English translation bhhtransl1
1 Device bhh_zgeraet
1 Anchor Person anker
1 Interviewer ID intid
1 Case-ID, Original Household Number (=hhnr) cid
1 Current Wave HH Number (=HHNRAKT) hid
1 Survey Instrument for Households instrument

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Dataset: bhh

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