Data from youth questionnaire for 16-17-year-olds 2017


Sort Variable Name
0 Case-ID, Original Household Number (=hhnr) cid
1 Current Wave HH Number (=HHNRAKT) hid
2 Never Changing Person ID (=persnr) pid
20 Gross Income Last Month bhj_08_01
21 Net Income Last Month bhj_08_02
24 Age When Starting First Job bhj_11
32 Amount Of Closed Friends bhj_17
85 Age started Music bhj_25
88 Most Important Sport bhj_28_02
93 Current class level bhj_33
94 Year Of Leaving School bhj_34
101 school abroad age begin bhj_40_01
102 school abroad age end bhj_40_02
106 School Paramedic bhj_42_03
121 Grade Points: German bhj_45_04
122 Grade Points: Mathematics bhj_45_05
123 Grade Points: 1. Foreign Language bhj_45_06
132 1st Time, which class level bhj_47_01
163 Intending to Complete Civil Servant Training bhj_57_04
200 Born in Germany bhj_67
210 German Nationality bhj_72
215 German Citizenship Since When bhj_76
216 Code Nationality bhj_77_02
224 1. Sibling, Sex bhj_81_05
233 2. Sibling Up To Age 15 Together bhj_81_14
239 3. Sibling, Years Together bhj_81_20
240 4. Sibling, Year of Birth bhj_81_21
251 5. Sibling, Years Together bhj_81_32
252 6. Sibling, Year of Birth bhj_81_33
257 6. Sibling Years Together bhj_81_38
263 7. Sibling, Years Together bhj_81_44
268 8. Sibling Lived Together up to Age of 15 bhj_81_49
282 Father Died, Year bhj_84_03
283 Mother Died, Year bhj_84_04
284 Year Of Birth - Father bhj_85_01
356 Height In Cm bhj_100
375 Father: Year of Migration to Germany bhj_86_01_q72
376 Mother: Year of Migration to Germany bhj_86_02_q72
380 Mother Current/Former Citizenship (Code) bhj_87_06_q72
393 Compliance Linking of Social Insurance Data bhj_108_q72
405 Language Training: Number of Hours per Week bhj_15_q73
410 Language Skills Besides German: Bengali bhj_16_05_q73
412 Language Skills Besides German: Dari bhj_16_07_q73
413 Language Skills Besides German: English bhj_16_08_q73
425 Language Skills Besides German: Mandinka bhj_16_20_q73
426 Language Skills Besides German: Macedonian bhj_16_21_q73
427 Language Skills Besides German: Pashto bhj_16_22_q73
439 Language Skills Besides German: Urdu bhj_16_34_q73
456 School Enrollment, Month bhj_29_01_q73
457 School Enrollment, Year bhj_29_02_q73
460 School Enrollment, Country Code bhj_30_03_q73
461 Duration of School Attendance 1st School, Years bhj_31_01_q73
466 1st Schooling In Which Country Code bhj_35_03_q73
471 2st School Attended Abroad bhj_35_04_q73
472 2nd Schooling In Which Country Code bhj_35_06_q73
477 3rd School Attended Abroad bhj_35_07_q73
483 4th School Attended Abroad bhj_35_10_q73
492 5th Duration of School Attendance Abroad, Months bhj_36_10_q73
495 6th Schooling In Which Country Code bhj_35_18_q73
501 7th School Attended Abroad bhj_35_19_q73
502 7th Schooling In Which Country Code bhj_35_21_q73
510 8th Duration of School Attendance Abroad, Months bhj_36_16_q73
513 9th School Attended Abroad bhj_35_25_q73
514 9th Schooling In Which Country Code bhj_35_27_q73
519 10th School Attended Abroad bhj_35_28_q73
520 10th Schooling In Which Country Code bhj_35_30_q73
521 10th Duration of School Attendance Abroad, Years bhj_36_19_q73
527 Have not been to school in germany bhj_40_03_q73
529 Duration Refugee Class as well, Months bhj_42_01_q73
538 Grade Level of Child in School Year Previous Year/17 bhj_47_q73
545 Am in vocational training / apprenticeship bhj_49_06_q73
547 I am Employed bhj_49_08_q73
557 German Grade in Last Certificate bhj_57_01_q73
570 Number of Hours Homework bhj_67_q73
585 Apprentice bhj_83_01_q73
595 I did not have a job in my country of origin bhj_93_02_q73
596 Branch of Company in Country of Origin bhj_94_q73
601 Self-Report: Restless bhj_101_q73
607 Self-Report: Worrying bhj_107_q73
613 Self-Report: Being Sad bhj_112_q73
619 Self-Report: Teased bhj_118_q73
630 Present: Desk At Home bhj_148_q73
692 Extracurricular Religion Class bhj_244_q73
705 Number of close Friends Living in Germany bhj_267_q73
707 Number of Friends Coming from Germany bhj_269_01_q73
719 Number of People from Country of Origin, met in Germany bhj_279_01_q73
721 Number of Germans, met in Germany bhj_280_01_q73
755 Further Persons Present bhjanw
760 Interview Length Oral bhjdauer1
763 day of interview bhjtagin
771 Interviewer ID intid
772 Youth Survey Instrument instrument
774 Occupation of Mother [jm07] (KldB 2010, 5-digits) bhj_90_02_kldb2010
775 Occupation of Mother [jm07] (ISCO-88 COM, 4-digits) bhj_90_02_isco88
776 Desired Occupation [jber02] (KldB 2010, 5-digits) bhj_60_kldb2010
777 Desired Occupation [jber02] (ISCO-08 COM, 4-digits) bhj_60_isco88
107 Student Magazine bhj_42_04
108 Theater-/ Dance Group bhj_42_05
4 Original Household Number hhnr
5 Current Wave HH Number (=HHNRAKT) bhhhnr
6 Current Wave HH Number (=BHHNRAKT) hhnrakt
7 Never Changing Person ID persnr
8 Subsample Identifier sample1
9 Person Number Surveyed bhpnr
10 Year Of Birth bhjbirthy
277 Lived in childrens home up to the age of 15 bhj_82_08
278 No Answer, Place of Living bhj_82_09
401 Stay in Germany, How Many Years: Do Not Know bhj_07_02_q73
417 Language Skills Besides German: Georgian bhj_16_12_q73
418 Language Skills Besides German: Hausa bhj_16_13_q73
419 Language Skills Besides German: Hindi bhj_16_14_q73
420 Language Skills Besides German: Igbo bhj_16_15_q73
421 Language Skills Besides German: Croatian bhj_16_16_q73
422 Language Skills Besides German: Kurdish-Kurmanji bhj_16_17_q73
423 Language Skills Besides German: Kurdish-Sorani bhj_16_18_q73
424 Language Skills Besides German: Kurdish - South Kurdish bhj_16_19_q73
428 Language Skills Besides German: Pandschabi bhj_16_23_q73
429 Language Skills Besides German: Romanian bhj_16_24_q73
430 Language Skills Besides German: Russian bhj_16_25_q73
431 Language Skills Besides German: Saraiki bhj_16_26_q73
432 Language Skills Besides German: Serbian bhj_16_27_q73
433 Language Skills Besides German: Somali bhj_16_28_q73
434 Language Skills Besides German: Tamazight bhj_16_29_q73
435 Language Skills Besides German: Tamil bhj_16_30_q73
436 Language Skills Besides German: Tigrinya bhj_16_31_q73
437 Language Skills Besides German: Turkish bhj_16_32_q73
438 Language Skills Besides German: Ukrainian bhj_16_33_q73
440 Language Skills Besides German: Wolof bhj_16_35_q73
441 Language Skills Besides German: Yoruba bhj_16_36_q73
442 Language Skills Besides German: Other Language bhj_16_37_q73
443 Language Skills Besides German: No Other Language bhj_16_39_q73
468 1st Duration of School Attendance Abroad, Months bhj_36_02_q73
480 3rd Duration of School Attendance Abroad, Months bhj_36_06_q73
550 Number of pupils in school class bhj_50_q73
551 Student In Class With Migration Background bhj_51_q73
562 1st Foreign Language No Grades in Certificate bhj_59_02_q73
3 Survey Year syear
11 Month Of Birth bhjbirthm
12 Gender sex
13 Living with Parents bhj_01
14 furniture hh: own room bhj_02
15 2nd Flat / Room bhj_03
16 Paid Work In Last 7 Days bhj_04
17 Actively Sought Work Last 4 Weeks bhj_05
18 Registered Unemployed bhj_06
19 Own Income bhj_07
22 Mode of Income bhj_09
23 Job before now bhj_10
25 Reason for Job bhj_12
26 Pocket Money Received bhj_13
27 Pocket Money per Week bhj_14_01
28 Pocket Money per Month bhj_14_02
104 Class representative bhj_42_01
29 Money Saved bhj_15
30 Monthly Savings bhj_16_01
31 Irregular Amount savings bhj_16_02
33 Importance Father, Currently bhj_18_01
34 Importance Mother, Currently bhj_18_02
35 Importance Brother/Sister, Currently bhj_18_03
36 Other Relative Important In Life, Currently bhj_18_04
37 Importance Steady Boyfriend/Girlfriend, Currently bhj_18_05
38 Importance Best Friend, Currently bhj_18_06
39 Importance My Group of Friends/ Clique, Currently bhj_18_07
40 Importance Teacher, Currently bhj_18_08
41 Importance Other Person, Currently bhj_18_09
42 Argue Or Fight With Father bhj_19_01
43 Argue Or Fight With Mother bhj_19_02
44 Argue Or Fight With Brother,Sister bhj_19_03
45 Argue of Fight with Steady Boyfriend/Girlfriend bhj_19_04
46 Argue or Fight with Best Friend bhj_19_05
47 Discuss Experiences/Matters with Mother bhj_20_01
48 Discuss Experiences/Matters with Father bhj_20_02
49 Discuss Problems with Mother bhj_20_03
50 Discuss Problems with Father bhj_20_04
51 Mother Asks You Prior To Making Decision bhj_20_05
52 Father Asks You Prior To Making Decision bhj_20_06
53 Recognition from Mother bhj_20_07
54 Recognition from Father bhj_20_08
55 Problem Solution with Mother bhj_20_09
56 Problem Solution with Father bhj_20_10
57 Mother's Trust bhj_20_11
58 Father's Trust bhj_20_12
59 Mother Asks Your Opinion On Family Matter bhj_20_13
60 Father Asks Your Opinion On Family Matter bhj_20_14
61 Mother Gives Reason For Making Decision bhj_20_15
62 Father Gives Reason For Making Decision bhj_20_16
63 Mother Shows That She Loves You bhj_20_17
64 Father Shows That She Loves You bhj_20_18
65 TV/DVD/Internet-Streams bhj_21_01
66 Playing computer games bhj_21_02
67 Social Networks bhj_21_03
68 Other Type of Internet Usage bhj_21_04
69 Listen to Music bhj_21_05
70 playing music bhj_21_06
71 doing sports bhj_27
72 Dance, theater, etc. bhj_21_08
105 Student body president bhj_42_02
73 Technical projects, computer programming bhj_21_09
74 reading bhj_21_10
75 Do Nothing / Hang Out / Daydream bhj_21_11
76 Spending Time with Steady Boyfriend/Girlfriend bhj_21_12
77 Spending Time with Best Friend bhj_21_13
78 Spending time with my group of friends / clique bhj_21_14
127 Level: first foreign language bhj_45_10
79 Going to youth / community center bhj_21_15
80 Voluntary activity, social services bhj_21_16
81 Attend Church Or Other Religious Events bhj_21_17
82 Active Music bhj_22
83 Which Type of Mucic bhj_23
84 Music with whom bhj_24
86 Non School Music Club bhj_26
87 doing sports bhj_21_07
89 Age When Starting Sport bhj_29
90 Sport: where and with whom? bhj_30
91 Participation in Competitions bhj_31
92 Still Attend School bhj_32
95 Which School-Leaving Degree bhj_35_01
96 Intending To Get Scholl Leaving Certificate bhj_36
97 Intending to get which school degree? bhj_37
98 1. Foreign Langauge bhj_38_01
99 2. Foreign Langauge bhj_38_02
100 School Outside of Germany bhj_39
103 Private School Participation bhj_41
109 Member of choir, orchestra, music group bhj_42_06
110 volunteer sport group bhj_42_07
111 Other kind of school group bhj_42_08
112 No Involvement bhj_42_09
113 Satisfaction With Overall School Performance bhj_43_01
114 Satisfaction With Performance in German bhj_43_02
115 Satisfaction With Performance in Mathematics bhj_43_03
116 Satisfaction With Performance in 1st Foreign Language bhj_43_04
117 Recommended For Intermediate School bhj_44
118 Grade German bhj_45_01
119 Grade Mathematics bhj_45_02
120 Grade 1. Foreign Language bhj_45_03
124 Type of school bhj_45_07
125 Level: German bhj_45_08
126 Level: Mathematics bhj_45_09
128 Basic,Advanced Course German bhj_45_11
129 Basic, Advanced Course Mathematics bhj_45_12
130 Basic, Advanced Course 1st Foreign Language bhj_45_13
131 Year, Grade Repeated bhj_46
133 2nd Time which class? bhj_47_02
134 Tutoring bhj_48
135 Parents Show Interest In Performance bhj_49
136 Parents Help With Homework / Study bhj_50
137 Differences of Opinion caused by School Performance bhj_51
138 Parents Take Part In Parents-Evenings bhj_52_01
139 Parents Take Part In Parent Conference Days bhj_52_02
140 Consult teacher outside consulting days bhj_52_03
141 Engagement As Parent Representatives bhj_52_04
142 No Involvement of Parents bhj_52_05
143 Proportion of Foreigners, Fellow Students or Their Parents bhj_53
144 Professional Training Completed bhj_54
145 Occu. Foundation Year bhj_55_01
146 Basic Vocational School Year Completed bhj_55_02
147 Integration Year bhj_55_03
148 Integration Year Completed bhj_55_04
149 Apprenticeship bhj_55_05
150 Apprenticeship (Lehre) Completed bhj_55_06
151 Full-Time Vocation School bhj_55_07
152 Specialized Vocational School Completed bhj_55_08
153 Volunteer, Intern bhj_55_09
154 Internship completed bhj_55_10
155 Dual course of study / college of advanced vocational studies bhj_55_11
156 Dual Course Study / College of Advanced Vocational Studies Completed bhj_55_12
157 Specialized Technical,Engineering School / University bhj_55_13
158 Specialized Technical,Engineering School / University Completed bhj_55_14
159 Intending to Get Job Training / University Degree bhj_56
160 Intending to Complete Apprenticeship bhj_57_01
161 Intending to Complete Full-Time Vocational School bhj_57_02
162 Intending to Get Certificate From Specialized Technical School bhj_57_03
164 Intending to Get Certificate From Accreditite Professional School bhj_57_05
165 Intending to Get Degree from Professional College bhj_57_06
166 Intending to Get University Degree bhj_57_07
167 Intention Completion of Vocational Training, Item Nonresponse bhj_57_08
168 Already Financially Independent bhj_58_01
169 Already Financially Independent bhj_58_02
170 Preferred Occupation bhj_59
171 informed about occupation bhj_61
172 Career Choice: Parents Proposals Important bhj_62_01
173 Let Job come to me bhj_62_02
174 Long Term Occupation with Career Choice bhj_62_03
175 Occupational Choice: Still Working Out Skills bhj_62_04
176 Importance Safety of Job Position bhj_63_01
177 Importance Of High Income bhj_63_02
178 Possibilities for Promotion Important in Life bhj_63_03
179 Recognition and Respect Important in Life bhj_63_04
180 Importance Of Leisure bhj_63_05
181 Importance Interesting Work bhj_63_06
182 Importance Independent Work bhj_63_07
183 Contact with Others Important in Life bhj_63_08
184 Importance Societal Relevance bhj_63_09
185 Importance good health, safety conditions bhj_63_10
186 Importance Time for Family Duties bhj_63_11
187 Help Others Important in Life bhj_63_12
188 Probability to get a Training / University Slot for desired occupation bhj_64_01
207 Oral Ability: German bhj_71_04
189 Probability Complete Training, University Slot bhj_64_02
190 Probability to find Employment bhj_64_03
191 Probability of professional success bhj_64_04
192 Probablitiy of becoming unemployed bhj_64_05
193 Probability Cut Back due to family reasons bhj_64_06
194 Probability Becoming Self-Employed bhj_64_07
195 Probability Of Working Abroad bhj_64_08
196 Probability Of Marriage bhj_64_09
197 Probability Of Living With An Unmarried Partner bhj_64_10
198 Probability Of Having a Child bhj_64_11
199 Probability Of Having Several Children bhj_64_12
201 Country Of Birth bhj_68_02
202 Migrant To Germany bhj_69
203 Status Upon Immigration To Germany bhj_70
204 Before Immigration: Oral Ability German bhj_71_01
205 Before Immigration: Written Ability German bhj_71_02
206 Before Immigration: Reading Ability German bhj_71_03
246 5. Sibling, Year of Birth bhj_81_27
208 Written Ability: German bhj_71_05
209 Reading Ability: German bhj_71_06
211 2nd Nationality bhj_73_01
212 2. Nationality (Code) bhj_73_03
213 German Nationality Since Birth bhj_74
214 Code Nationality Before bhj_75_02
217 Residence Status bhj_78
218 Spend childhood until age of 15 where? bhj_79
264 8. Sibling, Year of Birth bhj_81_45
219 Do You Still Live There Today bhj_80
220 Number Of Siblings Not In Germany bhj_81_01
221 No Siblings bhj_81_02
222 1. Sibling, Year of Birth bhj_81_03
223 1. Sibling, Month of Birth bhj_81_04
225 1. Sibling kind bhj_81_06
226 1. Sibling Lived Together up to Age of 15 bhj_81_07
227 1. Sibling, Years Together bhj_81_08
228 2. Sibling, Year of Birth bhj_81_09
229 2. Sibling, Month of Birth bhj_81_10
230 2. Sibling, Sex bhj_81_11
231 2. Sibling kind bhj_81_12
232 2. Sibling Lived Together up to Age of 15 bhj_81_13
234 3. Sibling, Year of Birth bhj_81_15
235 3. Sibling, Month of Birth bhj_81_16
236 3. Sibling, Sex bhj_81_17
237 3. Sibling kind bhj_81_18
238 3. Sibling Lived Together up to Age of 15 bhj_81_19
241 4. Sibling, Month of Birth bhj_81_22
242 4. Sibling, Sex bhj_81_23
243 4. Sibling kind bhj_81_24
244 4. Sibling Lived Together up to Age of 15 bhj_81_25
245 4. Sibling, Together Up To 15 Years bhj_81_26
247 5. Sibling, Month of Birth bhj_81_28
248 5. Sibling, Sex bhj_81_29
249 5. Sibling kind bhj_81_30
250 5. Sibling Lived Together up to Age of 15 bhj_81_31
253 6. Sibling, Month of Birth bhj_81_34
254 6. Sibling, Sex bhj_81_35
255 6. Sibling kind bhj_81_36
256 6. Sibling Lived Together up to Age of 15 bhj_81_37
258 7. Sibling, Year of Birth bhj_81_39
259 7. Sibling, Month of Birth bhj_81_40
260 7. Sibling, Sex bhj_81_41
261 7. Sibling kind bhj_81_42
262 7. Sibling Lived Together up to Age of 15 bhj_81_43
265 8. Sibling, Month of Birth bhj_81_46
266 8. Sibling, Sex bhj_81_47
267 8. Sibling kind bhj_81_48
269 8. Sibling, Years Together bhj_81_50
270 Lived with parents up to the age of 15 bhj_82_01
271 Lived with mother (without partner) up to the age of 15 bhj_82_02
272 Lived with mother (with partner) up to the age of 15 bhj_82_03
273 Lived with father (without partner) up to the age of 15 bhj_82_04
274 Lived with father (with partner) up to the age of 15 bhj_82_05
275 Lived with other relatives up to the age of 15 bhj_82_06
276 Lived with foster parents up to the age of 15 bhj_82_07
279 Father/Mother live here in HH bhj_83
280 Place Of Residence Father bhj_84_01
281 Place Of Residence Mother bhj_84_02
285 Year Of Birth - Mother bhj_85_02
286 Father Born In Germany bhj_86_01
287 Mother Born In Germany bhj_86_02
288 Country Of Birth Father bhj_86_04
289 Country Of Birth Mother bhj_86_06
290 Father German Citizenship bhj_87_01
291 Mother German Citizenship bhj_87_02
292 Father: School Certificate bhj_88_01
293 Mother: School Certificate bhj_88_02
294 Father: Completed Occupational Training, Studies bhj_89_01
295 Mother: Completed Vocational Training or University Degree bhj_89_02
363 Inclined Towards a Particular Party bhj_104
296 Manual Worker bhj_91_01
297 Mother: Blue-Collar Worker bhj_91_02
298 Salaried W-Collar Worker bhj_91_03
299 White-collar worker (Angestellte) [mother] bhj_91_04
300 Father, Public Servant bhj_91_05
301 Mother, Public Servant bhj_91_06
302 Father, Self-Employed bhj_91_07
303 Mother, Self-Employed bhj_91_08
304 Father, Never Been Employed bhj_91_09
305 Mother, Never Been Employed bhj_91_10
312 Success Through: Talent / Intelligence bhj_95_03
306 Father: Religious Community bhj_92_01
307 Mother: Religions Community bhj_92_02_q72
308 Partner are Necessary to Be Happy bhj_93
309 Children are Necessary to Be Happy bhj_94
310 Success Through: Effort / Diligence bhj_95_01
311 Success Through: Exploiting Others bhj_95_02
313 Success Through: Family Background bhj_95_04
314 Success Through: Specialized Training bhj_95_05
315 Success Through: Money / Assets bhj_95_06
316 Success Through: School Grades, Results bhj_95_07
317 Success Through: Recklessness / Toughness bhj_95_08
318 Success Through: Connections bhj_95_09
319 Success Through: Being Politically Active bhj_95_10
320 Success Through: Being Male bhj_95_11
321 Success Through: Dynamic / Initiative bhj_95_12
322 Peronal Willingness to Take Risks bhj_96
323 Life course self determined bhj_97_01
324 Compared to other people, I have not achieved what I deserve bhj_97_02
325 What you achieve in life is a consequence of fate or luck bhj_97_03
326 Others make the crucial decisions in my life bhj_97_04
327 Success takes hard work bhj_97_05
328 Doubt Myself When Faced By Difficulties bhj_97_06
329 Social Circumstances Determine Possibilities in Life bhj_97_07
330 Talents You Have at Birth Are More Important Than Effort bhj_97_08
331 I Have Little Control Over Things in My Life bhj_97_09
332 Soc., Pol. Activity Makes A Difference bhj_97_10
333 Give something up to Today, to Have More Tomorrow bhj_97_11
334 One can trust people bhj_97_12
335 Opinion: Cannot Trust Anyone bhj_97_13
336 Interviewer's Opinion: Careful with strangers bhj_97_14
337 Opinion: Live For Today, Do Not Think Of Tomorrow bhj_97_15
338 I Do a Thorough Job bhj_98_01
339 I am Communicative and Talkative bhj_98_02
340 I am Sometimes Somewhat Rude to Others bhj_98_03
341 I am Inventive, Have new Ideas bhj_98_04
342 I worry a lot bhj_98_05
343 I Have a Forgiving Nature bhj_98_06
344 I Tend to Be Lazy bhj_98_07
345 I can be Outgoing bhj_98_08
346 I Value Artistic, Aesthetic Experiences bhj_98_09
347 I get Nervous Easily bhj_98_10
348 I can Do things effectively and efficiently bhj_98_11
349 I am Reserved bhj_98_12
350 I am Considerate and Friendly bhj_98_13
351 I Have a Lively Imagination bhj_98_14
352 I Am Relaxed, Can Handle Stress Well bhj_98_15
353 I am Eager for Knowledge bhj_98_16
354 I Have a Positive Attitude Towards Myself bhj_98_17
355 Current State Of Health bhj_99
357 Weight (kg) bhj_101
358 Frequency of Being Angry in the Last 4 Weeks bhj_102_01
359 Frequency of Being Worried in the Last 4 Weeks bhj_102_02
360 Frequency of Being Happy in the Last 4 Weeks bhj_102_03
361 Frequency of Being Sad in the Last 4 Weeks bhj_102_04
362 Interest in politics (interviewer) bhj_103
364 Party Identification bhj_105_01
365 Strength of Party Identification bhj_106
366 General Life Satisfaction bhj_107
367 Readiness to be re-interviewed bhjwdh_q71
368 Composition Circle of Friends: Not from Germany bhj_21_q72
369 Completed Education In Germany or Abroad bhj_34_q72
370 Range of Courses German As Foreign Language bhj_38_01_q72
371 Participation in German as Foreign Language bhj_38_02_q72
372 Satisfaction With Performance in Mother Tongue bhj_43_q72
373 Apprenticeship In Other Country bhj_57_q72
374 Both Parents Born in Germany bhj_67_q72
377 Father German Citizenship bhj_87_01_q72
399 How Long Stay in Germany bhj_06_q73
378 Mother German Citizenship bhj_87_02_q72
379 Father Current/Former Citizenship (Code) bhj_87_04_q72
381 Father School Leaving Degree Abroad or In germany bhj_88_01_q72
382 Mother School Leaving Degree, Abroad or Germany bhj_88_02_q72
383 Father: Type of School Leaving Degree Germany bhj_88_03_q72
389 Father: Christian Religious Community bhj_92_03_q72
384 Mother: Type of School Leaving Degree in Germany bhj_88_04_q72
385 Father: Type of School Leaving Certificate Abroad bhj_88_05_q72
386 Mother: Type of School Leaving Degree Abroad bhj_88_06_q72
387 Father: Religious Community bhj_92_01_q72
388 Mother: Religions Community bhj_92_02
400 Stay in Germany, How Many Years bhj_07_01_q73
390 Mother: Christian Religious Community bhj_92_04_q72
391 Father: Islamic Religious Community bhj_92_05_q72
392 Mother: Islamic Religious Community bhj_92_06_q72
394 Came to Germany with Whom bhj_02_q73
395 Left Country of Birth When, Month bhj_03_01_q73
396 Left Country of Birth When, Year bhj_03_02_q73
397 Arrived in Germany, Month bhj_04_q73
398 Can Imagine To Stay In Germany bhj_05_q73
402 German Nationality Intended bhj_08_q73
403 German Skills Start of School bhj_10_q73
404 Language Training In Order To Learn German bhj_14_q73
406 Language Skills Besides German: Albanian bhj_16_01_q73
407 Language Skills Besides German: Arabic bhj_16_02_q73
408 Language Skills Besides German: Armenian bhj_16_03_q73
409 Language Skills Besides German: Armenian bhj_16_04_q73
411 Language Skills Besides German: Bosnian bhj_16_06_q73
414 Language Skills Besides German: Farsi bhj_16_09_q73
415 Language Skills Besides German: French bhj_16_10_q73
416 Language Skills Besides German: Fula bhj_16_11_q73
444 Best Language Skill Besides German bhj_17_q73
445 Language Skills In Best Language Besides German: Speaking bhj_18_q73
446 Language Skills In Best Language Besides German: Writing bhj_19_q73
447 Language Skills In Best Language Besides German: Reading bhj_20_q73
448 Spoken Language with Child, all HH-Members bhj_21_01_q73
449 Spoken Languages with Family bhj_22_q73
450 Spoken Languages with Friends bhj_23_q73
451 Spoken Languages in School bhj_24_q73
452 Language Use Media: Books bhj_25_q73
453 Language Use Media: TV bhj_26_q73
454 Language Use Media: Internet bhj_27_q73
455 Language Use Media: Mails bhj_28_q73
458 Have never been to school bhj_29_03_q73
459 School Enrollment, Country bhj_30_01_q73
462 Duration of School Attendance 1st School, Months bhj_31_02_q73
463 Last attended school form at the place of first enrollment bhj_32_q73
464 School Leaving Degree in Country Of School Enrollment bhj_33_q73
465 1st School Attended Abroad bhj_35_01_q73
467 1st Duration of School Attendance Abroad, Years bhj_36_01_q73
469 1st Previous Type of School in Other Country bhj_37_01_q73
470 Obtained School Degree Outside Germany 1 bhj_38_01_q73
473 2nd Duration of School Attendance Abroad, Years bhj_36_03_q73
474 2nd Duration of School Attendance Abroad, Months bhj_36_04_q73
475 12nd Previous Type of School in Other Country bhj_37_02_q73
476 Obtained School Degree Outside Germany 2 bhj_38_02_q73
478 3rd Schooling In Which Country Code bhj_35_09_q73
479 3rd Duration of School Attendance Abroad, Years bhj_36_05_q73
481 3rd Previous Type of School in Other Country bhj_37_03_q73
482 Obtained School Degree Outside Germany 3 bhj_38_03_q73
484 4th Schooling In Which Country Code bhj_35_12_q73
485 4th Duration of School Attendance Abroad, Years bhj_36_07_q73
486 4th Duration of School Attendance Abroad, Months bhj_36_08_q73
487 4th Previous Type of School in Other Country bhj_37_04_q73
488 Obtained School Degree Outside Germany 4 bhj_38_04_q73
489 5th School Attended Abroad bhj_35_13_q73
490 5th Schooling In Which Country Code bhj_35_15_q73
491 5th Duration of School Attendance Abroad, Years bhj_36_09_q73
493 5th Previous Type of School in Other Country bhj_37_05_q73
494 Obtained School Degree Outside Germany 5 bhj_38_05_q73
496 6th School Attended Abroad bhj_35_16_q73
497 6th Duration of School Attendance Abroad, Years bhj_36_11_q73
498 6th Duration of School Attendance Abroad, Months bhj_36_12_q73
499 6th Previous Type of School in Other Country bhj_37_06_q73
500 Obtained School Degree Outside Germany 6 bhj_38_06_q73
503 7th Duration of School Attendance Abroad, Years bhj_36_13_q73
504 7th Duration of School Attendance Abroad, Months bhj_36_14_q73
505 7th Previous Type of School in Other Country bhj_37_07_q73
506 Obtained School Degree Outside Germany 7 bhj_38_07_q73
507 8th School Attended Abroad bhj_35_22_q73
508 8th Schooling In Which Country Code bhj_35_24_q73
509 8th Duration of School Attendance Abroad, Years bhj_36_15_q73
511 8th Previous Type of School in Other Country bhj_37_08_q73
512 Obtained School Degree Outside Germany 8 bhj_38_08_q73
515 9th Duration of School Attendance Abroad, Years bhj_36_17_q73
516 9th Duration of School Attendance Abroad, Months bhj_36_18_q73
517 9th Previous Type of School in Other Country bhj_37_09_q73
518 Obtained School Degree Outside Germany 9 bhj_38_09_q73
522 10th Duration of School Attendance Abroad, Months bhj_36_20_q73
523 10th Previous Type of School in Other Country bhj_37_10_q73
524 Obtained School Degree Outside Germany 10 bhj_38_10_q73
525 Since When in School in Germany, Month bhj_40_01_q73
526 Since When in School in Germany, Year bhj_40_02_q73
528 Special Class for children of refugees bhj_41_q73
530 Duration Refugee Class as well, Years bhj_42_02_q73
531 Still attending special class bhj_42_03_q73
532 Duration Solely Refugee Class, Months bhj_43_01_q73
533 Duration Solely Refugee Class, Years bhj_43_02_q73
534 Still attending solely special class bhj_43_03_q73
535 First Grade Level in Germany after Migration bhj_44_q73
536 Type of School in School Year previous Year/17 bhj_45_01_q73
537 Type of School in School Year 2017/18 bhj_46_01_q73
539 Grade Level of Child in School Year 2017/18 bhj_48_q73
540 1 Waiting for school or further education to start bhj_49_01_q73
541 2 Waiting vocational training to start bhj_49_02_q73
542 I am enrolled in a vocational integration course bhj_49_03_q73
543 4 Am in a vocational preparatory year, vocational basic education year bhj_49_04_q73
544 5 Attend Vocational School bhj_49_05_q73
546 Am in Internship, traineeship bhj_49_07_q73
548 9 None of the above bhj_49_09_q73
549 Status no answer bhj_49_10_q73
552 Feeling discriminated against: less often asked by teacher bhj_52_q73
553 Feeling discriminated against: stricter marks bhj_53_q73
554 Feeling discriminated against: receive warning more often bhj_54_q73
555 Feeling discriminated against: less clever bhj_55_q73
556 Certificate received in Germany bhj_56_q73
558 No Grades in Certificate bhj_57_02_q73
559 Mathematics Grade in Last Certificate bhj_58_01_q73
560 Mathematics No Grade in Certificate bhj_58_02_q73
561 1st Foreign Language Grade in Last Certificate bhj_59_01_q73
563 mother helps with homework/learning bhj_60_q73
564 father helps with homework/learning bhj_61_q73
565 other relatives help with homework/learning bhj_62_q73
566 siblings help with homework/learning bhj_63_q73
567 friends/Classmates help with homework/learning bhj_64_q73
568 tutor helps with homework/learning bhj_65_q73
569 homework supervision helps with homework/learning bhj_66_q73
571 School Belonging Scale PISA: Being An Underdog bhj_68_q73
572 School Belonging Scale PISA: Finding Friends bhj_69_q73
573 School Belonging Scale PISA: Belonging bhj_70_q73
574 School Belonging Scale PISA: Discomfort bhj_71_q73
575 School Belonging Scale PISA: Popularity bhj_72_q73
576 School Belonging Scale PISA: Loneliness bhj_73_q73
577 School Belonging Scale PISA: Feeling Happy bhj_74_q73
578 School Belonging Scale PISA: School Runs Smoothly bhj_75_q73
579 School Belonging Scale PISA: Satisfaction bhj_76_q73
580 Intending To Get School Leaving Certificate in Germany bhj_78_q73
581 Intended School Leaving Certificate bhj_79_q73
582 Aim Highest School-Leaving Certificate bhj_80_q73
583 Apprenticeship In Other Country bhj_82_q73
584 Assessment Accomplished Degree bhj_81_q73
586 completed an extended apprenticeship at a company bhj_83_02_q73
587 attended a vocational school bhj_83_03_q73
588 Other Education,Training bhj_83_04_q73
589 Completed: Apprenticeship at a Company bhj_84_q73
590 Completed: extended apprenticeship at a company bhj_85_q73
591 Completed: I attended a vocational school bhj_86_q73
592 Completed: Other Training bhj_87_q73
593 Intended vocational training or university degree bhj_89_q73
594 Aspiration to study bhj_90_q73
597 Working Time per Week in Country of Origin bhj_95_q73
598 Branch of Current Company bhj_97_q73
599 Working Time per Week bhj_98_q73
600 Self-Report: Writing German bhj_100_q73
602 Self-Report: Physical Complaints bhj_102_q73
603 Self-Report: Being Nice to Others bhj_103_q73
604 Self-Report: Loose one's temper bhj_104_q73
605 Self-Report: Being Alone bhj_105_q73
606 Self-Report: Obedient bhj_106_q73
608 Self-Report: Compassion bhj_108_q73
609 Self-Report: Fidgety bhj_109_q73
610 Self-Report: Friends bhj_110_q73
611 Self-Report: Battle With Others bhj_125_q73
612 Self-Report: Forcing bhj_111_q73
614 Self-Report: Popular bhj_113_q73
615 Self-Report: Concentrated bhj_114_q73
616 Self-Report: Confidence bhj_115_q73
617 Self-Report: Nice to Younger bhj_116_q73
618 Self-Report: Lying bhj_117_q73
620 Self-Report: Willingness to Help bhj_119_q73
621 Self-Report: Pondering bhj_120_q73
622 Self-Report: Taking Things bhj_121_q73
623 Self-Report: Relationship with Adults bhj_122_q73
624 Self-Report: Fears bhj_123_q73
625 Self-Report: Getting Things Done bhj_124_q73
633 Present: own room bhj_151_q73
626 Am someone who can easily do without if I want to save bhj_144_q73
627 Opinion: Live For Today, Do Not Think Of Tomorrow bhj_145_q73
628 Am Someone Who Tries To Solve Difficult Tasks bhj_146_q73
629 Present: quiet place to learn bhj_147_q73
631 Present: School Books At Home bhj_149_q73
632 Present: Dictionary At Home bhj_150_q73
702 Hours of Activity: Doing Sports Weekdays bhj_263_q73
634 Present: books bhj_152_q73
635 Present: helpful books bhj_153_q73
636 Present: learning software bhj_154_q73
637 Present: classical literature bhj_155_q73
638 Present: musical instruments at home bhj_156_q73
639 Present: Pieces of Art at Home bhj_157_q73
640 Use of Equipment: Tablet bhj_159_q73
703 Hours of Activity: Doing Sports Weekend bhj_264_q73
704 Number of close Friends Living in Country of Origin bhj_266_q73
641 Use of Equipment: Computer / Laptop bhj_160_q73
642 Use of Equipment: Games Console bhj_161_q73
643 Use of Equipment: Smartphone bhj_162_q73
644 Use of Equipment: other mobile phone bhj_163_q73
645 Permission of parents to go out: on weekdays bhj_164_q73
646 Permission of parents to go out: on weekends bhj_165_q73
647 Permission of parents to go out: on weekdays bhj_166_q73
648 Permission of parents: on weekends bhj_167_q73
649 Things done without parents: holidays bhj_169_q73
650 Things done without parents: Travel by Train or Plane bhj_170_q73
651 Things done without parents: Visit Doctor bhj_171_q73
652 Things done without parents: Bought Clothes bhj_172_q73
653 Things done without parents: cooking or baking bhj_173_q73
654 Things done without parents: Returned something in a store bhj_174_q73
655 Things done without parents: went to movie theatre bhj_175_q73
656 Things done without parents: drank alcohol bhj_176_q73
657 Things done without parents: Smokes Cigarettes bhj_177_q73
658 Things done without parents: Smoked Hookah bhj_178_q73
706 Number of close Friends Living in Other Country bhj_268_q73
708 Number of Friends Coming from Country of Origin bhj_269_02_q73
659 Interference of Parents regarding friends bhj_179_q73
660 Sharing Worries: Friends bhj_182_q73
661 Sharing Worries: Siblings bhj_183_q73
662 Sharing Worries: Mother bhj_184_q73
663 Sharing Worries: Father bhj_185_q73
664 Sharing Worries: other Relatives bhj_186_q73
709 Number of Friends Coming from Other Country bhj_269_03_q73
665 Encouragement or Help: Friends bhj_187_q73
666 Encouragement or Help: Siblings bhj_188_q73
667 Encouragement or Help: Mother bhj_189_q73
668 Encouragement or Help: Father bhj_190_q73
669 Encouragement or Help: Other Relatives bhj_191_q73
670 Bossing Around: Friends bhj_192_q73
671 Bossing Around: Siblings bhj_193_q73
672 Bossing Around: Mother bhj_194_q73
673 Bossing Around: Father bhj_195_q73
674 Bossing Around: Other Relatives bhj_196_q73
675 Doing Well in School: Friends bhj_197_q73
676 Doing Well in School: Siblings bhj_198_q73
677 Doing Well in School: Mother bhj_199_q73
678 Doing Well in School: Father bhj_200_q73
679 Doing Well in School: Other Relatives bhj_201_q73
680 Dispute with Friends bhj_202_q73
681 Dispute with other Relatives bhj_206_q73
682 TV or the like: German bhj_224_q73
764 End of Interview (Hour) bhjstin
683 TV or the like: other languages bhj_225_q73
684 Mobile Phone bhj_228_q73
685 Text Message, Messenger bhj_229_q73
686 Activity with family bhj_234_q73
687 Spending time with friends bhj_235_q73
688 painting bhj_238_q73
765 End of Interview (Minutes) bhjminin
689 Social Commitment bhj_241_q73
690 youth group bhj_242_q73
691 Care for Animals bhj_243_q73
693 Cultural Association bhj_246_q73
694 Hours of Activity: Watching TV Weekdays bhj_255_q73
695 Hours of Activity: Watching TV Weekend bhj_256_q73
696 Hours of Activity: Computer Weekdays bhj_257_q73
697 Hours of Activity: Computer Weekends bhj_258_q73
698 Hours of Activity: Social Networks Weekdays bhj_259_q73
699 Hours of Activity: Social Networks Weekends bhj_260_q73
700 Hours of Activity: Make Music Weekdays bhj_261_q73
701 Hours of Activity: Make Music Weekends bhj_262_q73
710 Origin 1st Friend bhj_270_q73
711 Intended School Leaving Certificate, Type bhj_271_q73
712 Origin 2nd Friend bhj_272_q73
713 Intended School Leaving Certificate 2nd Friend, Type bhj_273_q73
714 Origin 3rd Friend bhj_274_q73
715 Intended School Leaving Certificate 3rd Friend, Type bhj_275_q73
716 Spend Time with Persons of Country of Origin bhj_276_q73
717 Spend Time with Germans bhj_277_q73
718 Spend Time with Persons of other Countries bhj_278_q73
720 No One from Country of Origin, met in Germany bhj_279_02_q73
722 No Germans, met in Germany bhj_280_02_q73
723 Depression: Little interest in activities bhj_289_q73
724 Depression: Low Spirits bhj_290_q73
725 Depression: Nervousness bhj_291_q73
726 Depression: Loss of control bhj_292_q73
727 Church, Religious Community, Denomination bhj_296_q73
728 Which Christian religious organisation bhj_297_q73
729 Which Islamic denomination bhj_298_q73
730 Religion is important for well-being and satisfaction bhj_300_q73
782 Occupation of Mother [jm07] (KldB 92, 4-digits) bhj_90_02_kldb92
731 Frequency Praying bhj_301_q73
732 Division of Responsibilities: Children bhj_303_q73
733 Division of Responsibilities: Cooking bhj_304_q73
734 Division of Responsibilities: Money bhj_305_q73
735 Division of Responsibilities: Cleaning bhj_306_q73
736 Division of Responsibilities: Making Decisions bhj_307_q73
737 Following Things OK: Unmarried couple bhj_309_q73
738 Following Things OK: Divorce bhj_310_q73
739 Following Things OK: Abortion bhj_311_q73
740 Following Things OK: Homosexuality bhj_312_q73
741 Welcomed Upon Arrival in Germany bhj_313_q73
783 Occupation of Father [jv07] (KldB 2010, 5-digits) bhj_90_01_kldb2010
784 Desired Occupation [jber02] (ISCO-08, 4-digits) bhj_60_isco08
742 Welcome in Germany Today bhj_314_q73
743 Connected With Country Of Origin bhj_315_q73
744 Child Behavior: Positive before Migration bhj_316_q73
745 Child Behavior: Negative Before Migration bhj_317_q73
746 Missing People from Country of Origin bhj_318_q73
747 Loneliness: Company of Others bhj_319_q73
748 Loneliness: Being Left Out bhj_320_q73
749 Loneliness: socially isolated bhj_321_q73
750 positive attitude to myself bhj_322_q73
751 Handling difficult situations bhj_323_q73
752 Own reaction under control bhj_324_q73
753 advancement through difficult situations bhj_325_q73
754 actively making up for losses bhj_326_q73
756 Linkage of data PIAAC/LID bhjvpiaac1
757 Linkage of data PIAAC/LID electron. signature denied bhjvpiaac2
758 Linkage of data PIAAC/LID signature on paper bhjvpiaac3
759 form of questionning bhjinta
761 interview lenght written bhjdauer2
762 month of interview bhjmonin
766 Interviewer questions - german language bhi1
767 Interviewer questions - translated texts: frequency bhi2
768 Interviewer questions - audio file: frequency bhi4
769 Language Version bhjspvers
770 Device bhj_zgeraet
773 Occupation of Father [jv07] (ISCO-08, 4-digits) bhj_90_01_isco08
778 Desired Occupation [jber02] (KldB 92, 4-digits) bhj_60_kldb92
779 Occupation of Mother [jm07] (ISCO-08, 4-digits) bhj_90_02_isco08
780 Occupation of Father [jv07] (ISCO-88 COM, 4-digits) bhj_90_01_isco88
781 Occupation of Father [jv07] (KldB 92, 4-digits) bhj_90_01_kldb92

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Dataset: bhjugend

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