Data from pre-teen questionnaire for 11-12-year-olds 2017


Sort Variable Name
0 Case-ID, Original Household Number (=hhnr) cid
1 Current Wave HH Number (=HHNRAKT) hid
2 Never Changing Person ID (=persnr) pid
3 Survey Year syear
19 most times alone bhs_01_06
24 I have good friends bhs_01_11
29 I am easily distracted, lack of concentration bhs_01_16
34 I often help others bhs_01_21
40 Current class level bhs_02
41 number of students in class bhs_03
42 number of students not german bhs_04_01
47 teachers think you are less clever bhs_05_04
55 parent's interest in school bhs_10
56 hour school begins monday bhs_11_01
70 hour school ends tuesday bhs_11_15
71 minute school ends tuesday bhs_11_16
72 hour school ends wednesday bhs_11_17
73 minute school ends wednesday bhs_11_18
81 after-school care during week bhs_12_01
85 sports club during week bhs_12_05
86 sports club weekend bhs_12_06
96 Tv bhs_16_01
101 Im Internet bhs_16_06
106 meet friends bhs_16_11
111 doing nothing bhs_16_16
116 Pocket Money Received bhs_17
133 dinner during week bhs_24_03
184 furniture hh: own desk bhs_30_01
190 music instruments bhs_31_04
196 games console bhs_32_05
205 Country Of Birth bhs_01_03_q73
207 Left Country of Birth When, Month bhs_03_01_q73
210 Wann in Deutschland angekommen Jahr bhs_04_02_q73
216 Language Training In Order To Learn German bhs_14_q73
217 Language Training: Number of Hours per Week bhs_15_q73
231 Sprachfaehigkeiten : Hindi bhs_16_14_q73
232 Sprachfaehigkeiten : Igbo bhs_16_15_q73
233 Sprachfaehigkeiten : Kroatisch bhs_16_16_q73
234 Sprachfaehigkeiten : Kurdisch-Kurmandschi bhs_16_17_q73
235 Sprachfaehigkeiten : Kurdisch-Sorani bhs_16_18_q73
248 Sprachfaehigkeiten : Tigrinya bhs_16_31_q73
249 Sprachfaehigkeiten : Tuerkisch bhs_16_32_q73
250 Sprachfaehigkeiten : Ukrainisch bhs_16_33_q73
251 Sprachfaehigkeiten : Urdu bhs_16_34_q73
252 Sprachfaehigkeiten : Wolof bhs_16_35_q73
268 School Enrollment, Month bhs_29_01_q73
269 School Enrollment, Year bhs_29_02_q73
272 Einschulung Anderes Land bhs_30_03_q73
273 Duration of School Attendance 1st School, Years bhs_31_01_q73
277 1. In welchem Land zur Schule bhs_35_03_q73
278 1st Duration of School Attendance Abroad, Years bhs_36_01_q73
279 1st Duration of School Attendance Abroad, Months bhs_36_02_q73
286 3rd School Attended Abroad bhs_35_07_q73
287 3. In welchem Land zur Schule bhs_35_09_q73
288 3rd Duration of School Attendance Abroad, Years bhs_36_05_q73
298 5th Duration of School Attendance Abroad, Years bhs_36_09_q73
299 5th Duration of School Attendance Abroad, Months bhs_36_10_q73
301 6th School Attended Abroad bhs_35_16_q73
302 6. In welchem Land zur Schule bhs_35_18_q73
309 7th Duration of School Attendance Abroad, Months bhs_36_14_q73
311 8th School Attended Abroad bhs_35_22_q73
312 8. In welchem Land zur Schule bhs_35_24_q73
313 8th Duration of School Attendance Abroad, Years bhs_36_15_q73
321 10th School Attended Abroad bhs_35_28_q73
322 10. In welchem Land zur Schule bhs_35_30_q73
323 10th Duration of School Attendance Abroad, Years bhs_36_19_q73
329 Special Class for children of refugees bhs_41_q73
338 Type of School in School Year 2017/18 bhs_46_01_q73
339 Grade level of the child in school year 2016/17 bhs_47_q73
351 Certificate received in Germany bhs_56_q73
352 German: No grades bhs_57_q73
373 Dispute with other Relatives bhs_206_q73
375 Weitere aeltere Geschwister 1 bhs_332_q73
380 Cultural Association bhs_246_q73
398 Interview Length Oral bhdauer1
399 interview lenght written bhdauer2
401 day of interview bhstagin
402 End of Interview (Hour) bhsstin
409 Interviewer ID intid
410 Schuelerbefragungsinstrument (11-12 Jahre) instrument
4 Original Household Number hhnr
5 Current Wave HH Number (=HHNRAKT) bhhhnr
6 Current Wave HH Number (=BHHNRAKT) hhnrakt
7 Never Changing Person ID persnr
8 Subsample Identifier sample1
9 Person Number Surveyed bhpnr
10 Year Of Birth bhsbirthy
11 Month Of Birth bhsbirthm
12 understood test question scale bhscltest
13 Gender sex
14 nice to other people bhs_01_01
15 often restless, can not sit still bhs_01_02
16 often feel pain /aches bhs_01_03
17 like to share bhs_01_04
18 get angry easily bhs_01_05
20 I do what others say bhs_01_07
21 I often worry bhs_01_08
22 I am helpful bhs_01_09
23 I am fridgety bhs_01_10
25 I often battle with others bhs_01_12
26 I can force others to do what I want bhs_01_13
27 I am often run-down, melancholy bhs_01_14
28 I am popular with peers bhs_01_15
30 I am nervous in new situations bhs_01_17
31 I am nice to younger children bhs_01_18
32 Others claim that I lie a lot bhs_01_19
33 I get teased or bullied by others bhs_01_20
35 I think about, before acting bhs_01_22
36 I take things that are not mine bhs_01_23
37 I better get along with adults than with children bhs_01_24
38 I have a lot of fears bhs_01_25
39 I can concentrate for a long period bhs_01_26
43 students not german bhs_04_02
44 tearchers call up on you seldomly bhs_05_01
45 teacher grades stricter bhs_05_02
46 teachers admonish you more often bhs_05_03
48 Grade German bhs_06_01
49 Grade Maths bhs_06_02
50 Grade First Foreign Language bhs_06_03
51 No grades bhs_06_04
52 ideal school completition degree bhs_07
53 importance school completition degree bhs_08
54 most probable school completition degree bhs_09
57 minute school begins monday bhs_11_02
58 hour school begins tuesday bhs_11_03
59 minute school begins tuesday bhs_11_04
60 hour school begins wednesday bhs_11_05
61 minute school begins wednesday bhs_11_06
62 hour school begins thursday bhs_11_07
63 minute school begins thursday bhs_11_08
64 hour school begins friday bhs_11_09
65 minute school begins friday bhs_11_10
66 hour school begins saturday bhs_11_11
67 minute school begins saturday bhs_11_12
68 hour school ends monday bhs_11_13
69 minute school ends monday bhs_11_14
74 hour school ends thursday bhs_11_19
75 minute school ends thursday bhs_11_20
76 hour school ends friday bhs_11_21
77 minute school ends friday bhs_11_22
78 hour school ends saturday bhs_11_23
79 minute school ends saturday bhs_11_24
80 frequence school on saturdays bhs_11_25
82 after-school care weekend bhs_12_02
83 youth center during week bhs_12_03
84 youth center weekend bhs_12_04
87 place of doing homework bhs_13
88 Wie lange Hausaufgaben und Lernen bhs_14
89 mother helps with homework bhs_15_01
90 father helps with homework bhs_15_02
91 grandparents help with homework bhs_15_03
92 siblings help with homework bhs_15_04
93 Hilfe bei Hausaufgaben: Freunde/Mitschueler bhs_15_05
94 tutor helps with homework bhs_15_06
95 help with homework homework supervision bhs_15_07
97 Playing Computer Games bhs_16_02
98 Social Networks bhs_16_03
99 Mobile Phone bhs_16_04
100 share sms bhs_16_05
102 Listen to Music bhs_16_07
103 playing music bhs_16_08
104 doing sports bhs_16_09
105 activities with family bhs_16_10
107 dancing, acting bhs_16_12
108 technical work bhs_16_13
109 painting bhs_16_14
110 reading bhs_16_15
112 Attend Church Or Other Religious Events bhs_16_17
113 youth group bhs_16_18
114 Be socially active bhs_16_19
115 care for pet bhs_16_20
117 Betrag Taschengeld/Woche bhs_18_01
118 Betrag Taschengeld/Monat bhs_18_02
119 how many friends bhs_19
120 Friend 1: ideal school completition degree bhs_20_01
121 Friend 2: ideal school completition degree bhs_20_02
122 Friend 3: ideal school completition degree bhs_20_03
123 Friend 1: place first met bhs_20_04
124 Friend 2: place first met bhs_20_05
125 Friend 3: place first met bhs_20_06
126 Einmischung Eltern wegen Freundewahl bhs_20_07
127 older siblings bhs_22
128 sibling 1: school completition degree bhs_23_02
129 sibling 2: school completition degree bhs_23_04
130 sibling 3: school completition degree bhs_23_06
131 breakfast during week bhs_24_01
132 lunch during week bhs_24_02
134 breakfast weekend bhs_24_04
135 lunch weekend bhs_24_05
136 dinner weekend bhs_24_06
137 height bhs_25
138 weight bhs_26
139 friends when worried bhs_27_01
140 siblings when worried bhs_27_02
141 mother when worried bhs_27_03
142 father when worried bhs_27_04
143 grandparents when worried bhs_27_05
144 help and support from friends bhs_27_06
145 help and support from siblings bhs_27_07
146 help and support from mother bhs_27_08
147 help and support from father bhs_27_09
148 help and support from grandparents bhs_27_10
149 get bullied by friends bhs_27_11
150 get bullied by siblings bhs_27_12
151 get bullied by mother bhs_27_13
152 get bullied by father bhs_27_14
153 get bullied by grandparents bhs_27_15
154 Friends say, be good in school bhs_27_16
155 Brother or Sister say, be good in school bhs_27_17
156 Mother say, be good in school bhs_27_18
157 Father say, be good in school bhs_27_19
158 Grandparents say, be good in school bhs_27_20
159 fight with friends bhs_27_21
160 fight with sblings bhs_27_22
161 fight with mother bhs_27_23
162 fight with father bhs_27_24
163 fight with grandparents bhs_27_25
164 Thorough worker bhs_28_01
165 I am communivative, talkative bhs_28_02
166 I am sometimes coarse with others bhs_28_03
167 I am original bhs_28_04
168 I often worry bhs_28_05
169 Able to forgive bhs_28_06
170 Tend to be lazy bhs_28_07
171 I am sociable bhs_28_08
172 I Value Artistic, Aesthetic Experiences bhs_28_09
173 I get nervous easily bhs_28_10
174 I complete tasks efficient bhs_28_11
175 Reserved bhs_28_12
176 I am friendly to others bhs_28_13
177 I have a lively imagination bhs_28_14
178 I deal well with stress bhs_28_15
179 I am curious, hungra for knowledge bhs_28_16
180 I have a positive opinien about myself bhs_28_17
181 I can easy forgo sth to save bhs_28_18
182 Live for today, do not think of tomorrow bhs_28_19
183 Readiness to assume a risk (interviewer) bhs_29
185 furniture hh: own room bhs_30_02
186 furniture hh: own books bhs_30_03
187 software for learning bhs_31_01
188 books helpful for doing homework bhs_31_02
189 classic literature bhs_31_03
191 artworks bhs_31_05
192 tablet pc bhs_32_01
193 usage of tablet bhs_32_02
194 computer bhs_32_03
195 usage computer bhs_32_04
197 usage games console bhs_32_06
198 smartphone bhs_32_07
199 usage smartphone bhs_32_08
200 other mobile phone bhs_32_09
201 usage other mobile phone bhs_32_10
202 language bhs_33_01
203 own opinion life satisfaction bhs_34
204 Born in Germany bhs_01_01_q73
206 Came to Germany with Whom bhs_02_q73
208 Left Country of Birth When, Year bhs_03_02_q73
209 Arrived in Germany, Month bhs_04_01_q73
211 Can Imagine To Stay In Germany bhs_05_q73
212 German Skills Start of School bhs_10_q73
213 Deutsche Sprachfaehigkeiten: Sprechen bhs_11_q73
214 Deutsche Sprachfaehigkeiten: Schreiben bhs_12_q73
215 Deutsche Sprachfaehigkeiten: Lesen bhs_13_q73
218 Sprachfaehigkeiten : Albanisch bhs_16_01_q73
219 Sprachfaehigkeiten : Arabisch bhs_16_02_q73
220 Sprachfaehigkeiten : Aramaeisch bhs_16_03_q73
221 Sprachfaehigkeiten : Armenisch bhs_16_04_q73
222 Sprachfaehigkeiten : Bengalisch bhs_16_05_q73
223 Sprachfaehigkeiten : Bosnisch bhs_16_06_q73
224 Sprachfaehigkeiten : Dari bhs_16_07_q73
225 Sprachfaehigkeiten : Englisch bhs_16_08_q73
226 Sprachfaehigkeiten : Farsi bhs_16_09_q73
227 Sprachfaehigkeiten : Franzoesisch bhs_16_10_q73
228 Sprachfaehigkeiten : Fula bhs_16_11_q73
229 Sprachfaehigkeiten : Georgisch bhs_16_12_q73
230 Sprachfaehigkeiten : Haussa bhs_16_13_q73
236 Sprachfaehigkeiten : Kurdisch-Suedkurdisch bhs_16_19_q73
237 Sprachfaehigkeiten : Mandinka bhs_16_20_q73
238 Sprachfaehigkeiten : Mazedonisch bhs_16_21_q73
239 Sprachfaehigkeiten : Paschto bhs_16_22_q73
240 Sprachfaehigkeiten : Punjabi bhs_16_23_q73
241 Sprachfaehigkeiten : Rumaenisch bhs_16_24_q73
242 Sprachfaehigkeiten : Russisch bhs_16_25_q73
243 Sprachfaehigkeiten : Saraiki bhs_16_26_q73
244 Sprachfaehigkeiten : Serbisch bhs_16_27_q73
245 Sprachfaehigkeiten : Somali bhs_16_28_q73
246 Sprachfaehigkeiten : Tamazight bhs_16_29_q73
247 Sprachfaehigkeiten : Tamil bhs_16_30_q73
253 Sprachfaehigkeiten : Yoruba bhs_16_36_q73
254 Language Skills Besides German: Other Language bhs_16_37_q73
255 Language Skills Besides German: No Other Language bhs_16_39_q73
256 Best Language Skill Besides German bhs_17_q73
257 Sprachfaehigkeiten der besten Sprache: Sprechen bhs_18_q73
258 Sprachfaehigkeiten der besten Sprache: Schreiben bhs_19_q73
259 Sprachfaehigkeiten der besten Sprache: Lesen bhs_20_q73
260 Spoken Language with Child, all HH-Members bhs_21_01_q73
261 Spoken Languages with Family bhs_22_q73
262 Spoken Languages with Friends bhs_23_q73
263 Spoken Languages in School bhs_24_q73
264 Language Use Media: Books bhs_25_q73
265 Language Use Media: TV bhs_26_q73
266 Number of first Interviewer bhs_27_q73
267 Language Use Media: Mails bhs_28_q73
270 Have never been to school bhs_29_03_q73
271 School Enrollment, Country bhs_30_01_q73
274 Duration of School Attendance 1st School, Months bhs_31_02_q73
275 Last attended school form at the place of first enrollment bhs_32_q73
276 1st School Attended Abroad bhs_35_01_q73
280 1st Previous Type of School in Other Country bhs_37_01_q73
281 2st School Attended Abroad bhs_35_04_q73
282 2. In welchem Land zur Schule bhs_35_06_q73
283 2nd Duration of School Attendance Abroad, Years bhs_36_03_q73
284 2nd Duration of School Attendance Abroad, Months bhs_36_04_q73
285 12nd Previous Type of School in Other Country bhs_37_02_q73
289 3rd Duration of School Attendance Abroad, Months bhs_36_06_q73
290 3rd Previous Type of School in Other Country bhs_37_03_q73
291 4th School Attended Abroad bhs_35_10_q73
292 4. In welchem Land zur Schule bhs_35_12_q73
293 4th Duration of School Attendance Abroad, Years bhs_36_07_q73
294 4th Duration of School Attendance Abroad, Months bhs_36_08_q73
295 4th Previous Type of School in Other Country bhs_37_04_q73
296 5th School Attended Abroad bhs_35_13_q73
297 5. In welchem Land zur Schule bhs_35_15_q73
300 5th Previous Type of School in Other Country bhs_37_05_q73
303 6th Duration of School Attendance Abroad, Years bhs_36_11_q73
304 6th Duration of School Attendance Abroad, Months bhs_36_12_q73
305 6th Previous Type of School in Other Country bhs_37_06_q73
306 7th School Attended Abroad bhs_35_19_q73
307 7. In welchem Land zur Schule bhs_35_21_q73
308 7th Duration of School Attendance Abroad, Years bhs_36_13_q73
310 7th Previous Type of School in Other Country bhs_37_07_q73
314 8th Duration of School Attendance Abroad, Months bhs_36_16_q73
315 8th Previous Type of School in Other Country bhs_37_08_q73
316 9th School Attended Abroad bhs_35_25_q73
317 9. In welchem Land zur Schule bhs_35_27_q73
318 9th Duration of School Attendance Abroad, Years bhs_36_17_q73
319 9th Duration of School Attendance Abroad, Months bhs_36_18_q73
320 9th Previous Type of School in Other Country bhs_37_09_q73
324 10th Duration of School Attendance Abroad, Months bhs_36_20_q73
325 10th Previous Type of School in Other Country bhs_37_10_q73
326 Seit wann deutsche Schule, Monat bhs_40_01_q73
327 Seit wann deutsche Schule, Jahr bhs_40_02_q73
328 Geht noch nicht in Deutschland zur Schule bhs_40_03_q73
330 Wie lange Fluechtlingsklasse, Monate bhs_42_01_q73
331 Wie lange Fluechtlingsklasse, Jahre bhs_42_02_q73
332 Besuche immer noch spezielle Klasse bhs_42_03_q73
333 Wie lange ausschl. Fluechtlingsklasse Monate bhs_43_01_q73
334 Wie lange ausschl. Fluechtlingsklasse Jahre bhs_43_02_q73
335 Still attending solely special class bhs_43_03_q73
336 First Grade Level in Germany after Migration bhs_44_q73
337 Besuchte Schulform im Schuljahr 2016/17 bhs_45_01_q73
340 1 Waiting for school or further education to start bhs_49_01_q73
341 2 Waiting vocational training to start bhs_49_02_q73
342 Bin in beruflichem Eingliederungslehrgang bhs_49_03_q73
343 Bin in Berufsvorbereitungsjahr, Berufsgrundbildungsjahr bhs_49_04_q73
344 Besuche berufsbildende Schule bhs_49_05_q73
345 Bin in beruflicher Ausbildung / Lehre bhs_49_06_q73
346 Bin in Praktikum, Volontariat bhs_49_07_q73
347 I am Employed bhs_49_08_q73
348 9 None of the above bhs_49_09_q73
349 Status no answer bhs_49_10_q73
350 Student In Class With Migration Background bhs_51_q73
353 Mathe: Keine Schulnote erhalten bhs_58_q73
354 1. Foreign Language: No grades bhs_59_q73
355 other relatives help with homework/learning bhs_62_q73
356 School Belonging Scale PISA: Being An Underdog bhs_68_q73
357 School Belonging Scale PISA: Finding Friends bhs_69_q73
358 School Belonging Scale PISA: Belonging bhs_70_q73
359 School Belonging Scale PISA: Discomfort bhs_71_q73
360 School Belonging Scale PISA: Popularity bhs_72_q73
361 School Belonging Scale PISA: Loneliness bhs_73_q73
362 School Belonging Scale PISA: Feeling Happy bhs_74_q73
363 School Belonging Scale PISA: School Runs Smoothly bhs_75_q73
364 School Belonging Scale PISA: Satisfaction bhs_76_q73
365 Aspiration to study bhs_90_q73
366 Quiet place to learn bhs_147_q73
367 Textbooks at home bhs_149_q73
368 Dictionary at home bhs_150_q73
369 Sharing Worries: other Relatives bhs_186_q73
370 Encouragement or Help: Other Relatives bhs_191_q73
371 Bossing Around: Other Relatives bhs_196_q73
372 Doing Well in School: Other Relatives bhs_201_q73
374 Aeltere Geschwister in der Schule in Deutschland bhs_216_q73
376 Weitere aeltere Geschwister 2 bhs_333_q73
377 TV or the like: German bhs_224_q73
378 TV or the like: other languages bhs_225_q73
379 Extracurricular Religion Class bhs_244_q73
381 Number of close Friends Living in Country of Origin bhs_266_q73
382 Number of close Friends Living in Germany bhs_267_q73
383 Number of close Friends Living in Other Country bhs_268_q73
384 Number of Friends Coming from Germany bhs_269_01_q73
385 Number of Friends Coming from Country of Origin bhs_269_02_q73
386 Number of Friends Coming from Other Country bhs_269_03_q73
387 Origin 1st Friend bhs_270_q73
388 Origin 2nd Friend bhs_272_q73
389 Origin 3rd Friend bhs_274_q73
390 Spend Time with Persons of Country of Origin bhs_276_q73
391 Spend Time with Germans bhs_277_q73
392 Spend Time with Persons of other Countries bhs_278_q73
393 Child Behavior: Positive before Migration bhs_316_q73
394 Child Behavior: Negative Before Migration bhs_317_q73
395 Missing People from Country of Origin bhs_318_q73
396 further persons present bhanw
397 form of questionning bhsinta
400 month of interview bhsmonin
403 End of Interview (Minutes) bhsminin
404 Interviewer questions - german language bhi1
405 Interviewer questions - translated texts: frequency bhi2
406 Interviewer questions - audio file: frequency bhi4
407 Language Version bhspvers
408 Device bhs_zgeraet

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Dataset: bhschool

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