Data from aerly youth questionnaire for 13-14-year-olds 2017


Sort Variable Name
0 Case-ID, Original Household Number (=hhnr) cid
1 Current Wave HH Number (=HHNRAKT) hid
2 Never Changing Person ID (=persnr) pid
10 Year Of Birth bhfjbirthy
11 Month Of Birth bhfjbirthm
12 Gender sex
29 I am nervous in new situations bhfj_01_17
35 I take things that are not mine bhfj_01_23
39 Current class level bhfj_02
40 number of students in class bhfj_03
47 Grade German bhfj_06_01
49 Grade First Foreign Language bhfj_06_03
50 No grades bhfj_06_04
57 hour school begins monday bhfj_11_01
58 minute school begins monday bhfj_11_02
59 hour school begins tuesday bhfj_11_03
60 minute school begins tuesday bhfj_11_04
61 hour school begins wednesday bhfj_11_05
75 hour school ends thursday bhfj_11_19
77 hour school ends friday bhfj_11_21
78 minute school ends friday bhfj_11_22
90 Class representative bhfj_14_01
91 Student body president bhfj_14_02
92 School Paramedic bhfj_14_03
97 Other kind of school group bhfj_14_08
98 9 None of the above bhfj_14_10
119 Fernsehen std. pro Tag Schulwoche bhfj_16_01
120 Fernsehen std. pro Tag Wochenende bhfj_16_02
125 Musik machen Std. pro Tag Schulwoche bhfj_16_07
128 Sport treiben Std. pro Tag Wochenende bhfj_16_10
163 help and support from grandparents bhfj_20_10
179 how many friends bhfj_21
185 Importance Best Friend, Currently bhfj_22_06
186 Importance My Group of Friends/ Clique, Currently bhfj_22_07
191 Betrag Taschengeld/Woche bhfj_25_01
192 Betrag Taschengeld/Monat bhfj_25_02
203 usage smartphone bhfj_28_08
461 Division of Responsibilities: Cleaning bhfj_306_q73
215 Able to forgive bhfj_33_06
462 Division of Responsibilities: Making Decisions bhfj_307_q73
468 Welcome in Germany Today bhfj_314_q73
469 Connected With Country Of Origin bhfj_315_q73
488 Interviewer ID intid
489 fruehe Jugendbefragungsinstrumente instrument
217 I am sociable bhfj_33_08
226 I have a positive opinien about myself bhfj_33_17
331 5. In welchem Land zur Schule bhfj_35_15_q73
332 5th Duration of School Attendance Abroad, Years bhfj_36_09_q73
333 5th Duration of School Attendance Abroad, Months bhfj_36_10_q73
241 Left Country of Birth When, Year bhfj_03_02_q73
243 Wann in Deutschland angekommen Jahr bhfj_04_02_q73
255 Sprachfaehigkeiten : Armenisch bhfj_16_04_q73
260 Sprachfaehigkeiten : Farsi bhfj_16_09_q73
265 Sprachfaehigkeiten : Hindi bhfj_16_14_q73
267 Sprachfaehigkeiten : Kroatisch bhfj_16_16_q73
271 Sprachfaehigkeiten : Mandinka bhfj_16_20_q73
273 Sprachfaehigkeiten : Paschto bhfj_16_22_q73
276 Sprachfaehigkeiten : Russisch bhfj_16_25_q73
278 Sprachfaehigkeiten : Serbisch bhfj_16_27_q73
282 Sprachfaehigkeiten : Tigrinya bhfj_16_31_q73
283 Sprachfaehigkeiten : Tuerkisch bhfj_16_32_q73
286 Sprachfaehigkeiten : Wolof bhfj_16_35_q73
302 School Enrollment, Month bhfj_29_01_q73
303 School Enrollment, Year bhfj_29_02_q73
304 Have never been to school bhfj_29_03_q73
306 Einschulung Anderes Land bhfj_30_03_q73
311 1. In welchem Land zur Schule bhfj_35_03_q73
316 2. In welchem Land zur Schule bhfj_35_06_q73
317 2nd Duration of School Attendance Abroad, Years bhfj_36_03_q73
321 3. In welchem Land zur Schule bhfj_35_09_q73
326 4. In welchem Land zur Schule bhfj_35_12_q73
328 4th Duration of School Attendance Abroad, Months bhfj_36_08_q73
343 7th Duration of School Attendance Abroad, Months bhfj_36_14_q73
345 8th School Attended Abroad bhfj_35_22_q73
347 8th Duration of School Attendance Abroad, Years bhfj_36_15_q73
348 8th Duration of School Attendance Abroad, Months bhfj_36_16_q73
350 9th School Attended Abroad bhfj_35_25_q73
351 9. In welchem Land zur Schule bhfj_35_27_q73
352 9th Duration of School Attendance Abroad, Years bhfj_36_17_q73
355 10th School Attended Abroad bhfj_35_28_q73
356 10. In welchem Land zur Schule bhfj_35_30_q73
369 Still attending solely special class bhfj_43_03_q73
370 First Grade Level in Germany after Migration bhfj_44_q73
438 Number of close Friends Living in Country of Origin bhfj_266_q73
238 Country Of Birth Code bhfj_01_03_q73
381 I am Employed bhfj_49_08_q73
382 9 None of the above bhfj_49_09_q73
473 Erreichtes ist Frage von Schicksal oder Glueck bhfj_328_q73
477 Interview Length Oral bhdauer1
478 interview lenght written bhdauer2
258 Sprachfaehigkeiten : Dari bhfj_16_07_q73
9 Person Number Surveyed bhpnr
64 minute school begins thursday bhfj_11_08
65 hour school begins friday bhfj_11_09
66 minute school begins friday bhfj_11_10
67 hour school begins saturday bhfj_11_11
68 minute school begins saturday bhfj_11_12
69 hour school ends monday bhfj_11_13
70 minute school ends monday bhfj_11_14
71 hour school ends tuesday bhfj_11_15
72 minute school ends tuesday bhfj_11_16
73 hour school ends wednesday bhfj_11_17
74 minute school ends wednesday bhfj_11_18
76 minute school ends thursday bhfj_11_20
79 hour school ends saturday bhfj_11_23
80 minute school ends saturday bhfj_11_24
123 Soziale Netzwerke Std. pro Tag Schulwoche bhfj_16_05
124 Soziale Netzwerke Std. pro Tag Wochenende bhfj_16_06
126 Musik machen std. pro Tag Wochenende bhfj_16_08
127 Sport treiben Std. pro Tag Schulwoche bhfj_16_09
259 Sprachfaehigkeiten : Englisch bhfj_16_08_q73
261 Sprachfaehigkeiten : Franzoesisch bhfj_16_10_q73
262 Sprachfaehigkeiten : Fula bhfj_16_11_q73
263 Sprachfaehigkeiten : Georgisch bhfj_16_12_q73
264 Sprachfaehigkeiten : Haussa bhfj_16_13_q73
266 Sprachfaehigkeiten : Igbo bhfj_16_15_q73
268 Sprachfaehigkeiten : Kurdisch-Kurmandschi bhfj_16_17_q73
269 Sprachfaehigkeiten : Kurdisch-Sorani bhfj_16_18_q73
270 Sprachfaehigkeiten : Kurdisch-Suedkurdisch bhfj_16_19_q73
272 Sprachfaehigkeiten : Mazedonisch bhfj_16_21_q73
274 Sprachfaehigkeiten : Punjabi bhfj_16_23_q73
275 Sprachfaehigkeiten : Rumaenisch bhfj_16_24_q73
277 Sprachfaehigkeiten : Saraiki bhfj_16_26_q73
279 Sprachfaehigkeiten : Somali bhfj_16_28_q73
280 Sprachfaehigkeiten : Tamazight bhfj_16_29_q73
281 Sprachfaehigkeiten : Tamil bhfj_16_30_q73
284 Sprachfaehigkeiten : Ukrainisch bhfj_16_33_q73
285 Sprachfaehigkeiten : Urdu bhfj_16_34_q73
287 Sprachfaehigkeiten : Yoruba bhfj_16_36_q73
288 Language Skills Besides German: Other Language bhfj_16_37_q73
289 Language Skills Besides German: No Other Language bhfj_16_39_q73
362 Geht noch nicht in Deutschland zur Schule bhfj_40_03_q73
375 2 Waiting vocational training to start bhfj_49_02_q73
376 I am enrolled in a vocational integration course bhfj_49_03_q73
377 4 Am in a vocational preparatory year, vocational basic education year bhfj_49_04_q73
378 5 Attend Vocational School bhfj_49_05_q73
379 Am in vocational training / apprenticeship bhfj_49_06_q73
380 Am in Internship, traineeship bhfj_49_07_q73
383 Status no answer bhfj_49_10_q73
384 Student In Class With Migration Background bhfj_51_q73
13 nice to other people bhfj_01_01
62 minute school begins wednesday bhfj_11_06
63 hour school begins thursday bhfj_11_07
3 Survey Year syear
4 Original Household Number hhnr
5 Current Wave HH Number (=HHNRAKT) bhhhnr
6 Current Wave HH Number (=BHHNRAKT) hhnrakt
7 Never Changing Person ID persnr
8 Subsample Identifier sample1
14 often restless, can not sit still bhfj_01_02
15 often feel pain /aches bhfj_01_03
16 like to share bhfj_01_04
17 get angry easily bhfj_01_05
18 most times alone bhfj_01_06
19 I do what others say bhfj_01_07
20 I often worry bhfj_01_08
21 I am helpful bhfj_01_09
22 I am fridgety bhfj_01_10
23 I have good friends bhfj_01_11
24 I often battle with others bhfj_01_12
25 I can force others to do what I want bhfj_01_13
26 I am often run-down, melancholy bhfj_01_14
27 I am popular with peers bhfj_01_15
28 I am easily distracted, lack of concentration bhfj_01_16
30 I am nice to younger children bhfj_01_18
31 Others claim that I lie a lot bhfj_01_19
32 I get teased or bullied by others bhfj_01_20
33 I often help others bhfj_01_21
34 I think about, before acting bhfj_01_22
36 I better get along with adults than with children bhfj_01_24
37 I have a lot of fears bhfj_01_25
38 I can concentrate for a long period bhfj_01_26
41 number of students not german bhfj_04_01
42 students not german bhfj_04_02
43 tearchers call up on you seldomly bhfj_05_01
44 teacher grades stricter bhfj_05_02
45 teachers admonish you more often bhfj_05_03
46 teachers think you are less clever bhfj_05_04
48 Grade Maths bhfj_06_02
51 ideal school completition degree bhfj_07
52 importance school completition degree bhfj_08
53 most probable school completition degree bhfj_09
54 Friend 1: ideal school completition degree bhfj_10_01
55 Friend 2: ideal school completition degree bhfj_10_02
56 Friend 3: ideal school completition degree bhfj_10_03
81 frequence school on saturdays bhfj_11_25
82 Wie lange Hausaufgaben und Lernen bhfj_12
83 mother helps with homework bhfj_13_01
84 father helps with homework bhfj_13_02
85 grandparents help with homework bhfj_13_03
86 siblings help with homework bhfj_13_04
87 Hilfe bei Hausaufgaben: Freunde/Mitschueler bhfj_13_05
88 tutor helps with homework bhfj_13_06
89 help with homework homework supervision bhfj_13_07
93 Student Magazine bhfj_14_04
94 Theater-/ Dance Group bhfj_14_05
95 Member of choir, orchestra, music group bhfj_14_06
96 volunteer sport group bhfj_14_07
99 Tv bhfj_15_01
100 Playing Computer Games bhfj_15_02
101 Social Networks bhfj_15_03
102 Mobile Phone bhfj_15_04
103 share sms bhfj_15_05
104 Surfen im Internet bhfj_15_06
105 Listen to Music bhfj_15_07
106 playing music bhfj_15_08
107 doing sports bhfj_15_09
108 activities with family bhfj_15_10
109 meet friends bhfj_15_11
110 dancing, acting bhfj_15_12
111 technical work bhfj_15_13
112 painting bhfj_15_14
113 reading bhfj_15_15
114 doing nothing bhfj_15_16
115 Attend Church Or Other Religious Events bhfj_15_17
116 youth group bhfj_15_18
117 Be socially active bhfj_15_19
118 care for pet bhfj_15_20
121 Computerspiele Std. pro Tag Schulwoche bhfj_16_03
122 Computerspiele Std. pro Tag Wochenende bhfj_16_04
129 Abends vor Schultagen alleine unterwegs bhfj_17_01
130 Abends vor schulfreien Tagen alleine unterwegs bhfj_17_02
131 Abends vor Schultagen zuhause aufbleiben bhfj_17_03
132 Abends vor schulfreien Tagen zuhause aufbleiben bhfj_17_04
133 Mit anderen Erwachsenen Urlaub bhfj_18_01
134 Ohne Erwachsene Urlaub bhfj_18_02
135 mit anderen erwachsenen zug- oder flugreise bhfj_18_03
136 Ohne Erwachsene Zug- oder Flugreise bhfj_18_04
137 Mit anderen Erwachsenen zum Arzt bhfj_18_05
138 Ohne Erwachsene zum Arzt bhfj_18_06
139 Mit anderen Erwachsenen Kleidung gekauft bhfj_18_07
140 Ohne Erwachsene Kleidung gekauft bhfj_18_08
141 Mit anderen Erwachsenen gekocht oder gebacken bhfj_18_09
142 Ohne Erwachsene gekocht oder gebacken bhfj_18_10
143 Mit anderen Erwachsenen etwas umgetauscht bhfj_18_11
144 Ohne Erwachsene etwas umgetauscht bhfj_18_12
145 Mit anderen Erwachsenen im Kino bhfj_18_13
146 Ohne Erwachsene im Kino bhfj_18_14
147 Mit anderen erwachsenen Alkohol getrunken bhfj_18_15
148 Ohne Erwachsene Alkohol getrunken bhfj_18_16
149 Mit anderen Erwachsenen geraucht bhfj_18_17
150 Ohne Erwachsene geraucht bhfj_18_18
151 Mit anderen Erwachsenen Wassperfeife geraucht bhfj_18_19
152 Ohne Erwachsene Wassperfeife geraucht bhfj_18_20
153 Einmischung Eltern wegen Freundewahl bhfj_19
154 friends when worried bhfj_20_01
155 siblings when worried bhfj_20_02
156 mother when worried bhfj_20_03
157 father when worried bhfj_20_04
158 grandparents when worried bhfj_20_05
159 help and support from friends bhfj_20_06
160 help and support from siblings bhfj_20_07
161 help and support from mother bhfj_20_08
162 help and support from father bhfj_20_09
164 get bullied by friends bhfj_20_11
165 get bullied by siblings bhfj_20_12
166 get bullied by mother bhfj_20_13
167 get bullied by father bhfj_20_14
168 get bullied by grandparents bhfj_20_15
169 Friends say, be good in school bhfj_20_16
170 Brother or Sister say, be good in school bhfj_20_17
171 Mother say, be good in school bhfj_20_18
172 Father say, be good in school bhfj_20_19
173 Grandparents say, be good in school bhfj_20_20
174 fight with friends bhfj_20_21
175 fight with sblings bhfj_20_22
176 fight with mother bhfj_20_23
177 fight with father bhfj_20_24
178 fight with grandparents bhfj_20_25
180 Importance Father, Currently bhfj_22_01
181 Importance Mother, Currently bhfj_22_02
182 Importance Brother/Sister, Currently bhfj_22_03
183 Other Relative Important In Life, Currently bhfj_22_04
184 Importance Steady Boyfriend/Girlfriend, Currently bhfj_22_05
187 Importance Teacher, Currently bhfj_22_08
188 Importance Other Person, Currently bhfj_22_09
189 language bhfj_22_11
190 Pocket Money Received bhfj_24
193 Money Saved bhfj_26_01
194 Betrag Sparbetrag/Monat bhfj_26_02
195 Irregular Amount savings bhfj_26_03
196 tablet pc bhfj_28_01
197 usage of tablet bhfj_28_02
198 Computer/Laptop bhfj_28_03
199 Use of computer/laptop bhfj_28_04
200 games console bhfj_28_05
201 usage games console bhfj_28_06
202 smartphone bhfj_28_07
204 other mobile phone bhfj_28_09
205 usage other mobile phone bhfj_28_10
206 Interest in politics (interviewer) bhfj_29
207 Inclined Towards a Particular Party bhfj_30
208 Party Identification bhfj_31_01
209 Strength of Party Identification bhfj_32
210 Thorough worker bhfj_33_01
211 I am communivative, talkative bhfj_33_02
212 I am sometimes coarse with others bhfj_33_03
213 I am original bhfj_33_04
244 Can Imagine To Stay In Germany bhfj_05_q73
214 I often worry bhfj_33_05
216 Tend to be lazy bhfj_33_07
218 I Value Artistic, Aesthetic Experiences bhfj_33_09
219 I get nervous easily bhfj_33_10
220 I complete tasks efficient bhfj_33_11
252 Sprachfaehigkeiten : Albanisch bhfj_16_01_q73
253 Sprachfaehigkeiten : Arabisch bhfj_16_02_q73
221 Reserved bhfj_33_12
222 I am friendly to others bhfj_33_13
223 I have a lively imagination bhfj_33_14
224 I deal well with stress bhfj_33_15
225 I am curious, hungra for knowledge bhfj_33_16
254 Sprachfaehigkeiten : Aramaeisch bhfj_16_03_q73
256 Sprachfaehigkeiten : Bengalisch bhfj_16_05_q73
227 I can easy forgo sth to save bhfj_33_18
228 Habe lieber heute Spass bhfj_33_19
229 Versuche, auch schwierige Aufgaben zu loesen bhfj_33_20
230 Current State Of Health bhfj_34
231 height bhfj_35
232 weight bhfj_36
233 Readiness to assume a risk (interviewer) bhfj_37
234 Was man erreicht, ist Schicksal oder Glueck bhfj_38_01
235 Success takes hard work bhfj_38_02
236 own opinion life satisfaction bhfj_39
237 Geburtsland Deutschland bhfj_01_01_q73
239 Came to Germany with Whom bhfj_02_q73
240 Left Country of Birth When, Month bhfj_03_01_q73
242 Arrived in Germany, Month bhfj_04_01_q73
257 Sprachfaehigkeiten : Bosnisch bhfj_16_06_q73
245 Deutschkenntnisse vor Zuzug nach Deutschland: Sprechen bhfj_09_q73
246 German Skills Start of School bhfj_10_q73
247 Deutsche Sprachfaehigkeiten: Sprechen bhfj_11_q73
248 Deutsche Sprachfaehigkeiten: Schreiben bhfj_12_q73
249 Deutsche Sprachfaehigkeiten: Lesen bhfj_13_q73
250 Language Training In Order To Learn German bhfj_14_q73
251 Language Training: Number of Hours per Week bhfj_15_q73
290 Best Language Skill Besides German bhfj_17_q73
291 Sprachfaehigkeiten der besten Sprache: Sprechen bhfj_18_q73
292 Sprachfaehigkeiten der besten Sprache: Schreiben bhfj_19_q73
293 Sprachfaehigkeiten der besten Sprache: Lesen bhfj_20_q73
294 Spoken Language with Child, all HH-Members bhfj_21_01_q73
295 Spoken Languages with Family bhfj_22_q73
296 Spoken Languages with Friends bhfj_23_q73
297 Spoken Languages in School bhfj_24_q73
298 Language Use Media: Books bhfj_25_q73
299 Language Use Media: TV bhfj_26_q73
300 Number of first Interviewer bhfj_27_q73
301 Language Use Media: Mails bhfj_28_q73
305 School Enrollment, Country bhfj_30_01_q73
307 Duration of School Attendance 1st School, Years bhfj_31_01_q73
308 Duration of School Attendance 1st School, Months bhfj_31_02_q73
309 Last attended school form at the place of first enrollment bhfj_32_q73
310 1st School Attended Abroad bhfj_35_01_q73
312 1st Duration of School Attendance Abroad, Years bhfj_36_01_q73
313 1st Duration of School Attendance Abroad, Months bhfj_36_02_q73
314 Zuletzt besuchte Schulform in dem anderen Land 1 bhfj_37_01_q73
315 2st School Attended Abroad bhfj_35_04_q73
318 2nd Duration of School Attendance Abroad, Months bhfj_36_04_q73
319 Zuletzt besuchte Schulform in dem anderen Land 2 bhfj_37_02_q73
320 3rd School Attended Abroad bhfj_35_07_q73
322 3rd Duration of School Attendance Abroad, Years bhfj_36_05_q73
323 3rd Duration of School Attendance Abroad, Months bhfj_36_06_q73
324 Zuletzt besuchte Schulform in dem anderen Land 3 bhfj_37_03_q73
325 4th School Attended Abroad bhfj_35_10_q73
327 4th Duration of School Attendance Abroad, Years bhfj_36_07_q73
329 Zuletzt besuchte Schulform in dem anderen Land 4 bhfj_37_04_q73
330 5th School Attended Abroad bhfj_35_13_q73
334 Zuletzt besuchte Schulform in dem anderen Land 5 bhfj_37_05_q73
335 6th School Attended Abroad bhfj_35_16_q73
336 6. In welchem Land zur Schule bhfj_35_18_q73
337 6th Duration of School Attendance Abroad, Years bhfj_36_11_q73
338 6th Duration of School Attendance Abroad, Months bhfj_36_12_q73
339 Zuletzt besuchte Schulform in dem anderen Land 6 bhfj_37_06_q73
340 7th School Attended Abroad bhfj_35_19_q73
341 7. In welchem Land zur Schule bhfj_35_21_q73
342 7th Duration of School Attendance Abroad, Years bhfj_36_13_q73
344 Zuletzt besuchte Schulform in dem anderen Land 7 bhfj_37_07_q73
346 8. In welchem Land zur Schule bhfj_35_24_q73
349 Zuletzt besuchte Schulform in dem anderen Land 8 bhfj_37_08_q73
353 9th Duration of School Attendance Abroad, Months bhfj_36_18_q73
354 Zuletzt besuchte Schulform in dem anderen Land 9 bhfj_37_09_q73
357 10th Duration of School Attendance Abroad, Years bhfj_36_19_q73
358 10th Duration of School Attendance Abroad, Months bhfj_36_20_q73
359 Zuletzt besuchte Schulform in dem anderen Land 10 bhfj_37_10_q73
360 Since When in School in Germany, Month bhfj_40_01_q73
361 Since When in School in Germany, Year bhfj_40_02_q73
363 Special Class for children of refugees bhfj_41_q73
364 Duration Refugee Class as well, Months bhfj_42_01_q73
365 Duration Refugee Class as well, Years bhfj_42_02_q73
366 Still attending special class bhfj_42_03_q73
367 Duration Solely Refugee Class, Months bhfj_43_01_q73
368 Duration Solely Refugee Class, Years bhfj_43_02_q73
371 Besuchte Schulform im Schuljahr 2016/17 bhfj_45_01_q73
372 Type of School in School Year 2017/18 bhfj_46_01_q73
373 Klassenstufe des Kindes im Schuljahr 2016/17 bhfj_47_q73
374 1 Waiting for school or further education to start bhfj_49_01_q73
385 Certificate received in Germany bhfj_56_q73
386 No Grades in Certificate bhfj_57_q73
387 Mathematics No Grade in Certificate bhfj_58_q73
388 1st Foreign Language No Grades in Certificate bhfj_59_q73
389 other relatives help with homework/learning bhfj_62_q73
390 School Belonging Scale PISA: Being An Underdog bhfj_68_q73
391 School Belonging Scale PISA: Finding Friends bhfj_69_q73
392 School Belonging Scale PISA: Belonging bhfj_70_q73
393 School Belonging Scale PISA: Discomfort bhfj_71_q73
394 School Belonging Scale PISA: Popularity bhfj_72_q73
395 School Belonging Scale PISA: Loneliness bhfj_73_q73
396 School Belonging Scale PISA: Feeling Happy bhfj_74_q73
397 School Belonging Scale PISA: School Runs Smoothly bhfj_75_q73
398 School Belonging Scale PISA: Satisfaction bhfj_76_q73
399 Intended vocational training or university degree bhfj_89_q73
400 Aspiration to study bhfj_90_q73
401 Schon einmal fuer Geld gearbeitet bhfj_91_q73
402 Wie alt als schon einmal fuer Geld gearbeitet bhfj_92_q73
403 I did not have a job in my country of origin bhfj_93_02_q73
404 Branch of Company in Country of Origin bhfj_94_q73
405 Working Time per Week in Country of Origin bhfj_95_q73
406 Branch of Current Company bhfj_97_q73
407 Working Time per Week bhfj_98_q73
408 Quiet place to learn bhfj_147_q73
409 Writing desk at home bhfj_148_q73
410 Textbooks at home bhfj_149_q73
411 Dictionary at home bhfj_150_q73
412 furniture hh: own room bhfj_151_q73
413 Buecher bhfj_152_q73
414 books helpful for doing homework bhfj_153_q73
415 software for learning bhfj_154_q73
416 Klassischer Literatur zuhause bhfj_155_q73
417 Musikinstrumente zuhause bhfj_156_q73
418 Kunstwerke zuhause bhfj_157_q73
419 Ohne Eltern gemacht: Urlaub bhfj_169_q73
420 Ohne Eltern gemacht: Zug- oder Flugreise bhfj_170_q73
421 Ohne Eltern gemacht: zum Arzt gegangen bhfj_171_q73
422 Ohne Eltern gemacht: Kleidung gekauft bhfj_172_q73
423 Ohne Eltern gemacht: selbst gekocht oder gebacken bhfj_173_q73
424 Ohne Eltern gemacht: im Laden etwas umgetauscht bhfj_174_q73
425 Ohne Eltern gemacht: ins Kino gegangen bhfj_175_q73
426 Ohne Eltern gemacht: Alkohol getrunken bhfj_176_q73
427 Ohne Eltern gemacht: Zigaretten geraucht bhfj_177_q73
428 Ohne Eltern gemacht: Wasserpfeife geraucht bhfj_178_q73
429 Sharing Worries: other Relatives bhfj_186_q73
430 Encouragement or Help: Other Relatives bhfj_191_q73
431 Bossing Around: Other Relatives bhfj_196_q73
432 Doing Well in School: Other Relatives bhfj_201_q73
433 Dispute with other Relatives bhfj_206_q73
434 TV or the like: German bhfj_224_q73
435 TV or the like: other languages bhfj_225_q73
436 Extracurricular Religion Class bhfj_244_q73
437 Cultural Association bhfj_246_q73
439 Number of close Friends Living in Germany bhfj_267_q73
440 Number of close Friends Living in Other Country bhfj_268_q73
441 Number of Friends Coming from Germany bhfj_269_01_q73
442 Number of Friends Coming from Country of Origin bhfj_269_02_q73
443 Number of Friends Coming from Other Country bhfj_269_03_q73
444 Origin 1st Friend bhfj_270_q73
445 Intended School Leaving Certificate, Type bhfj_271_q73
446 Origin 2nd Friend bhfj_272_q73
447 Intended School Leaving Certificate 2nd Friend, Type bhfj_273_q73
448 Origin 3rd Friend bhfj_274_q73
449 Intended School Leaving Certificate 3rd Friend, Type bhfj_275_q73
450 Spend Time with Persons of Country of Origin bhfj_276_q73
451 Spend Time with Germans bhfj_277_q73
452 Spend Time with Persons of other Countries bhfj_278_q73
453 Church, Religious Community, Denomination bhfj_296_q73
454 Which Christian religious organisation bhfj_297_q73
455 Which Islamic denomination bhfj_298_q73
456 Religion is important for well-being and satisfaction bhfj_300_q73
457 Frequency Praying bhfj_301_q73
458 Division of Responsibilities: Children bhfj_303_q73
459 Division of Responsibilities: Cooking bhfj_304_q73
460 Division of Responsibilities: Money bhfj_305_q73
463 Following Things OK: Unmarried couple bhfj_309_q73
464 Following Things OK: Divorce bhfj_310_q73
465 Following Things OK: Abortion bhfj_311_q73
466 Following Things OK: Homosexuality bhfj_312_q73
467 Welcomed Upon Arrival in Germany bhfj_313_q73
470 Child Behavior: Positive before Migration bhfj_316_q73
471 Child Behavior: Negative Before Migration bhfj_317_q73
472 Missing People from Country of Origin bhfj_318_q73
474 Erfolg muss man sich erarbeiten bhfj_329_q73
475 further persons present bhanw
476 form of questionning bhfjinta
479 month of interview bhfjmonin
480 day of interview bhfjtagin
481 End of Interview (Hour) bhfjstin
482 End of Interview (Minutes) bhfjminin
483 Interviewer questions - german language bhi1
484 Interviewer questions - translated texts: frequency bhi2
485 Interviewer questions - audio file: frequency bhi4
486 Language Version bhspvers
487 Device bhfj_zgeraet

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Dataset: bhschool2

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