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Sort Variable Name
1 Original Household Number hhnr
1 Unique Individual Identifier persnr
1 Year Of Biography/Youth Interview bioyear
1 Age At First Job agefjob
1 Info Source Agefjob ageinfo
1 Year of First Real Job (Artkalen, Read Documentation!) einstieg_artk
1 Year of First Real Job Source einstieg_artk_info
1 Year of First Real Job (Pbiospe, Read Documentation!) einstieg_pbio
1 Year of First Real Job Source einstieg_pbio_info
1 Employment Status nojob
1 Still Employed In First Job stillfj
1 Occ. Position First Job occfjob
1 First Job Full Time fulltime
1 First Job Blue Collar fjblue
1 First Job Self Employed fjselfe
1 First Job White Collar fjwhite
1 First Job Civil Servant fjcivs
1 Number Of Employees First Job fjsefsiz
1 StaBua Vocational Classification stba
1 4 Digit ISCO-88 Occupation Code isco88
1 EGP Class Category ISCO-88 egp
1 Ganzeboom ISEI-Status88 isei
1 Magnitude Prestige Scale mps
1 Treiman Standard Int Occ Prestige siops
1 Required Education For First Job reqeduc
1 First Job In Civil Service civilsfj
1 2-Digit NACE Industry, Sector(First Job) nacefj
1 No. Of Occ. Changes occmove
1 Age At Most Recent Occ. Change ageatmv
1 Employed At Time Of Bio Interview currempl
1 Year Of Last Employment yearlast
1 Last Job Full-/Part-Time scopelj
1 Last Job In Civil Service civilslj
1 2-Digit NACE Industry,Sector(Last Job) nacelj
1 Occ. Position Last Job occljob
1 Last Job Blue Collar ljblue
1 Last Job Self Employed ljselfe
1 No. Of Employees Ljselfe ljsefsiz
1 Last Job White Collar ljwhite
1 Last Job Civil Servant ljcivs
1 Highest Intended Educ. Degree inteduc1
1 Second Intended Educ. Degree inteduc2
1 Third Intended Educ. Degree inteduc3
1 Fourth Intended Educ. Degree inteduc4


Study: soep-core


Dataset: biojob

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