Personal questionnaire


Sort Variable Name
1 Original Household Number hhnr
1 Questionnaire Version dpspkz
1 Survey Year welle
1 Language Version dperfas
1 Current Wave HH Number (=DHHNR) hhnrakt
1 Current Wave HH Number (=HHNRAKT) dhhnr
1 Person Number Surveyed dbefrper
1 Subsample Identifier TNS-Infratest sample1
1 Satisfaction With Health dp0101
1 Satisfaction With Household Income dp0102
1 Satisfaction With Social Security System dp0103
1 Satisfaction With Dwelling dp0104
1 Satisfaction With Work dp0105
1 Satisfaction With Housework dp0106
1 Satisfaction With Leisure Time dp0107
1 Hours Per Weekday On Housework dp0201
1 Hours Per Weekday On Child Care dp0202
1 Hours Per Weekday On Job dp0203
1 Hours Per Weekday On Education dp0204
1 Hours Per Weekday On Repairs,Yard Work dp0205
1 Hours Per Weekday On TV dp0206
1 Hours Per Weekday On Other Activities dp0207
1 Hours Sunday On Housework dp0208
1 Hours Sunday On Child Care dp0209
1 Hours Sunday On Job dp0210
1 Hours Sunday On Education dp0211
1 Hours Sunday On Handicraft Work dp0212
1 Hours Sunday On TV dp0213
1 Hours Sunday On Other Activities dp0214
1 Family Members Help Out dp0301
1 Regular Second Job dp0302
1 Odd Jobs For Pay dp0303
1 None Of These dp0304
1 Days Per Month On Second Job dp0401
1 Hours Per Day On Second Job dp0402
1 Registered As Unemployed dp05
1 Occupational Disability dp0601
1 Degree Of Disability dp0602
1 Craft Work dp0701
1 Renovation dp0702
1 Home Repairs dp0703
1 Auto Repairs dp0704
1 Yard Work dp0705
1 Other Do-It-Yourself Work dp0706
1 No Do-It-Yourself Work dp0707
1 Currently Receiving Education,Training dp10
1 General-Education School dp1101
1 College dp1102
1 Vocational Retraining dp1103
1 Continuing Vocational Education dp1104
1 Vocational Rehabilitation dp1105
1 Continuing General Education dp1106
1 Continuing Other Education dp1107
1 Practical Training Preparation Year dp1108
1 Vocational School Without Apprenticeship dp1109
1 Apprenticeship dp1110
1 Specialized Vocational School dp1111
1 School Of Health Care dp1112
1 Specialized Technical School dp1113
1 Civil Servant Training dp1114
1 Other Vocational Education dp1115
1 Employment Status dp12
1 Possibility Of Finding New Job dp13
1 Intention Regarding Future Employment dp14
1 When Will Future Employment Begin dp15
1 Interested In Full Or Part-Time Work dp16
1 Amount Of Necessary Net Income dp1701
1 Amount Of Net Income Depends On Job dp1702
1 Able To Start Job Immediately dp18
1 Year Last Job Ended dp19b01
1 Never Gainfully Employed dp19b02
1 Employment Status In Last Job dp20b
1 Last Worked In Civil Service dp21b
1 Last Worked As Blue-Collar Worker dp22b01
1 Last Worked As Self-Employed dp22b02
1 Last Was In Training,Education dp22b03
1 Last Worked As White-Collar Worker dp22b04
1 Last Worked As Public Servant dp22b05
1 Employed Since Start Of Previous Year? dp19g
1 Month Of In Firm Job Change Previous Yr dp20g01
1 Month Of In Firm Job Change Current Yr dp20g02
1 Month Started New Job Previous Yr dp20g03
1 Month Started New Job Current Yr dp20g04
1 Month Became Self-Employed Previous Yr dp20g05
1 Month Became Self-Employed Current Yr dp20g06
1 Month Returned To Work Previous Yr dp20g07
1 Month Returned To Work Current Yr dp20g08
1 Month Started First Job Previous Yr dp20g09
1 Month Started First Job Current Yr dp20g10
1 No Change In Job dp20g11
1 Month Last Job Ended Previous Yr dp21g01
1 Month Last Job Ended Current Yr dp21g02
1 Year Last Job Ended dp21g03
1 Years Worked On Last Job dp22g01
1 Months Worked On Last Job dp22g02
1 Terminated By Employer dp23g01
1 Limited Term Employment Relationship dp23g02
1 Took Early Retirement dp23g03
1 Education,Training Completed dp23g04
1 Quit The Job dp23g05
1 Mutual Termination dp23g06
1 Employee Requested Transfer dp23g07
1 Company Transferred Employee dp23g08
1 Ended Self-Employment dp23g09
1 Other Reasons For Loss Of Job dp23g10
1 Married dp24g01
1 Quit Job For Child Care dp24g02
1 Quit Job To Care For Someone dp24g03
1 Quit Job Due To Occupational Disability dp24g04
1 Quit Job Because Of Incapacity For Work dp24g05
1 Quit Job Because Of Other Health Reasons dp24g06
1 Quit Job When Reached Retirement Age dp24g07
1 Quit Job Because Of Early Retirement dp24g08
1 Quit Job For Military,Community Service dp24g09
1 Quit Job Due To Difficulties With Boss dp24g10
1 Quit Job When Moved dp24g11
1 Quit Job Because Of Company Downsizing dp24g12
1 Quit Job Because Of Bankruptcy dp24g13
1 Quit Job Due To Occupational Change dp24g14
1 Quit Job For Better Job dp24g15
1 Quit Job To Continue Education dp24g16
1 Quit Job When Financially Independent dp24g17
1 Quit Job Because Of Other Reasons dp24g18
1 Type Of Work Of This Job Versus Last Job dp25g01
1 Earnings Of This Job Versus Last Job dp25g02
1 Advancement On This Job Versus Last Job dp25g03
1 Work Load Of This Job Versus Last Job dp25g04
1 Commute Of This Job Versus Last Job dp25g05
1 Hours Worked On This Job Versus Last Job dp25g06
1 Benefits Of This Job Versus Last Job dp25g07
1 Job Security Of This Job Versus Last Job dp25g08
1 Skill Use On This Job Versus Last Job dp26g
1 Job Search Through Employment Office dp27g01
1 Job Search Through Newspaper dp27g02
1 Job Search Through Friends/Relatives dp27g03
1 Job Search Through Company Job Offerings dp27g04
1 Became Self-Employed dp27g05
1 Job Search Through Other Means dp27g06
1 Working In Occupation Trained For dp29
1 No Education,Training Necessary dp3001
1 Short Introduction To Job dp3002
1 On-The-Job Training dp3003
1 Special Courses dp3004
1 Completed Vocational Training dp3005
1 Completed College dp3006
1 Civil Service dp3101
1 Size Of Company dp32
1 Year Began Current Employment dp3301
1 Month Began Current Employment dp3302
1 Duration Of Work Contract dp34
1 Company Pension dp35b
1 Entitled To Company Pension dp36b01
1 Year Became Entitled To Company Pension dp36b02
1 Entitlement From Previous Employer dp37b
1 Type Of Blue-Collar Worker dp3801
1 Type Of Self-Employment dp3802
1 Currently In Education,Training dp3803
1 Type Of White-Collar Worker dp3804
1 Type Of Civil Servant dp3805
1 Job Has Varied Job Duties dp3901
1 Job Is Physically Demanding dp3902
1 Job Duties Determined By Self dp3903
1 Job Time Depends On Amount Of Work dp3904
1 Job Output Is Strictly Controlled dp3905
1 Job Requires Shift Work dp3906
1 Job Requires Regular Night Work dp3907
1 Job Difficulties With Supervisor dp3908
1 Job Has Contact With Fellow Workers dp3909
1 Job Includes Self In Decision Making dp3910
1 Work Experience Useful For Advancement dp3911
1 Job Has Undesirable Working Conditions dp3912
1 Job Is High Stress dp3913
1 Agreed Upon Hours Of Work Per Week dp4001
1 Flexible Hours Of Work Per Week dp4002
1 Average Number Of Hours Worked Per Week dp41
1 Suitable Job Not Found dp4201
1 Because Has To Raise Children dp4202
1 Other Family Reasons dp4203
1 Income Is Sufficient dp4204
1 Otherwise Insufficient Free Time dp4205
1 Other Reasons For Part-Time Work dp4206
1 Job Provides Social Security dp43
1 Gross Income Last Month dp4401
1 Net Income Last Month dp4402
1 Desired Number Of Hours Work Per Week dp45
1 Chance Of Finding New Job dp4601
1 Chance Of Losing Job dp4602
1 Chance Of Promotion dp4603
1 Chance Of Working Different Occupation dp4604
1 Chance Of Leaving The Labor Force dp4605
1 Chances Of Finding Comparable Position dp47
1 Age Of Person Surveyed dpalter
1 Anticipated Age Of Retirement dp4801
1 Anticipated Age Of Retirement Is Unknown dp4802
1 Will Retire Due To Health dp4901
1 Will Retire Early Because Firm Favors It dp4902
1 Will Retire To Enjoy Myself More dp4903
1 Will Retire For Financial Reasons dp4904
1 Will Not Retire: Enjoy Working dp4905
1 Prefer Partial Pension & Work Part-Time dp50
1 Age When Prefer To Work Part-Time dp5101
1 Do Not Know Age When To Work Part-Time dp5102
1 Expected Age Of Full Retirement dp5201
1 Expected Age Of Full Retirement Unknown dp5202
1 Completed Education,Training Prev Yr dp53
1 General-Education School Degree dp5401
1 College Degree dp5402
1 Type Of College Degree dp5403
1 Primary Field Of Study In College dp5404
1 Occupation Trained For dp5405
1 Type Of Education,Training dp5406
1 Number Of Vacation Day Previous Year dp5601
1 No Vacation Time dp5602
1 13Tth Month Pay Prev Yr dp5901
1 Amount Of 13th Month Pay Prev Yr dp5902
1 14th Month Pay Prev Yr dp5903
1 Amount Of 14th Month Pay Prev Yr dp5904
1 Christmas Bonus Prev Yr dp5905
1 Amount Of Christmas Bonus Prev Yr dp5906
1 Vacation Bonus Prev Yr dp5907
1 Amount Of Vacation Bonus Prev Yr dp5908
1 Profit-Sharing Bonus Prev Yr dp5909
1 Amount Of Profit-Sharing Bonus Prev Yr dp5910
1 Other Bonuses Prev Yr dp5911
1 Amount Of Other Bonuses Prev Yr dp5912
1 No Bonuses,Perks Prev Yr dp5913
1 Short-Time Work Benefit Prev Yr dp6001
1 Weeks Of Short-Time Work Benefit Prev Yr dp6002
1 Bad Weather Benefit Prev Yr dp6003
1 Weeks Of Bad Weather Benefit Prev Yr dp6004
1 No Short-Time,Bad Weather Benefit Pr Yr dp6005
1 Amt. Worker Pension-Self dp6101
1 Amt. Miner Pension-Self dp6102
1 Amt. Civil Servant Pension-Self dp6103
1 Amt. War Victim Pension-Self dp6104
1 Amt. Farmer Pension-Self dp6105
1 Amt. Worker Accident Pension-Self dp6106
1 Amt. Supp. Civil Servant Pension-Self dp6107
1 Amt. Company Pension-Self dp6108
1 Amt. Other Pension-Self dp6109
1 Amt. Worker Pension-Dependent dp6110
1 Amt. Miner Pension-Dependent dp6111
1 Amt. Civil Servant Pension-Dependent dp6112
1 Amt. War Victim Pension-Dependent dp6113
1 Amt. Farmer Pension-Dependent dp6114
1 Amt. Worker Accident Pension-Dependent dp6115
1 Amt. Supp. Civil Servant Pension-Dependent dp6116
1 Amt. Company Pension-Dependent dp6117
1 Amt. Other Pension-Dependent dp6118
1 Compulsory Paying Member dp6201
1 Voluntary Paying Member dp6202
1 Co-Insured Family Member dp6203
1 Privately Insured dp6204
1 Pensioner, Unemployed, Student, Etc dp6205
1 No Health Insurance dp6206
1 Local Health Insurance Plan dp6301
1 Supplementary Health Insurance Plan dp6302
1 Company Health Insurance Plan dp6303
1 Guild Health Insurance Plan dp6304
1 Private Health Insurance Plan dp6305
1 Other Health Insurance Plan dp6306
1 Type Of Other Health Insurance Plan dp6307
1 Amount Of Health Insurance Premium dp6308
1 Number Of Insured Persons dp6309
1 Reimbursement For Medical Treatment dp6310
1 Premiums For Compulsory Pension dp6401
1 Months Of Voluntary,Compulsory Pension dp6402
1 Amount Of Voluntary,Compulsory Premium dp6403
1 Payments To Parents Previous Yr dp6501
1 Amount Of Payments To Parents Prev Yr dp6502
1 Payments To Children Previous Yr dp6503
1 Amount Of Payments To Children Prev Yr dp6504
1 Payments To Ex-Spouse Previous Yr dp6505
1 Amount Of Payments To Ex-Spouse Prev Yr dp6506
1 Payments To Relatives Previous Yr dp6507
1 Amount Of Payments To Relatives Prev Yr dp6508
1 Payments To Others Previous Yr dp6509
1 Amount Of Payments To Others Prev Yr dp6510
1 No Payments Previous Yr dp6511
1 Paid Income Tax Two Years Ago dp66
1 Filed Jointly,Individually Two Years Ago dp67
1 Amount Of Income Tax Paid Two Years Ago dp6801
1 Information Not Available Two Years Ago dp6802
1 Hindered By Health dp69
1 Chronically Ill dp70
1 No Doctor Visit Last Three Mths dp7101
1 Number Of Visits To General Practitioner dp7102
1 Number Of Visits To Internist dp7103
1 Number Of Visits To Dentist dp7104
1 Number Of Visits To Gynecologist dp7105
1 Number Of Visits To Ear Nose Throat Doc. dp7106
1 Number Of Visits To Orthopaedist dp7107
1 Number Of Visits To Dermatologist dp7108
1 Number Of Visits To Urologist dp7109
1 Number Of Visits To Optometrist dp7110
1 Number Of Visits To Radiologist dp7111
1 Number Of Visits To Other Doctor dp7112
1 Hospital Stay Previous Year dp7201
1 Duration Of Hospital Stay Prev Yr dp7202
1 Number Of Hospital Stays Prev Yr dp7203
1 Gainful Employment In Previous Year dp7301
1 Not Out Sick Previous Year dp7302
1 Number Of Days Out Sick Previous Year dp7303
1 Out Sick More Than Six Wks Prev Yr dp7304
1 Times Out Sick More Than Six Wks Prev Yr dp7305
1 Treated By Doc For Work Injury Prev Yr dp74
1 In-Patient Treatment Prev Yr dp7501
1 Last Received In-Patient Treatment dp7502
1 Provider Of In-Patient Treatment Prev Yr dp7503
1 Financial Security When Sick dp7601
1 Financial Security When Unemployed dp7602
1 Financial Security In Old Age dp7603
1 Multi Or Single Person Household dp7701
1 Provisions For Surviving Dependents dp7702
1 Health Insurance Contributions dp78
1 Pension Insurance Contributions dp79
1 Two Different Social Security Systems dp80
1 Social Security For Non-Working Spouse dp81
1 Entitlement Received Is Deserved dp82
1 German Citizen Benefits Are Equitable dp83
1 Political Interests dp84
1 Extent And Type Of State Powers dp85
1 Democratic Ideal dp86
1 Satisfied With Democratic Constitution dp87
1 Supports Political Party dp8801
1 Political Party Supported dp8802
1 Amount Of Support For Political Party dp8803
1 Worried About Economic Development dp8901
1 Worried About Finances dp8902
1 Worried About Environment dp8903
1 Worried About Peace dp8904
1 Worried About Job Security dp8905
1 Other Worries dp8906
1 Sex dp9001
1 Year Of Birth dp9002
1 Marital Status dp91
1 Currently Have Steady Partner dp9201
1 Year Moved In Together dp9202
1 Live Apart dp9203
1 Month Married Previous Year dp9301
1 Month Married Survey Year dp9302
1 Month Moved In Together Previous Year dp9303
1 Month Moved In Together Survey Year dp9304
1 Month Divorced Previous Year dp9305
1 Month Divorced Survey Year dp9306
1 Month Separated Previous Year dp9307
1 Month Separated Survey Year dp9308
1 Month Partner Died Previous Year dp9309
1 Month Partner Died Survey Year dp9310
1 Month Child Moved Out Previous Year dp9311
1 Month Child Moved Out Survey Year dp9312
1 Month Child Born Previous Year dp9313
1 Month Child Born Survey Year dp9314
1 Month Other HH Comp Change Previous Yr dp9315
1 Month Other HH Comp Change Survey Yr dp9316
1 Description Of Other HH Comp Change dp9317
1 No Change In HH Composition dp9318
1 Nationality dp94
1 Second Residence dp9501
1 Dwelling Used Predominantly dp9502
1 From Which Dwelling To Work dp9503
1 School-Leaving Degree dp96b
1 Trade,Farming Apprentice dp97b01
1 Business Or Other Apprentice dp97b02
1 Specialized Vocational School dp97b03
1 Health Care School dp97b04
1 Specialized Technical School dp97b05
1 Civil Servant Training dp97b06
1 Specialized Technical,Engineering School dp97b07
1 University,College dp97b08
1 Other Type Of Education Completed dp97b09
1 No Degree dp97b10
1 Satisfaction With Life Today dp9801
1 Satisfaction With Life A Year Ago dp9802
1 Satisfaction With Life A Year From Now dp9803
1 Survey Instrument dpinta
1 Third Person Present dpdrpra
1 Length In Minutes Oral Interview dpinda1
1 Length In Minutes Written Interview dpinda2
1 Day Of Interview dptagin
1 Month Of Interview dpmonin
1 Current Occupational Classification (ISCO-88 Com) dp28_isco88
1 Current Occupational Classification (KldB92) dp28_kldb92
1 Industry Occupation [pbra] (NACE Rev. 1.1, Sector) dp31_nace
1 Never Changing Person ID persnr
1 Interviewer ID intid
1 abgeschl. berufl. Ausbildung (Lehre) [pab7x] (KlBA 88, aehnl. KldB88) dp5405_klba88


Study: soep-core


Dataset: dp

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