Data from individual catch-up questionnaire which refers to 1988


Sort Variable Name
30 Month Started New Job Current Yr ep20g06
74 Primary Field Of Study In College ep4904
75 Type Of College Degree ep4903
84 Month Married Survey Year ep8402
87 Month Divorced Previous Year ep8405
102 3 Digit ISCO-68 Occupation Code eisco
103 TREIMAN Occupation Prestige Scale etreiman
265 Vocation (TNS-KldB 88) ep4905_klba88
14 Month Started First Job Previous Yr ep20g01
3 Original Household Number hhnr
16 Month Returned To Work Previous Yr ep20g03
0 Never Changing Person ID pid
1 Original Household Number cid
2 Current Wave HH Number (=EHHNR) hid
4 Survey Year syear
5 Reference Year welle
6 Never Changing Person ID persnr
7 Current Wave HH Number (=HHNRAKT) ehhnr
8 Current Wave HH Number (=EHHNR) hhnrakt
9 Seq. person number of survey year fpnr
10 Seq. person number previous year epnr
11 Questionnaire Version espkz1
12 Language Version eperfas
13 Employed Since Start Of Previous Yr ep19g
15 Month Started First Job Current Yr ep20g02
17 Month Returned To Work Current Yr ep20g04
18 Month Started New Job Previous Yr ep20g05
19 Year Last Job Ended ep21g03
20 Month Last Job Ended Previous Yr ep21g01
21 Years Worked On Last Job ep22g01
22 Months Worked On Last Job ep22g02
23 Month Became Self-Employed Previous Yr ep20g07
24 Month Last Job Ended Current Yr ep21g02
25 No Change In Job ep20g11
26 Terminated By Employer ep23g01
27 Month Became Self-Employed Current Yr ep20g08
28 Month Within Firm Job Change Previous Yr ep20g09
29 Month Within Firm Job Change Current Yr ep20g10
31 Ended Self-Employment ep23g09
32 Quit The Job ep23g05
33 Limited Term Employment Relationship ep23g02
34 Quit Job For Marriage ep24g01
35 Quit Job For Child Care ep24g02
36 Mutual Termination ep23g06
37 Education,Training Completed ep23g04
38 Employee Requested Transfer ep23g07
39 Other Reasons For Loss Of Job ep23g10
40 Early Retirement Rules ep23g03
41 Company Transferred Employee ep23g08
42 Quit Job To Care For Someone ep24g03
43 Quit Job Due To Occupational Disability ep24g04
44 Quit Job Because Of Incapacity For Work ep24g05
45 Quit Job Because Of Other Health Reasons ep24g06
46 Quit Job For Better Job ep24g15
47 Quit Job When Financially Independent ep24g17
48 Quit Job To Continue Education ep24g16
49 Quit Job Because Of Other Reasons ep24g18
50 Quit Job Due To Difficulties With Boss ep24g10
51 Quit Job Due To Occupational Change ep24g14
52 Quit Job Because Of Bankruptcy ep24g13
53 Quit Job For Military,Community Service ep24g09
54 Quit Job Because Of Early Retirement ep24g08
55 Quit Job When Reached Retirement Age ep24g07
56 Quit Job When Moved ep24g11
57 Quit Job Because Of Company Downsizing ep24g12
58 Working In Occupation Trained For ep29
59 No Education,Training Necessary ep3001
60 Short Introduction To Job ep3002
61 On-The-Job Training ep3003
62 Special Courses ep3004
63 Completed Vocational Training ep3005
64 Completed College ep3006
65 Civil Service ep3101
66 Size Of Company ep32
67 Currently Work As Manual Laborer ep3801
68 General-Education School Degree ep4901
69 Occupation Trained For ep4905
70 Type Of Education,Training ep4906
71 Marital Status ep82
72 Completed Education,Training Prev Yr ep48
73 College Degree ep4902
76 Currently Salaried Employee ep3804
77 Currently Receiving Education,Training ep3803
78 Currently Work As Public Servant ep3805
79 Currently Self-Employed ep3802
80 Currently Have Steady Partner ep8301
81 Year Moved In Together ep8302
82 Live Apart ep8303
83 Month Married Previous Year ep8401
85 Month Moved In Together Previous Year ep8403
86 Month Moved In Together Survey Year ep8404
88 Month Divorced Survey Year ep8406
89 Month Separated Previous Year ep8407
90 Month Separated Survey Year ep8408
91 Month Partner Died Previous Year ep8409
92 Month Partner Died Survey Year ep8410
93 Month Child Moved Out Previous Year ep8411
94 Month Child Moved Out Survey Year ep8412
95 Month Child Born Previous Year ep8413
96 Month Child Born Survey Year ep8414
97 Month Other HH Comp Change Previous Yr ep8415
98 Month Other HH Comp Change Survey Yr ep8416
99 Description Of Other HH Comp Change ep8417
100 No Change In HH Composition ep8418
101 Survey Instrument epinta
104 WEGENER Occupation Prestige Scale ewegener
105 Branch Of Industry ebranche
107 Wave 5 HH Number ehhnrakt
108 Employed Full-Time Apr Prev Yr ep5012
109 1 Digit ISCO-68 Occupation Code eiscoh
110 Employed Full-Time Apr Prev Yr ep5007
111 Employed Full-Time Apr Prev Yr ep5005
112 Employed Full-Time Apr Prev Yr ep5004
113 Employed Full-Time Apr Prev Yr ep5001
114 Employed Full-Time Apr Prev Yr ep5011
115 Employed Full-Time Apr Prev Yr ep5003
116 Employed Full-Time Apr Prev Yr ep5002
117 Employed Full-Time Apr Prev Yr ep5008
118 Employed Full-Time Apr Prev Yr ep5009
119 Employed Full-Time Apr Prev Yr ep5006
120 Employed Full-Time Apr Prev Yr ep5010
121 Employed Part-Time Jan Prev Yr ep5013
122 Employed Part-Time May Prev Yr ep5017
123 Employed Part-Time Feb Prev Yr ep5014
124 Employed Part-Time Mar Prev Yr ep5015
125 Employed Part-Time Sep Prev Yr ep5021
126 Employed Part-Time Apr Prev Yr ep5016
127 Employed Part-Time Jun Prev Yr ep5018
128 Employed Part-Time Dec Prev Yr ep5024
129 Employed Part-Time Nov Prev Yr ep5023
130 Employed Part-Time Oct Prev Yr ep5022
131 Employed Part-Time Jul Prev Yr ep5019
132 Employed Part-Time Aug Prev Yr ep5020
133 Education,Retraining Jun Prev Yr ep5030
134 Education,Retraining Oct Prev Yr ep5034
135 Education,Retraining Nov Prev Yr ep5035
136 Education,Retraining Dec Prev Yr ep5036
137 Education,Retraining May Prev Yr ep5029
138 Education,Retraining Jul Prev Yr ep5031
139 Education,Retraining Sep Prev Yr ep5033
140 Officially Unemployed Jan Prev Yr ep5037
141 Officially Unemployed Jun Prev Yr ep5042
142 Officially Unemployed Oct Prev Yr ep5046
143 Officially Unemployed Apr Prev Yr ep5040
144 Officially Unemployed Aug Prev Yr ep5044
145 Officially Unemployed Jul Prev Yr ep5043
146 Officially Unemployed Nov Prev Yr ep5047
147 Education,Retraining Jan Prev Yr ep5025
148 Education,Retraining Aug Prev Yr ep5032
149 Education,Retraining Mar Prev Yr ep5027
150 Education,Retraining Feb Prev Yr ep5026
151 Education,Retraining Apr Prev Yr ep5028
152 Officially Unemployed Sep Prev Yr ep5045
153 Officially Unemployed May Prev Yr ep5041
154 Officially Unemployed Dec Prev Yr ep5048
155 Officially Unemployed Feb Prev Yr ep5038
156 Officially Unemployed Mar Prev Yr ep5039
157 Retired Feb Prev Yr ep5050
158 Retired Mar Prev Yr ep5051
159 Retired Apr Prev Yr ep5052
160 Retired Jul Prev Yr ep5055
161 Retired Aug Prev Yr ep5056
162 Retired Nov Prev Yr ep5059
163 Retired Jun Prev Yr ep5054
164 Retired Oct Prev Yr ep5058
165 Retired Dec Prev Yr ep5060
166 Retired May Prev Yr ep5053
167 Retired Sep Prev Yr ep5057
168 Retired Jan Prev Yr ep5049
169 In School,College Jul Prev Yr ep5067
170 In School,College Nov Prev Yr ep5071
171 In School,College Jun Prev Yr ep5066
172 In School,College Mar Prev Yr ep5063
173 In School,College Aug Prev Yr ep5068
174 In School,College May Prev Yr ep5065
175 In School,College Jan Prev Yr ep5061
176 In School,College Sep Prev Yr ep5069
177 In School,College Apr Prev Yr ep5064
178 In School,College Feb Prev Yr ep5062
179 In School,College Oct Prev Yr ep5070
180 In School,College Dec Prev Yr ep5072
181 Military,Community Service May Prev Yr ep5077
182 Military,Community Service Nov Prev Yr ep5083
183 Military,Community Service Aug Prev Yr ep5080
184 Military,Community Service Mar Prev Yr ep5075
185 Military,Community Service Jan Prev Yr ep5073
186 Military,Community Service Jul Prev Yr ep5079
187 Military,Community Service Oct Prev Yr ep5082
188 Military,Community Service Sep Prev Yr ep5081
189 Military,Community Service Jun Prev Yr ep5078
190 Military,Community Service Feb Prev Yr ep5074
191 Military,Community Service Dec Prev Yr ep5084
192 Military,Community Service Apr Prev Yr ep5076
193 Housewife,Househusband Dec Prev Yr ep5096
194 Housewife,Househusband Sep Prev Yr ep5093
195 Housewife,Househusband Nov Prev Yr ep5095
196 Housewife,Househusband Oct Prev Yr ep5094
197 Housewife,Househusband Aug Prev Yr ep5092
198 Housewife,Househusband Jan Prev Yr ep5085
199 Housewife,Househusband Jun Prev Yr ep5090
200 Housewife,Househusband Mar Prev Yr ep5087
201 Other Apr Prev Yr ep50107
202 Housewife,Househusband Jul Prev Yr ep5091
203 Housewife,Househusband Feb Prev Yr ep5086
204 Housewife,Househusband May Prev Yr ep5089
205 Housewife,Househusband Apr Prev Yr ep5088
206 Other Apr Prev Yr ep50105
207 Other Apr Prev Yr ep5099
208 Other Apr Prev Yr ep50108
209 Other Apr Prev Yr ep5097
210 Other Apr Prev Yr ep50102
211 Other Apr Prev Yr ep50106
212 Other Apr Prev Yr ep50100
213 Other Apr Prev Yr ep5098
214 Other Apr Prev Yr ep50103
215 Other Apr Prev Yr ep50104
216 Student Grant Sep Prev Yr ep5269
217 Student Grant Jul Prev Yr ep5267
218 Student Grant Nov Prev Yr ep5271
219 Student Grant Oct Prev Yr ep5270
220 Student Grant Dec Prev Yr ep5272
221 Student Grant Feb Prev Yr ep5262
222 Student Grant Jun Prev Yr ep5266
223 Student Grant May Prev Yr ep5265
224 Student Grant Jan Prev Yr ep5261
225 Student Grant Aug Prev Yr ep5268
226 Student Grant Mar Prev Yr ep5263
227 Other Apr Prev Yr ep50101
228 Student Grant Apr Prev Yr ep5264
229 Unemployment Benefit Jun Prev Yr ep5290
230 Unemployment Benefit Sep Prev Yr ep5293
231 Unemployment Benefit Oct Prev Yr ep5294
232 Unemployment Benefit Jan Prev Yr ep5285
233 Unemployment Benefit Jul Prev Yr ep5291
234 Unemployment Benefit Aug Prev Yr ep5292
235 Unemployment Benefit May Prev Yr ep5289
236 Unemployment Benefit Nov Prev Yr ep5295
237 Unemployment Benefit Feb Prev Yr ep5286
238 Unemployment Benefit Mar Prev Yr ep5287
239 Unemployment Benefit Apr Prev Yr ep5288
240 Unemployment Benefit Dec Prev Yr ep5296
241 Unemployment Relief Jun Prev Yr ep52102
242 Unemployment Relief Nov Prev Yr ep52107
243 Unemployment Relief Sep Prev Yr ep52105
244 Unemployment Relief Feb Prev Yr ep5298
245 Unemployment Relief Oct Prev Yr ep52106
246 Unemployment Relief Mar Prev Yr ep5299
247 Unemployment Relief Jul Prev Yr ep52103
248 Unemployment Relief May Prev Yr ep52101
249 Unemployment Relief Apr Prev Yr ep52100
250 Unemployment Relief Jan Prev Yr ep5297
251 Unemployment Relief Dec Prev Yr ep52108
252 Unemployment Relief Aug Prev Yr ep52104
253 Subsistence Allowance Jun Prev Yr ep52114
254 Subsistence Allowance May Prev Yr ep52113
255 Subsistence Allowance Dec Prev Yr ep52120
256 Subsistence Allowance Mar Prev Yr ep52111
257 Subsistence Allowance Sep Prev Yr ep52117
258 Subsistence Allowance Aug Prev Yr ep52116
259 Subsistence Allowance Feb Prev Yr ep52110
260 Subsistence Allowance Nov Prev Yr ep52119
261 Subsistence Allowance Apr Prev Yr ep52112
262 Subsistence Allowance Jan Prev Yr ep52109
263 Subsistence Allowance Oct Prev Yr ep52118
264 Subsistence Allowance Jul Prev Yr ep52115
106 2 Digit ISCO-68 Occupation Code eiscou

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Dataset: epluecke

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