Generated Household Data

Contains household-level generated data to ensure complete and consitent information over time. It is keyed on HID (Household ID) and SYEAR (Survey Year), see


Sort Variable Name
0 Original household number cid
3 Household Related Survey Year iyear
1 Current wave household number hid
2 Survey Year syear
4 Means Of Acquiring Dwelling hgacquis
5 Latest Possible Construction Year of Dwelling hgcnstyrmax
6 Earliest Possible Construction Year of Dwelling hgcnstyrmin
7 Condition Of House hgcondit
8 Costs of Electricity (gen) hgelectr
9 Reason for Missing Electricty Costs hgelectrinfo
10 Dwelling Has Air Conditioner hgeqpair
11 Dwelling Has Alarm System hgeqpalm
17 Dwelling Has Indoor Toilet hgeqpiwc
12 Dwelling Has Basement hgeqpbas
13 Equipment: Floor Heating hgeqpfhea
14 Dwelling Has Garden hgeqpgar
15 Dwelling Has Central,Floor Heat hgeqphea
16 Equipment: Thermal Insulation hgeqpinsul
18 Dwelling Has Kitchen hgeqpkit
19 Dwelling Has An Elevator hgeqplif
20 Equipment: at Least Double Glazing hgeqpmglass
21 Equipment: Barrier Free Furnishing hgeqpnobar
22 Dwelling Has Alternative Energy Source hgeqpnrj
23 Equipment: Garage/ Parking Space hgeqppark
24 Dwelling Has Indoor Bath,Shower hgeqpshw
25 Dwelling Has Solar System hgeqpsol
26 Dwelling Has Telefone hgeqptel
27 Dwelling Has Balcony,Terrace hgeqpter
28 Dwelling Has Water, Bioler hgeqpwat
29 Detailed Imputation Flag, Rent Minus Heating Costs hgf2rent
30 Imputation Flag, Costs of Electricity hgfelectr
31 Imputation Flag, Costs Of Heating And Warm Water hgfheat
32 Imputation Flag, Monthly Net Household Income hgfhinc
33 Imputation Flag, Amount Of Rent Minus Heating Costs hgfrent
34 Imputation Flag, Number Of Rooms Lager Than 6 Sq M hgfroom
35 Imputation Flag, Size Of Housing hgfsize
36 Other Monthly Utility Costs hgutil
37 Reason for Missing Additional Utility Costs hgutilinfo
38 Imputation Flag, Other Monthly Utility Costs hgfutil
39 Costs of Gas (EUR) hggas
40 Reason for Missing Gas Costs hggasinfo
41 Costs Of Warm Water, Gen hgheat
42 Reason for Missing Heating Costs hgheatinfo
43 Monthly Household Net Income (EUR) hghinc
44 Interview Method hghmode
61 Government Subsidized Housing hgrsubs
45 Month Of Interview hghmonth
46 1. Imputed Monthly Net Household Income (EUR) [1/5] hgi1hinc
47 2. Imputed Monthly Net Household Income (EUR) [2/5] hgi2hinc
48 3. Imputed Monthly Net Household Income (EUR) [3/5] hgi3hinc
49 4. Imputed Monthly Net Household Income (EUR) [4/5] hgi4hinc
50 5. Imputed Monthly Net Household Income (EUR) [5/5] hgi5hinc
51 Year Moved Into Dwelling hgmoveyr
52 Does Not Pay Rent hgnorent
53 NUTS-Systematic-1 (Federal State) hgnuts1
54 Amount Of Subsidies Last Year hgosubs
55 Tenant Or Owner Of Dwelling hgowner
56 Dwelling At A Reduced Prize hgreduc
57 Amount Of Rent Minus Heating Costs hgrent
58 Pays Rent and/or Utilities hgrentinfo
59 Rent Of Dwelling Vs Comparable Dwellings hgreval
60 Number Of Rooms Larger Than 6 Sq M hgroom
62 Adequacy Of Living Space In Housing Unit hgseval
63 Size Of Housing Unit In Sq M hgsize
64 Government Subsidizes Housing Payments hgsubsid
65 Household Typology, One Digit hgtyp1hh
66 Household Typology, Two Digit hgtyp2hh
67 Source dataset inputdataset

Study: soep-core

Dataset: hgen


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