interviewer/ipol1: Interest in politics (interviewer)

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Value Labels
en de
1 [1] Very Strong [1] sehr stark
2 [2] Strong [2] stark
3 [3] Weak [3] nicht so stark
4 [4] Not Interested At All [4] ueberhaupt nicht
-1 [-1] No Answer [-1] keine Angabe
-2 [-2] Does not apply [-2] trifft nicht zu
-3 [-3] Answer improbable [-3] nicht valide
-4 [-4] Inadmissible multiple response [-4] Unzulaessige Mehrfachantwort
-5 [-5] Not included in this version of the questionnaire [-5] In Fragebogenversion nicht enthalten
-8 [-8] question not part of the survey programm this year [-8] Frage in diesem Jahr nicht Teil des Frageprogramms
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No concept available.

English label: Interest in politics (interviewer)

German label: Interesse fuer Politik (Interviewer)

interviewer – Data about the SOEP Interviewer

Analysis Unit: individual

Dataset Type: Generated (top level folder)

Period: unspecified

Study: SOEP-Core

Measure Value
valid 1391
invalid 18575

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