jugendl/jl0173: Parents Visit Teacher Outside Office Hrs.

No output variables
Value Labels
en de
1 [1] Yes [1] Ja
-1 [-1] No answer [-1] keine Angabe
-2 [-2] Does not apply [-2] trifft nicht zu
-3 [-3] Not valid [-3] nicht valide
-4 [-4] Forbidden Multiple Response [-4] Unzulaessige Mehrfachantwort
-5 [-5] Not Included In Questionnaire Version [-5] in Fragebogenversion nicht enthalten
-6 [-6] Questionnaire Version With Modified Filter [-6] Fragebogenversion mit geaenderter Filterfuehrung
-8 [-8] Question this year not part of survey [-8] Frage in diesem Jahr nicht Teil des Frageprograms
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English label: Parents Visit Teacher Outside Office Hrs.

German label: Eltern suchen Lehrer auf

jugendl – Youth questionnaire

Analysis Unit: individual

Dataset Type: Original (top level folder)

Period: unspecified

Study: SOEP-Core

Measure Value
valid 1993
invalid 6880

Codes of related variables with the same concept

This table provides you with an overview of label definitions across related variables to identify changes over time in longitudinal variables. The first number indicates the value code, the second number (in brackets) represents the frequency in the data. Please note that labels are simplified and values with frequency = 0 are hidden.

Variable jl0173
Dataset jugendl
yes 1 (1993)
no answer -1 (0)
does not apply -2 (6590)
not valid -3 (0)
forbidden multiple response -4 (0)
not included in questionnaire version -5 (290)
questionnaire version with modified filter -6 (0)
question this year not part of survey -8 (0)