Migration history

MIGSPELL is a dataset in spell-format in which only the population surveyed in the new IAB-SOEP migration sample (Sample M) is included. With the new IAB-SOEP Migration sample, migration history data was collected for the first time. This was done by means of a loop structure in the questionnaire. Two different loops were included: the one aimed at persons born abroad (i.e. migrants) and the one aimed at persons born in Germany. The dataset MIGSPELL was created in order to facilitate the use of this complex part of the questionnaire describing the migration biography of respondents. A detailed documentation is included in the documentation about biography data in the SOEP.


Sort Variable Name
1 Original Household Number hhnr
1 Never Changing Person ID persnr
1 Spell type stype
1 Running no. of move mignr
1 Number of spells nspells
1 German-born/abroad-born migfilter
1 Country of the stay country
1 Start year starty
1 Start month startmo
1 Start year imputed starty_imp
1 Start month imputed startmo_imp
1 Start (months from jan 1900) start
1 End (months from jan 1900) end
1 Duration of stay (months) staytime
1 Legal background of entry status1
1 Status at entry status2
1 Status at entry: unstructured answers ostatus
1 Job agreement at entry jobpr
1 Labor force group lfgroup
1 Type of move move
1 Type of next move nmtype
1 Target country of next move tcountry
1 Country Born In bcountry
1 Year of last move to Germany lastmig
1 Year of last move to Germany (imputed version) lastmig_imp
1 Flag: starty imputed f_starty_imp
1 Flag: startmo imputed f_startmo_imp
1 Flag: birth date updated from ppfad f_birthdate_corr
1 Survey Year intyear
1 Censor censor
1 Censor imput. version censor_imp
1 Sample Member sample1


Study: soep-core


Dataset: migspell

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