Generated Individual Data

Contains individual-level generated data to ensure complete and consitent information over time. It is keyed on PID (Person ID) and SYEAR (Survey Year), see


Sort Variable Name
1 Never Changing Person ID pid
1 Current Household Number (Household ID) hid
1 Case-ID, Original Household Number cid
1 Subsample Identifier sample1
1 Survey Year syear
1 1. Nationality pgnation
1 Status quo, Application for Asylum pgstatus_asyl
1 Refugee residence status pgstatus_refu
1 Partner Indicator pgpartz
1 Partner Person Number pgpartnr
1 Marital Status In Survey Year pgfamstd
1 Current Gross Labor Income in Euro pglabgro
1 Imputation flag for LABGROxx pgimpgro
1 Current Net Labor Income in Euro pglabnet
1 Imputation flag for LABNETxx pgimpnet
1 Current Gross Secondary Income In Euro pgsndjob
1 Imputation Flag For SNDJOBxx pgimpsnd
1 Occupational Position pgstib
1 Employment Status pgemplst
1 Labor Force Status pglfs
1 Occupational Change pgjobch
1 Current Occupational Classification (ISCO-88 Com) pgisco88
1 Current Occupational Classification (ISCO-08) pgisco08
1 Last Reached Isei Value (International Socio-Economic Index) pgisei88
1 Current Occupational Classification (KldB92) pgkldb92
1 Current Occupational Classification (KldB2010) pgkldb2010
1 Last Reached Mps Value (Magnitude-Prestige-Skale, Wegener) pgmps92
1 Last Reached Siops Value (Std. Internat. Occupational Prestige Scale), Treim pgsiops88
1 Last Reached Egp Value (Erikson, Goldthorpe, Portocarero) pgegp88
1 Working In Occupation Trained For pgerljob
1 Required Training For Job pgausb
1 Length Of Time With Firm pgerwzeit
1 Actual Work Time Per Week pgtatzeit
1 Agreed Upon Work Time Per Week pgvebzeit
1 Overtime Per Week pguebstd
1 Civil Service pgoeffd
1 Industry Occupation [pbra] (NACE Rev. 1.1, Sector) pgnace
1 Industry Occupation [pbra] (NACE Rev. 2, Sector) pgnace2
1 Size of the Company pgbetr
1 Core Category Size Of The Company pgallbet
1 Reasons for occupational change pgjobend
1 Working Experience Full-Time Employment pgexpft
1 Working Experience Part-Time Employment pgexppt
1 Unemployment Experience pgexpue
1 ISCED-1997-Classification pgisced97
1 ISCED-2011-Classification pgisced11
1 CASMIN Classification pgcasmin
1 Amount Of Education Or Training In Years pgbilzeit
1 School-Leaving Degree pgpsbil
1 Vocational Degree Received pgpbbil01
1 College Degree pgpbbil02
1 No Vocational Degree pgpbbil03
1 School-Leaving Degree East Germany pgpsbilo
1 Vocational Degree Received East Germany pgpbbilo
1 School-Leaving Degree Outside Germany pgpsbila
1 Vocational Degree Outside Germany pgpbbila
1 Field of tertiary education pgfield
1 Type of tertiary degree pgdegree
1 Apprenticeship - two-digit occupation KldB92 pgtraina
1 Vocational school - two-digit occupation KldB92 pgtrainb
1 Higher vocational school - two-digit occupation KldB92 pgtrainc
1 Civil servant training - two-digit occupation KldB92 pgtraind
1 Data source FIELD, DEGREE, TRAIN pgfdt_f
1 Change in Education since last survey / last year pgbilztch
1 Change in Education, total observed period pgbilztev
1 Party Identification in Country of Origin pgpicoriga
1 Party Identified with in Country of Origin pgpicorigb
1 Party Family of PI in Country of Origin pgpicorigc
1 1. secondary job: Occupational Position pgsndtyp1
1 1. secondary job: Occupational Position pgsndtyp2
1 Third Voluntary Work pghonor1
1 Second Voluntary Work pghonor2
1 First Voluntary Work pghonor3
1 Imputation flag, Current Gross Income Secondary Job (3) pgimpsnd3
1 Imputation flag, Current Gross Income Secondary Job (2) pgimpsnd2
1 3. secondary job: Occupational Position pgsndtyp3
1 Current Gross Income Secondary Job (2) In Euro pgsndjob2
1 Current Gross Income Secondary Job (3) In Euro pgsndjob3
1 Imputation flag, Current Gross Income Secondary Job (1) pgimpsnd1
1 Current Gross Income Secondary Job (1) In Euro pgsndjob1
1 Month Of Interview pgmonth
1 Personal Related Survey Year pgpiyear
1 Interview Method pgmode
1 Source dataset inputdataset

Study: soep-core

Dataset: pgen

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