Catch-up questionnaire


Sort Variable Name
1 Never Changing Person ID pid
1 Current Wave HH Number (=HHNRAKT) hid
1 Case-ID, Original Household Number cid
1 Survey Year syear
1 Subsample Identifier sample1
1 Letzte Stelle ausgeschieden gl0001
1 Letzte Stelle ausgeschieden Monat gl0003
1 Years Employed gl0004
1 Months Employed gl0005
1 Why Job Terminated gl0006_v1
1 Why Job Terminated gl0006_v10
1 Why Job Terminated gl0006_v11
1 Why Job Terminated gl0006_v12
1 Why Job Terminated gl0006_v13
1 How Job Ended (2000) gl0006_v14
1 In which way quitted (since 2001) gl0006_v15
1 Why Job Terminated gl0006_v2
1 Why Job Terminated gl0006_v3
1 Why Job Terminated gl0006_v4
1 Why Job Terminated gl0006_v5
1 Why Job Terminated gl0006_v6
1 Why Job Terminated gl0006_v7
1 Why Job Terminated gl0006_v8
1 Why Job Terminated gl0006_v9
1 Unemployment Benefit (1995-2001) gl0039_v1
1 Arbeitslosengeld (ab 2002) gl0039_v2
1 Unemployment Benefits, Month gl0040
1 Arbeitslosenhilfe bezogen (1995-2001) gl0041_v1
1 ALG II/Sozialgeld (ab 2002) gl0041_v2
1 Unemployment Subsidy II, Social Subsidy, Months gl0042
1 Unterhaltsgeld bezogen (1995-2001) gl0043_v1
1 Unterhaltsgeld bezogen (2002-2014) gl0043_v2
1 Unterhaltsgeld Monate gl0044
1 BAFOEG, Stipendium bezogen (1995-2001) gl0045_v1
1 BafoeG/Stipendium/BAB (ab 2002) gl0045_v2
1 Student Grant, Month gl0046
1 Unemployment Benefits, Month gl0057
1 Education,Training Completed gl0068
1 Finished Training/Education Month gl0069
1 Item Non-response Education/Training Finished gl0070
1 Finished With Diploma/Certificate gl0071
1 Completed Education In Germany gl0072
1 Degree Recognized in Germany gl0073
1 Degree, Item Nonresponse gl0074
1 General-Education Degree gl0075
1 College Degree gl0078_v1
1 College Degree (2009-2013) gl0078_v2
1 Hochschulabschluss (ab 2013) gl0078_v3
1 Type Of Education,Training (1986-1995) gl0081_v1
1 kind of training (ab 1996) gl0081_v2
1 New Relationship gl0082
1 Neuer Partner/-in Monat im Vorjahr gl0083
1 Moved In with Parter gl0084
1 Mit Partner/-in zus.gezogen Monat im Vorjahr gl0085
1 Month Moved In Together Previous Year gl0086
1 Marriage (2001-2014) gl0087_v1
1 Heirat/gleichgeschlechtliche Partnerschaft (ab 2015) gl0087_v2
1 Heirat Monat im Vorjahr (1985-2014) gl0090_v1
1 Heirat/gleichgeschlechtliche Partnerschaft Monat im Vorjahr (ab 2015) gl0090_v2
1 Month Married Survey Year gl0091
1 Became Father/Mother gl0092
1 Vater/Mutter geworden Monat im Vorjahr gl0093
1 Vater/Mutter geworden Monat aktuelles Jahr gl0094
1 Child Moved In gl0095
1 Kind kam in HH Monat im Vorjahr gl0096
1 Child Moved Out gl0097
1 Kind HH verlassen Monat im Vorjahr gl0098
1 Kind hat Haushalt verlassen Monat aktuelles Jahr gl0099
1 Separated From Spouse/Partner gl0100
1 Von Ehe-/Lebenspartner getrennt Monat im Vorjahr gl0101
1 Von Ehe-/Lebenspartner getrennt Monat aktuelles Jahr gl0102
1 Scheidung Ehe (2001-2014) gl0103_v1
1 Scheidung Ehe/gleichgeschlechtliche Partnerschaft (ab 2015) gl0103_v2
1 Scheidung Ehe Monat im Vorjahr (1985-2014) gl0105_v1
1 Scheidung Ehe/gleichgeschlechtliche Partnerschaft Monat im Vorjahr (ab 2015) gl0105_v2
1 Scheidung Ehe Monat aktuelles Jahr gl0107
1 Spouse/Partner Died gl0108
1 Ehe-/Lebenspartner verstorben Monat im Vorjahr gl0109
1 Ehe-/Lebenspartner verstorben Monat aktuelles Jahr gl0110
1 Father Died gl0111
1 Vater verstorben Monat im Vorjahr gl0112
1 Mother Died gl0113
1 Mutter verstorben Monat im Vorjahr gl0114
1 Child Died gl0115
1 Kind verstorben Monat im Vorjahr gl0116
1 Other Person Living in HH Died gl0117
1 Other Person Living in HH Died prev. year gl0118
1 Other HH Comp Change gl0119
1 Sonst. fam. Veraenderung Monat im Vorjahr gl0120
1 No changes gl0121
1 Ende letzte Stelle Monat im Vorjahr gl0122
1 Wechsel innerh.d.Unternehmens Monat im Vorjahr gl0123
1 Wechsel innerh.d.Unternehmens Monat aktuelles Jahr gl0124
1 Stelle bei neuen Arbeitgeber Monat im Vorjahr gl0125
1 Stelle bei neuen Arbeitgeber Monat aktuelles Jahr gl0126
1 Neue Taetigkeit als Selbst. Monat im Vorjahr gl0127
1 Neue Taetigkeit als Selbst. Monat aktuelles Jahr gl0128
1 Erwerbstgk.aufn.nach Unterbrechg.Monat im Vorjahr gl0129
1 Erwerbstgk.aufn.nach Unterbrechg.Monat aktuelles Jahr gl0130
1 Erste Erwerbstaetigkeit Monat im Vorjahr gl0131
1 Erste Erwerbstaetigkeit Monat aktuelles Jahr gl0132
1 No Change In Job gl0133
1 Erwerbstaetig (1985-1992) gl0134
1 Working In Occupation Trained For gl0135
1 Civil Service gl0136
1 Size Of Company gl0137
1 Type Of Blue-Collar Worker gl0138
1 Type Of Self-Employment gl0139
1 Type Of White-Collar Worker gl0140
1 Currently In Education,Training gl0141
1 Type Of Civil Servant gl0142
1 Marital Status gl0143
1 Currently Have Steady Partner gl0144
1 Year Moved In Together gl0145
1 Live Apart gl0146
1 Quit Job For Marriage gl0147
1 Quit Job For Child Care gl0148
1 Quit Job Because Of Other Care gl0149
1 Quit Job Due To Occupational Disability gl0150
1 Quit Job Because Of Incapacity For Work gl0151
1 Quit Job Because Of Other Health Reasons gl0152
1 Quit Job When Reached Retirement Age gl0153
1 Quit Job Because Of Early Retirement gl0154
1 Quit Job For Military,Community Service gl0155
1 Quit Job Due To Difficulties With Boss gl0156
1 Quit Job When Moved gl0157
1 Quit Job Because Of Company Downsizing gl0158
1 Quit Job Because Of Bankruptcy gl0159
1 Quit Job Due To Occupational Change gl0160
1 Quit Job For Better Job gl0161
1 Quit Job To Continue Education gl0162
1 Quit Job When Financially Independent gl0163
1 Quit Job Because Of Other Reasons gl0164
1 Type Of College Degree gl0165
1 Occupation Trained For gl0166
1 Occupation Trained For gl0167
1 Primary Field Of Study In College gl0168
1 Change of Residence Since Childhood gl0169
1 Year Last Job Ended gl0170
1 Main Residence During Childhood gl0171
1 No Education,Training Necessary gl0172
1 Selbstaendig Monat im Vorjahr gl0173
1 Year Moved Out Of Parents Home gl0174
1 TREIMAN Occupation Prestige Scale gl0175
1 Still Lives With Parents gl0176
1 Number Of Children gl0177
1 No Children gl0178
1 Birth Year Of First Child gl0179
1 First Child In Household gl0180
1 Date First Child Moves Out gl0181
1 Sex Of First Child gl0182
1 Birth Year Of Second Child gl0183
1 Gender 2. Kind gl0184
1 Second Child In Household gl0185
1 Date Second Child Moves Out gl0186
1 Birth Year Of Third Child gl0187
1 Sex Of Third Child gl0188
1 Third Child In Household gl0189
1 Date Third Child Moves Out gl0190
1 Birth Year Of Fourth Child gl0191
1 Sex Of Fourth Child gl0192
1 Fourth Child In Household gl0193
1 Date Fourth Child Moves Out gl0194
1 Birth Year Of Fifth Child gl0195
1 Sex Of Fifth Child gl0196
1 Fifth Child In Household gl0197
1 Birth Year Of Sixth Child gl0198
1 Sex Of Sixth Child gl0199
1 Sixth Child In Household gl0200
1 Birth Year Of Seventh Child gl0201
1 Sex Of Seventh Child gl0202
1 Seventh Child In Household gl0203
1 Birth Year Of Eighth Child gl0204
1 Sex Of Eighth Child gl0205
1 Eighth Child In Household gl0206
1 Beginning Of First Marriage gl0207
1 Status Of First Marriage gl0208
1 End Of First Marriage gl0209
1 Beginning Of Second Marriage gl0210
1 Status Of Second Marriage gl0211
1 End Of Second Marriage gl0212
1 Beginning Of Third Marriage gl0213
1 Status Of Third Marriage gl0214
1 End of Interview (Hour) pdatst
1 End of Interview (Minutes) pdatmi
1 Questionnaire Version split
1 Language Version perfas
1 Person Number Surveyed lpid
1 3 Digit ISCO-68 Occupation Code isco3
1 WEGENER Occupation Prestige Scale prestige
1 2 Digit ISCO-68 Occupation Code isco2
1 Branch Of Industry nace
1 Third Person Present para
1 Year Of Birth (harmonized) birthy_h
1 Gender sex
1 Geburtsjahr (bis 1997) birthy_v1
1 Geburtsjahr (ab 1998) birthy_v2
1 Survey Instrument pform
1 Length In Minutes Oral Interview pdauer1
1 Length In Minutes Written Interview pdauer2
1 day of interview tagin
1 month of interview pdatm
1 Interviewer ID intid
1 Month Of Birth birthm
1 Source dataset inputdataset

Study: soep-core

Dataset: plueckel

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