Individual Tracking File

Person core information and respondent status for each year in long format. It contains one record for each individual and year a person has been a member of a respondent household. It is keyed on PID, the Cross-Wave Person Identifier, and SYEAR, the survey year identifier. It contains the Household ID, and never changing individual characteristics, individual weights, as well as the response status, for that individual at each wave, see


Sort Variable Name
3 Survey Year syear
4 Never Changing Person ID persnr
6 Birth Year, 4-digit gebjahr
7 Year First Contacted, Netto=10-99 eintritt
37 Weighting factor phrf
38 Weighting factor for new samples (wave 1 of new sample) phrf0
39 Weighting factor without new samples (wave 1) phrf1
40 Enumerated weighting factor, including non responding HH members phrfe
41 Inverse Staying Probability, including non responding HH members pbleibe
43 Enumerated weighting factor, including non responding HH members, without new sa phrfe1
44 Partner Person Number parid
19 Year Moved to Germany immiyear
21 Country Born In corigin
36 Inverse Staying Probability pbleib
46 Jahr des Interviews (Interview Year) piyear
9 Year Of Last Contact, Netto=10-99 austritt
0 Case-ID, Original Household Number cid
1 ID Household hid
2 Never Changing Person ID pid
5 Gender sex
8 Year First Surveyed, Netto=10-99 erstbefr
10 Sample Member psample
11 Year Of Last Survey, Netto=10-99 letztbef
12 Current sample region (Berlin, West-East) sampreg
13 Current survey status netto
14 Current survey status (old 1 digit) nett1
15 Case-Match, combined panel households casemat
16 Sample Membership pop
17 Year Died, 4 Digits todjahr
18 Year Died, Information Source todinfo
20 Born in Germany germborn
22 Month Of Birth gebmonat
23 Month Of Birth, Data Source gebmoval
24 Where did you live in 1989? loc1989
25 Migration background migback
26 Migback: Quality of information miginfo
27 Germborn: Quality of information germborninfo
28 Corigin: Quality of information corigininfo
29 Immiyear: Quality of information immiyearinfo
30 Sexual Orientation sexor
31 Sexual Orientation:Source of information sexorinfo
32 Loc1989: Source / Quality of information locinfo
33 Birth place: German Federal Land birthregion
34 Refugee Experience arefback
35 arefback: Source of Information arefinfo
42 Enumerated weighting factor, including non responding HH members, for new sample phrfe0
45 Status Of Partnership partner

Study: soep-core

Dataset: ppathl


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