Year Of Immigration To Germany

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label Year Of Immigration To Germany Zuzugsjahr nach Deutschland
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Variable name: immiyear

Dataset: ppfad – Individual Tracking File

Study: SOEP-Core


Analysis unit: individual

Period: unspecified

Conceptual Dataset: Tracking (raw folder)

Concept: year moved to germany


Measure Value
Min. 1950.0
1st Qu. 1992.0
Median 2011.0
Mean 2002.1124107362718
3rd Qu. 2015.0
Max. 2018.0
valid 32488
invalid 109820

Label table

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Variable: immiyear immiyear immiyear ap63a bp99a01 cp99ab01 dp96a01 ep89a01 fp106a01 gp106a01 hp106a01 ip106a01 jp106a01
Dataset: ppfad ppathl ppath apausl bpausl cpausl dpausl epausl fpausl gpausl hpausl ipausl jpausl