Migration history

REFUGSPELL is a dataset in spell-format in which only the population surveyed in the new IAB-BAMF-SOEP refugee sample (Sample M3/M4) is included, similar to MIGSPELL. The migration history was collected by means of a loop structure in the questionnaire. The dataset REFUGSPELL was created in order to facilitate the use of this complex part of the questionnaire describing the migration biography of respondents. A detailed documentation is included in the documentation about biography data in the SOEP.


Sort Variable Name
1 Original Household Number hhnr
1 Never Changing Person ID persnr
1 Sample Member sample1
1 Spell type stype
1 Running no. of move mignr
1 Number of spells nspells
1 German-born/abroad-born migfilter
1 Country of the stay country
1 Start year starty
1 Start month startmo
1 Start year imputed starty_imp
1 Start month imputed startmo_imp
1 Start (months from jan 1900) start
1 End (months from jan 1900) end
1 Duration of stay (months) staytime
1 Reasons for emigration rexit
1 Type of move move
1 Type of next move nmtype
1 Target country of next move tcountry
1 Country Born In bcountry
1 Year of last move to Germany lastmig
1 Year of last move to Germany (imputed version) lastmig_imp
1 Year of last move to Germany (extra question) lastmig_refug
1 Flag: starty imputed f_starty_imp
1 Flag: startmo imputed f_startmo_imp
1 Flag: birth date updated from ppfad f_birthdate_corr
1 Flag: more than one spell begin in same month f_short
1 Flag: corrections in migbio f_bio_corr
1 Flag: info birth country dubious f_bcountry_iffy
1 Survey Year intyear
1 Censor censor
1 Censor imput. version censor_imp


Study: soep-core


Dataset: refugspell

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