Experiment on time preferences


Sort Variable Name
1 Original Household Number hhnr
1 Current household number hhnrakt
1 Survey Year syear
1 Unchanging personal number persnr
1 Subsample / Split split
1 Experiment exper
1 Start with experiment? teber1
1 Definitely does not want to take part in experiment teber2
1 Line change in list 1 zwl1
1 Line change in list 2 zwl2
1 Lucky number gzahl
1 Random number zzahl
1 Random selection from list liste
1 Random selection from line zeile
1 Prize money gewinn
1 Payment in ... months monate
1 How would you get around €1,000 within two weeks? pnot1
1 ... from my own bank account pnot2
1 ... borrowing from another member of the household pnot3
1 ... borrowing from relatives / friends pnot4
1 ... bank loan pnot5
1 ... other pnot6
1 I always try to have some money set aside for unexpected expenses pelz01
1 Doing without today to be able to afford more tomorrow pelz02
1 In general, you can trust other people pelz03
1 Nowadays you can not trust anybody anymore pelz04
1 Opinion: Distrust Strangers pelz05
1 Opinion: Live for Today, Do Not Think of Tomorrow pelz06
1 My monthly expenses are often higher than I can actually afford. pelz07
1 I am someone who often has good intentions pelz08
1 When you made your decisions in the experiment, were you thinking about current z04
1 What interest rate were you thinking of? z05
1 What interest rate were you thinking of? z05ka
1 Did you compare this interest rate with the interest rate in the tables to the e z06
1 If you received 200 Euro from the experiment today, what will you do with the mo z07


Study: soep-core


Dataset: timepref

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