Interviewer (PAPI) 2006[instrument]


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0 Living in Germany: Now it‘s your turn. 0_0
1 In what year have you started to work as an interviewer for „Living in Germany“ (LEBEN IN DEUTSCHLAND)? 1
19 Generally speaking, how interested are you in politics? 18
14 Do you think most people … 13
42 A A
2 When did you start to work for Infratest? 2
3 How many households have been interviewed by you in 2006? 3
23 Your education and employment 2_0
4 Do you only work for „Living in Germany“ as an interviewer? Or do you also work for other surveys? 4
5 There are different reasons to work as an interviewer. How important are the following statements for you? 5
6 How far does your work at TNS Infratest meet/met that expectations? 6
7 How far does your work meet/met that expectations, regarding your work for „Living in Germany“? 7
8 Very different people take part in the survey „Living in Germany“. What are your experiences? How willingly or unwillinlgy participate the following persons in the survey? 8
9 When you think about the gifts for the households in the last years. What did the people like? Please state school marks from 1 to 6 for each of the following gifts? (1 = very good and 6 = very bad) 9
10 In your opinion, what gift would be most appreciated by respondents? 10
11 What kind of personality are you? 1_0
12 In the following we state some characteristic a person can have. Some might be true for you, some not. I am… 11
13 How do you see yourself: Are you generally willing to take risks, or do you try to avoid risks? 12
15 Do you think people most time … 14
16 How far do you agree with the following statements? 15
24 What is your school leaving qualification? 22
17 How do you see yourself: Are you rather impatient or very patient? 16
18 The following statements characterise different attitudes. To what extent are those true for you? 17
20 Many people in Germany sympathise with one party in the long term, even if they occasionally vote for another party or are not eligible to vote. Do you sympathise with a particular party? 19
21 Which party do you sympathise with? 20
22 How concerned are you about the following issues? 21
25 Are you currently employed? Which one of the following applies best to your status? 23
26 What is your current / was your last occupational status? 24
27 Do you work / worked for a public sector employer? 25
28 Besides your job as interviewer: What is your current position/occupation? 26
29 Your living conditions 3_0
30 What is your marital status? 27
31 In which country were you born? 28
32 Where did you live before German reunification in 1989? 29
33 Now some questions about your native language—the language spoken by the family you grew up in. Is German the native language of you and both of your parents? 30
34 In which of the following languages are you able to communicate? 31
35 Do you personally use a mobile phone ? 32
36 Which functions do you use? 33
37 Your sex and year of birth 34
38 How would you describe your health at present? 35
39 Do you belong to a church or a religious group? If yes, are you … 36
40 How satisfied are you with your life, all things considered? 37
41 In conclusion a question regarding you work for „Living in Germany“: How many further years would you like to work for that survey? 38
43 B B
44 Thank you for your cooperation! 4_0
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Name: soep-core-2006-int

Label: Interviewer (PAPI) 2006

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