Interviewer (PAPI) 2016[instrument]


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2 There are different reasons to work as an interviewer. How important are the following statements for you? 1
4 The survey LIVING IN GERMANY involves people from very different social backgrounds. What is your experience: How willingly or unwillingly do the following people participate in LIVING IN GERMANY? 3
5 When you think of last year, did you participate in a Living in Germany training course in 2015? 4
8 Only for CAPI interviewers: Electronic address log in "My Infratest". 0_2
25 Translation aids 0_6
21 Interviewer's Guide 0_5
30 What can we improve with the translation aids? 24
31 How do you deal with language problems? 25
32 What kind of personality are you? 26
33 Attitudes and opinions 0_7
34 Generally speaking, how interested are you in politics? 27
35 Many people in Germany sympathise with one party in the long term, even if they occasionally vote for another party or are not eligible to vote. Do you sympathise with a particular party? 28
41 Wishes - suggestions - criticism 0_8
42 Do you have any comments? 34
43 What is the date today? A
44 Day B
45 Month C
46 Thank you for your cooperation! 0_9
20 What additional information would you like to see in the manual? 16
15 Again to all: Interviewer manual 0_4
11 CAPI interviewers only: Supplementary sheet "Supportive household information“ 0_3
10 What is missing from the electronic address protocol in "My Infratest" or what would make processing easier for you? 8
0 Living in Germany: Now it‘s your turn. 0_0
1 Unless otherwise stated, the following questions relate to „Living in Germany“, including the partial studies „Families in Germany“ and the innovative study. 0_1
27 How often do you use translation aids? 21
13 How useful are the supplementary pages with supporting household information for interviews? 10
3 And to what extent are or have these expectations been fulfilled, especially by LIVING IN GERMANY? 2
6 And how do you rate the event in terms of: 5
7 How useful was this training for working on LIVING IN GERMANY in 2015? 6
9 How well do you cope with the electronic address protocol in "My Infratest"? 7
12 Do you use the supplementary sheets with supporting household information when processing your households? 9
26 Do you also interview people with language problems at LIVING IN GERMANY? 20
14 We know that many of you would like to have the complete address printed on the supporting household information. Unfortunately, we cannot comply with this request for data protection reasons. What else can we improve in the future? 11
16 Are you familiarizing yourself with the interviewer's manual in preparation for our study? 12
17 Do you read the entire interviewer's manual or individual chapters? 13
18 How important are the following chapters to you? 14
19 How useful is the Interviewer's Guide to editing for you? 15
22 Do you familiarise yourself with the current interviewer's manual in preparation for our study? 17
23 How useful is the interviewer's guide for you overall? 18
24 What additional information would you like to have in the interview guide? 19
28 How do you cope with the translation aids? 22
29 How do the target persons cope with the translation aids? 23
36 Which party do you tend to? 29
37 And how strongly do you tend towards this party? 30
38 What about the following areas - are you worried? 31
39 How would you describe your health at present? 32
40 How satisfied are you with your life, all things considered? 33
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Name: soep-core-2016-int

Label: Interviewer (PAPI) 2016

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