Mother and Child (Newborns, PAPI) 2018[instrument]


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0 Belated congratulations on the birth of your baby! For “Living in Germany” the next generation is especially important. This short questionnaire deals with children, who were born in 2013 or 2014. Our questions refer to your personal experiences and the child's growth. Because the questionnaire is about the pregnancy too, the following survey is aimed for the mother. The participation is voluntarily. We cordially request you, to answer the questions for our Interviewer or to fill out the questionnaire by yourself accurately. 0
1 What’s your newborn child’s name? 1
2 Birth date and sex of your child 2
3 Where was your baby delivered? 3
4 In what week of pregnancy was your baby born? 4
5 What did your baby weigh/measure at birth? 5
6 Did you breastfeed your baby? 6
7 During the first three months after your baby’s birth, did your child experience health problems that necessitated a hospital stay? 7
8 After giving birth, the mother receives a “child health record” for medical check-ups (referred to as “U2” for the second check-up, “U3” for the third, etc.). Which was your child’s last check-up? 8
9 Has your child been diagnosed with any delays, disorders, or disabilities? 9
10 Has your child been diagnosed with any of the following developmental delays, disorders, or disabilities? 10
11 Is the newborn your first, second, third, etc. child? (Please state) 11
12 Is the newborn your biological child? 12
13 Was your pregnancy more unplanned or more planned? 13
14 How were you feeling physically and mentally during the last third of your pregnancy and during the first three months after giving birth? 14
15 Life changes after the birth of a child. You experience new things and start to have new expectations for the future. To what extent do you agree with the following statements? 15
16 Does the father live in the household? 16
17 How much do you feel your partner helps you in looking after the child? 17
18 Are you the child’s main caregiver? 18
19 If you think about a normal week, is there anybody else who regularly spends time looking after your child? If so, who is it and how many hours a week do they spend looking after the child? 19
20 What’s your current impression of your child? To what extent do you agree with the following statements? 20
21 What date do we have today? A
22 Interviewer: Int
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