Youth (16-17-year-olds, PAPI) 2018[instrument]


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83 What citizenship did you have before? 75
119 Implementation of the interview A_0
11 What did you earn from your work last month? Please state both: gross income, which means income before deduction of taxes and social security and net income, which means income after deduction of taxes, social security, and unemployment and health insurance. 8
36 Do you take part in competitions in this sport? 31
45 Did you participate a school outside Germany? 39
89 Do you still live in the same city or area today? 80
37 School intro5
6 Jobs and money intro2
4 Do you have a room of your own? Or do you share your room (e.g. with siblings)? 2
5 Do you haven an additional room or appartment, where you live? 3
0 This questionnaires addresses household members born 1998 and are participating for the first time ever. Your cooperation is voluntary. The scientific validity of this survey, however, depends on cooperation of every member of every household. We cordially request you, - to answer the questions for our Interviewer - or to fill out the questionnaire by yourself accurately. Intro
10 Do you already have a job to earn own money? 7
9 Are you officially registered unemployed at the Employment Office (Arbeitsamt)? 6
8 Have you actively looked for work within the last four weeks? 5
12 Do you earn the money … 9
13 Have you ever done side jobs to earn money? 10
15 Did you start those jobs because you were interested or to earn some money? 12
18 Are you able to save some money regularly (for vacations, larger purchases, etc.) 15
16 How is it today? Do you get pocket money or a regular financial support from your parents or other relatives? 13
19 How much do you save per month approximately? 16
17 How much pocket money/allowance do you get per week / per month? 14
25 Leisure and sport intro4
29 Do you play music allone or in an orchestra or a band? 24
34 At which age did you start practicing that sport? 29
30 How old were you when starting to play a musical intrument / starting to sing? 25
27 Are you actively involved in music? For example, do you sing or play a musical instrument? 22
33 What is the most important kind of sport to you? 28
32 Do you do any sport? 27
41 What was you type of graduation certificate? 35
44 Which foreign languages did you learn in school? What were your first and second foreign languages? 38
42 Do you intend to get graduate in future? 36
38 Do you still attend school? 32
40 In which year did you leave school? 34
39 What grade are you in? In the .... grade. 33
48 Have you ever been involved in one of the following areas at school (outside your normal classes)? Yes (please say which ones): 42
47 Did you participate a private school? 41
52 Have you ever repeated a grade? 46
46 And how old were you? 40
49 How satisfied are you with your grades and progress at school? For example, with your... 43
56 Did your parents support you with homework / studying? 50
54 Did you ever had a paid tutor? 48
55 How much care or cared your parents for your grades and progress at school? 49
53 Which grade you had to repeat? 47
61 Did you already start job training or an apprenticeship? (Including internships or training outside school) 54
63 Do you intend to complete vocational / occupational training or attain a university degree in the future? 56
62 What type of education or vocational training are/were you pursuing? If you have already completed the training / apprenticeship, did you do so within the regular schedule? 55
65 At what age do you wosh to be financially independent? 58
67 What kind of occupation is that? Please state as exact as possible. 60
66 Do do have a career aspiration? 59
73 Your origin intro8
77 When did you move to Germany? 69
68 What do you think? How well informed are you about that occupation? 61
72 How likely is it that you will experience the following career changes? Please estimate the probability on a scale of 0 to 100, with 0 meaning that such a change definitely will not take place, and 100 meaning that such a change definitely will take place. How likely is it that you … 64
75 Are you born in Germany? 67
74 What city or town were you born in? If there is more than one town with the same name, please also state the name of the nearest city. 66
79 The next question is about your knowledge of the German language. 71
84 And in what year did you acquire German citizenship? 76
86 What is your current residency status? 78
88 Where did you spend the majority of your childhood up to the age of 15? Was it ... 79
82 Have you had German citizenship since birth or did you acquire it at a later date? 74
81 Do you have dual citizenship with another country in addition to Germany? 73
85 What is your country of citizenship? 77
92 Do your mother and father live in this household? 83
91 How many years of your childhood (up to the age of 15) did you live with the following persons? 82
93 Is your father / mother still living? If so, where does he / she live? If not, when did he / she die? 84
94 In waht year was your father/moter born? 85
102 Attitudes and opinions intro10
100 Which of the following categories describes your father’s / mother’s last occupational status? 91
97 What level of secondary schooling did your father / mother complete? 88
99 What was your father’s / mother’s last occupation? 90
96 Does or did your father / mother have German citizenship? 87
108 How do you see yourself? intro11
111 How tall are you? (cm) 100
112 How many kilograms do you currently weigh? 101
110 How would you describe your current health? 99
104 Do you think own children are necessary to be happy in life? 94
106 Are you generally a person who is willing to take risks or do you try to avoid taking risks? 96
115 Many people in Germany lean towards one political party in the long term, even if they occasionally vote for another party or are not eligible to vote. Do you lean towards a particular political party? 104
117 And to what extent do you lean towards this party? 106
114 Generally speaking, how interested are you in politics? 103
116 Which party do you lean towards? 105
124 Other notes: E
123 Where other people present during completing this questionnaire? D
76 What country were you born in? 68
80 Do you have German citizenship today? 72
31 Did you had paid music lessons (in addition to school) 26
3 Do you currently live in your parental household? 1
2 Living intro1
20 Relationship intro3
24 How often do the following situations occur between you and your parents? How often … 20
26 How often do you take part in the following recreational activities? 21
60 Education and occupational plans intro6
87 Childhood and Parental Home intro9
122 Duration of the interview: C
109 People can have many different qualities—some are listed below. You will probably think that some of these are completely true of you whereas others are not at all. And with some of them, you might not be sure. I am… 98
71 Future intro7
107 The following statements reflect different attitudes towards life and the future. To what degree to you personally agree with the following statements? 97
120 What's the date today? A
51 What grades did you get in the following three subjects on your last report card? 45
103 Do you think a partner is necessary to be happyin life? Or can one also be happy alone? 93
14 How old were you when starting doing side jobs or earning money? 11
1 Please fill out prior hand over (according to adress protocol) 0
21 What would you say: How many close friends do you have? 17
105 What do you think is important in Germany to be successful and climb the social ladder? Please state to what extent you agree with each statement below. 95
90 Do you or did you have brothers and sisters? 81
78 Which of the following immigrant categories did you belong to when you moved to Germany? 70
43 What is the highest degree you are prefer to get? 37
125 IN IN
50 After leaving primary school: Did you have a school recommendation for a secondary general school, an intermediate secondary school or an upper secondary school? 44
57 Did you have disagreements with your parents over your studies? 51
101 Does / did your father / mother belong to a church or religious group? 92
70 Different things may be important to people in choosing a career. Please state how important each of the following is to you—very important, important, not so important, completely unimportant. How important for your career is.... 63
64 Which of the following qualifications do you plan to attain? 57
28 What kind of music is that mainly? 23
59 If you think back to the last grade of school you attended: How many of your fellow students or their parents were not from Germany? 53
113 I will now read to you a number of feelings. Please state how often or rarely you have experienced each feeling within the last four weeks. How often have you felt … 102
121 How was the interview conducted? B
7 Have you done paid work during the last 7 days, even if only for an hour or a few hours? 4
58 How do/did your parents make contact with the school? 52
95 Was your father / mother born in Germany? 86
23 How often do you argue with following persons 19
118 In conclusion, we would like to ask you how satisfied you are with your life in general. 107
35 Where and when do you practice that sport? 30
98 Did your father / mother complete vocational training or a university degree? 89
22 How important are the following persons to you? 18
69 To what extent do you agree with the following statements regarding your choice of occupation? 62
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