Mother and Child (2-3-year-olds, Q) 2019[instrument]

Questionnaire was used during field work, but no person answered it.


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3 Birth date and sex of your child 2
2 What’s your child’s name? 1
5 Did you breastfeed your baby? If so, how long? 3a
9 What is your child’s current height and weight? 7
10 If you think about a normal week, is there anybody else who regularly spends time looking after your child? If so, who is it and how many hours a week do they spend looking after the child? 8
12 Is your child allowed to watch television or videos alone, without adult supervision? 10
16 [de] Wann waren Sie mit dem Ausfüllen des Fragebogens fertig? A
17 Interviewer: Int
14 For parents, it is always a big event when their child learns something new. Please tell us what those new things were in your child’s case. 12
18 Interviewer signature 14
0 The early years of a child's life are characterized by the diversity of development stages. The scientific research is highly interested in this span of life. This short questionnaire deals with children, who were born in 2016. Our questions refer to your personal experiences and the child's growth. The participation is voluntarily. We cordially request you, - to answer the questions for our interviewer - or to fill out the questionnaire by yourself accurately. Intro
1 Before handing in the questionnaire, please enter in accordance with the address log: 0
4 [de] In welcher Beziehung stehen Sie zu diesem Kind: sind Sie …? 3
6 What’s your current impression of your child? To what extent do you agree with the following statements? 4
7 Did your child experience health problems in the last 12 months that required a hospital stay? 5
8 Has your child been diagnosed by a doctor as having one of the following health conditions or impairments? 6
11 How many times in the last 14 days have you or the main caregiver engaged in the following activities with your child? 9
13 How would you rank your child in comparison to other children of the same age? My child is … 11
15 Do you or other household members speak only German to your child, or do you also speak another language to him/her? 13
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Label: Mother and Child (2-3-year-olds, Q) 2019


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