ilanguage/onlang_zm14: Time before onlang28

No input variables
No output variables
Value Labels
en de
-1 [-1] no answer [-1] no answer
-2 [-2] does not apply [-2] does not apply
-3 [-3] answer improbable [-3] answer improbable
-4 [-4] inadmissible multiple answer [-4] inadmissible multiple answer
-5 [-5] not included in this version of the questionnaire [-5] not included in this version of the questionnaire
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No concept available.

English label: Time before onlang28

German label: Zeitmessung vor onlang28

ilanguage – Innovative Language Modules

Analysis Unit: Individual

Dataset Type: Original

Period: 0

Study: SOEP-IS

Measure Value
Min. 13727718029.0
1st Qu. 13728588376.0
Median 13731969971.0
Mean 13732395284.218288
3rd Qu. 13735592573.0
Max. 13741982141.0
valid 339
invalid 230401

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