Variables from the Innovation Modules on Household Level


Sort Variable Name
0 Original Household Number cid
27 Household Help Hours/Month Do not know oshhilf4
59 Maintenance/Gardening Hours/Month osgarta3
65 Maintenance/Gardening Through Company/Agency osgarta9
1 Current Household Number hid
2 Survey-Year syear
3 Pretest: Balance im_bil
4 Split balance prhsplbil
6 Amount of Savings (last year) prhbilj1a
12 Amount of Savings (last month) prhbilm1a
68 Pretest: Living Conditions and Savings im_pre17h
69 Reasons for participating hteilna
70 Type of house hhtypa
71 On which floor hetage1a
72 Street characteristics: homogeneity hwumpt
73 Saves to accrue wealth hspar1a
74 Saves to prepare for sth (e.g., emergencies) hspar1b
75 No opportunity to save money hspar1
76 Saving for: consumption / small purchases hsparpt1
77 Saving for: larger purchases (e.g., a car) hsparpt2
78 Saving for: purchase / renovation of residential property hsparpt3
79 Saving for: old age hsparpt4
80 Saving for: capital investment hsparpt5
81 Saving for: emergencies hsparpt6
82 Saving for: education of children hsparpt7
83 Saving for: vacation hsparpt8
84 Saving for: currently not saving hsparpt9
5 Relationship Income vs. Expenditures (last year) prhbilj1
7 Amount of Savings Do not know (last year) prhbilj1awn
8 Amount of Deficit (last year) prhbilj1b
9 Amount of Deficit Do not know (last year) prhbilj1bwn
10 Deficit covered by Going into Dept or by Savings (last year) prhbilj1c
11 Relationship Income vs. Expenditures (last month) prhbilm1
13 Amount of Savings Do not know (last month) prhbilm1awn
14 Amount of Deficit (last month) prhbilm1b
15 Amount of Deficit Do not know (last month) prhbilm1bwn
16 Deficit covered by Going into Dept or by Savings (last month) prhbilm1c
17 Assets Used or Sold to Cover Deficit (last year) prhbilj2
18 Amount of Assets Used or Sold (last year) prhbilj2a
19 Assets Used or Sold to Cover Deficit (last month) prhbilm2
20 Amount of Assets Used or Sold (last month) prhbilm2a
21 Pawnshop used (last year) prhpfandl
22 Innovative Module: Outsourcing im_os
23 Outsourcing Split ossplit
24 Household Help Last 3 Months oshhilf1
25 Household Help Lives In Household oshhilf2
26 Household Help Hours/Month oshhilf3
28 Household Help Expsenses/Month oshhilf5
29 Household Help Expsenses/Month Do not know oshhilf6
30 Household Help Gender oshhilf7
31 Household Help German Origin oshhilf8
32 Household Help Through Company/Agency oshhilf9
33 Household Help Numeral House Number oshhilf10a
34 Household Help Legal oshhilf10b
35 Child Care Last 3 Months oskibet1
36 Child Carer Lives in Household oskibet2
37 Child Care Hours/Month oskibet3
38 Child Care Hours/Month Do not know oskibet4
39 Child Care Expsenses/Month oskibet5
40 Child Care Expsenses/Month Do not know oskibet6
41 Child Care Gender oskibet7
42 Child Care German Origin oskibet8
43 Child Care Through Company/Agency oskibet9
44 Child Care Numeral House Number oskibet10a
45 Child Care Legal oskibet10b
46 Care of the Elderly Last 3 Months osapfleg1
47 Caregiver Lives In Household osapfleg2
48 Care of the Elderly Hours/Month osapfleg3
49 Care of the Elderly Hours/Month Do not know osapfleg4
50 Care of the Elderly Expsenses/Month osapfleg5
51 Care of the Elderly Expsenses/Month Do not know osapfleg6
52 Care of the Elderly Gender osapfleg7
53 Care of the Elderly German Origin osapfleg8
54 Care of the Elderly Through Company/Agency osapfleg9
55 Care of the Elderly Numeral House Number osapfleg10a
56 Care of the Elderly Legal osapfleg10b
57 Maintenance/Gardening Last 3 Months osgarta1
58 Gardener Lives In Household osgarta2
60 Maintenance/Gardening Hours/Month Do not know osgarta4
61 Maintenance/Gardeningy Expsenses/Month osgarta5
62 Maintenance/Gardeningy Expsenses/Month Do not know osgarta6
63 Maintenance/Gardening Gender osgarta7
64 Maintenance/Gardening German Origin osgarta8
66 Maintenance/Gardening Numeral House Number osgarta10a
67 Maintenance/Gardening Legal osgarta10b

Study: soep-is

Dataset: inno_h


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