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Innovative Modules Surveyed in 2014

  • Cross-Cultural Study of Happiness and Personality (Uchida & Trommsdorff)
  • Day Reconstruction Method (DRM; Lucas & Donnellan)
  • Determinants of Attitudes to Income Redistribution (Poutvaara, Kauppinen, & Fong)
  • Expected Financial Market Earnings (Huck & Weizsäcker)
  • Experience Sampling Method (ESM; Lucas & Donnellan)
  • Finding Efficient Question Format for Long List Questions (Herzing & Schneider)
  • Flourishing State (Mangelsdorf & Schwarzer)
  • Inattentional Blindness (Conley, Chabris, & Simons)
  • Individual & Age Differences in Decisions from Description and Experience (Mata, Richter, Josef, Frey, & Hertwig)
  • Justice Sensitivity (Baumert, Schlösser, Beierlein, Liebig, Rammstedt, & Schmitt)
  • Lottery Play: Expenditure, Frequency, and Explanatory Variables (Beckert & Lutter + Oswald)
  • Major Life Events (Luhmann & Zimmermann)
  • Measurement of Self-Evaluation and Overconfidence in Different Life Domains (Ziebarth, Arni, & Goette)
  • Separating Systematic Measurement Error Components Using MTMM (Cernat & Obersky)
  • Short Form of the “CHAOS” Scale (Rauch)
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