wid2_CATI1_module2: CATI 1: individual questionnaire (CATI)

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Period: CATI 1




This questionnaire module contains questions on: contact and contact frequency to biological parents, twins, siblings not living in the household (anymore); current employment; current subjective health; diagnoses (adults and children); general information onf twins' grandparents; global life satisfaction; history of education and graduation: educational degrees, vocational training, year abroad; long/short version of deviant-delinquent behaviour measure; occupational status; occurence and subjective evaluation of different life events (e.g., marriage, death, unemployment); occurrence and subjective evaluation of important life transitions and developmental tasks (e.g. school enrolment, stays abroad, entering labor market, romantic relationships, change of social environment); partnership and marital status; photos of school reports, self-report on school grades (current school marks, marks of highest graduation); previous employment; religious affiliation; church attendance; religiosity / spirituality; satisfaction with sibling relationship; self-regulation: consistency of interest, self-control; twin-specific questions for parents (e.g., dress twins alike); twin-specific questions for twins themselves (e.g. relationship to other twin); type of education / training; current status of education / qualification; working time.

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