wid3_F2F2_module12: F2F 2: health (CASI)

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Period: F2F 2




This questionnaire module contains questions on: alcohol consumption; attractiveness self-evaluation, evaluation of the other twin; beginning of physical and psychological changes, evaluation of changes; current subjective health; diagnoses (adults and children); doctor's visit; heigth, weight, bmi; impairment caused by diseases; information on pregnancy and in-vitro-fertilization of the twin pregnancy; information on twins' children; medication; occurence of externalising problem behavior (e.g. being restless and easily distracted, having tantrums, lying and cheating); occurence of internalising problem behavior (e.g. headaches and nausea, nervousness, and being easily scared); patience; personality measures (BIG5); preventive medical checkup; risk aversion; sexual attraction to males and females, sexual labeling, sexual behavior; smoking.

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