Amount Of Education Or Training In Years

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Variable name: pgbilzeit

Dataset: pgen – Generated Individual Data

Study: SOEP-Core


Please find detailed information in PDF documentation.

Analysis unit: individual

Period: unspecified

Conceptual Dataset: Generated (top level folder)

Concept: amount of education or training in years


Measure Value
Min. 7.0
1st Qu. 10.5
Median 11.5
Mean 11.778599739074707
3rd Qu. 13.0
Max. 18.0
valid 653395
invalid 35565

Label table

The label table provides you with an overview of label definitions across related variables to identify changes over time in longitudinal variables. The first number indicates the value code, the second number (in brackets) represents the frequency in the data. Please note that labels are simplified and values with frequency = 0 are hidden.

Variable: pgbilzeit abilzeit bbilzeit cbilzeit dbilzeit ebilzeit fbilzeit gbilzeit hbilzeit ibilzeit jbilzeit kbilzeit lbilzeit mbilzeit nbilzeit obilzeit pbilzeit qbilzeit rbilzeit sbilzeit tbilzeit ubilzeit vbilzeit wbilzeit xbilzeit ybilzeit zbilzeit babilzeit bbbilzeit bcbilzeit bdbilzeit bebilzeit bfbilzeit bgbilzeit bhbilzeit
Dataset: pgen apgen bpgen cpgen dpgen epgen fpgen gpgen hpgen ipgen jpgen kpgen lpgen mpgen npgen opgen ppgen qpgen rpgen spgen tpgen upgen vpgen wpgen xpgen ypgen zpgen bapgen bbpgen bcpgen bdpgen bepgen bfpgen bgpgen bhpgen
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no answer -1 (12708)