pgen/pgbilzeit: Amount Of Education Or Training In Years

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7 7 7
8 8 8
9 9 9
10 10 10
11 11 11
12 12 12
13 13 13
14 14 14
15 15 15
16 16 16
17 17 17
18 18 18
-1 [-1] No answer [-1] keine Angabe
-2 [-2] Does not apply [-2] trifft nicht zu
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The following statements describe the standard computation for schooling. The school years and the additional vocational training are added together.

As can be seen, the assignment table are not very differentiated. For example, special schools for health care professions and other kinds of specialized schools are all included in the “technical school” label. However, in Germany, this assignment is the most commonly used one when earnings functions based on human capital theory are estimated.

schooling years
no degree 7
lower school degree 9
intermediary school 10
degree for a professional college 12
high school degree 13
other 10
additional occupational training (includes universities) years
apprenticeship 1.5
technical schools (incl. health) 2
civil servants apprenticeship 1.5
higher technical college 3
university degree 5


amount of education or training in years

English label: Amount Of Education Or Training In Years

German label: Dauer der Ausbildung, in Jahren

pgen – Generated Individual Data

Analysis Unit: individual

Dataset Type: Generated (top level folder)

Period: unspecified

Study: SOEP-Core

Measure Value
valid 681739
invalid 37869

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7 (23110)
no answer -1 (13264)
does not apply -2 (24605)
only available in less restricted edition -7 (0)