Current Gross Labor Income in Euro

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label Current Gross Labor Income in Euro Akt. Bruttoerwerbseink.(gen) in Euro
-5 [-5] Not Included In Questionnaire Version [-5] Not Included In Questionnaire Version
-2 [-2] Does not apply [-2] Does not apply
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Variable name: pglabgro

Dataset: pgen – Generated Individual Data

Study: SOEP-Core


Please find detailed information in PDF documentation.

Analysis unit: individual

Period: unspecified

Conceptual Dataset: Generated (top level folder)

Concept: current gross labor income in euro


Measure Value
Min. 0.0
1st Qu. 1023.0
Median 1800.0
Mean 2221.51280134368
3rd Qu. 2812.0
Max. 196000.0
valid 401286
invalid 287674

Label table

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not included in questionnaire version -5 (5021)
does not apply -2 (282653)